First, I congratulate our very own ssg (supreme student government) for this very successful event. I also want to give thanks for the ateneo coders who made this event even more fun and successful and truly worth attending of. This project s.e.l.f made me/us realize that we can be a leader not just with big things but with also in little things.

Second, by thins event I am really inspired by the ateneo coders. I truly badly want to be like them when I am already in college, inspiring also other people by their action.

Third, Big thanks to ate Mich who is our faci for this event. She is our leader on that day that cheer us up, taught us so many things (including the banana dance that is incredibly crazy) and also served as our guide in whatever activity we have done. Also thank you for my beloved group mates!! I am really blessed to be with the group 2.

IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! I would upload some pics during the ateneo code by maybe within this week.


This is my first time to blog something or what and i am really sorry for the wrong grammar. I’m not that used with the english language.

On November 13th we’ve had our opening Salon in Sydney. The topic for the night was Lessons in Lingerie: Introduction to foundation garments..

I must admit, I was a little bit nervous.
Yes, I know a lot about stockings and foundation garments - in the last four and a half years I’ve been lucky to help hundreds of women choosing the perfect garter belt for their body shape, or the most fabulous stockings for that special occasion. I know what makes a good girdle and what to look for in a corset. 

Combining my experience as fashion stylist and my love for retro inspired lingerie is second nature to me. 

But.. I am not much of a public speaker. Or I never thought I would be.
Presenting in front of a group of people is something that I had never done before and so, as you can understand, I was more than a little anxious.

What if I forget everything? What if people won’t be interested in what I have to say? Or worst of all, what if they don’t laugh at my jokes?? Aaaarghh!

Looking back now I feel so silly. Why?

Well, first of all the vibe was absolutely fantastic! Seriously.. Imagine 20 glamorous ladies together in one room talking lingerie and sensuality, while sipping champagne..


Practicing a sensual, teasing glove peel..

As usual, once I started talking about lingerie, I felt completely at ease and I could have gone on for hours and hours..
I was so happy to see that most of our guests also agreed to get a fitting - we worked out the best size, but also what style or garments could really accentuate their body shape.

We even put together an outfit for the boudoir and all practiced a burlesque-inspired, teasing glove peel! 

I had an amazing night.. and reading the comments they all left on the night, it appears our guests had a lovely time too.

I just can’t wait to bring this Salon to as many cities around Australia in 2014.
By the look of it, we will need to repeat this Salon in Sydney soon, as we are receiving so many requests!

If you always wanted to be a little bit more adventurous with your lingerie choices. If you would like to learn how to emphasize, accentuate and enhance your curves. If you desire to feel more confident, empowered and feminine. If you feel is time to learn to love your body and yourself a bit more..
Than join us for the next Salon in your city. We promise to deliver all of that and even more!

Here’s some of the feedback from our guests :

"It was a great event, thank you! Learned lots and would love to do another one!"

"I absolutely loved being here today. You are adorable, passionate about lingerie and a true expert. I just wanted to continue and hear all about it, try it and buy it. When is the next Salon? I’ll be there!"

"Thank you Lidia. Loved your energy. Beautiful vibes created. I am excited to play, tease and entice"

"Lidia thank you for the in-depth information about lingerie. I learned so many things about garter belts and girdles that I didn’t know before"

"The talk was very good, sensual, eye opening!"




Day 4 : Before Sunset .

Bags are packed
and I am about to be back
Does the questions been answered?
I don’t know what else to be gathered

Am I now ready?
For my heart to get steady .
The question, “Where would I be?”
Maybe The Man above has some place for me to be

Staying in this place called paradise
It broadly opened my eyes
To the things that is seen and unseen
Is it really worth the thinkin’?

Waking up in this beautiful dream
As like its okay at it’s seem
What has been decided
Yes, it has to be mandated

Yeah, Gotta say goodbye
Have that smile and fly
Letting go of what have had happened
Then the new heart of mine set to be opened .

#jeanjourney #projectself #BackonPoems #goingsolo


One fine weather | There’s nothing in me that could make me bother | Different in all ways | I would just let my arms raised | Noise in the air | We know sometimes life is unfair | For me looking to rent a taxi | then people told me, “Why not try the jeepney?” | Little did I know | What God is about to show | People passing by | While they’re all with smiles . | That love in their eyes | Where it can go miles |

#ProjectSelf #jeanjourney #CapturingMoments #UnderMyUHMbrella #BacktoWritingPoems #Provision (at Busy Streets)

today I will leave …..

I don’t know what will happen for the coming days .
One thing is for sure , God is good and He never fails ..

I do have imperfections
But there’s no such thing for God about qualifications .

People will think
But I’ll take it as a blink
Even no one realized
I’ll put my eyes on the prize

Now Leaving on a jetplane
I honestly don’t know what to gain
Relying on God above
Coz I still believe that I am loved .

#ProjectSelf #Expansion2014 #jeanjourney

One of the things I’ve learnt in all the years dealing with half naked females, is that us women are rarely happy about the way we look.

No matter what there is always something that make us feel inadequate. We are not thin enough or curvy enough, we’re not tall, we hate our thighs, our arms, the shape of our nose or the way that pinkie toe sticks out on the outside. There is always something..

Most times these “problem areas” are really only obvious to us.

I am always surprised to hear some of my clients and friends - beautiful, stunning women, talking about how much they hate their bodies and the extends they go to to hide those problem areas.

When they come and see me for personal lingerie fittings, I often ask them to do a little exercise before we even try any garments on.

I ask them to list the things they don’t like about their body on a piece of paper. Most times I have to tell them to stop, as they keep writing with gusto, it seems like that list could go on forever!

Then I ask them to grab that piece of paper and rip it into pieces, violently, with passion, as if they would never want to see it again in their whole life.

The next step is not as easy.. I demand they write on a new sheet the things they love about themselves.. And they need to write at least three things.
When they finally produced their list, I tell them: Ok, from now on we’re going to focus on these points only!

I can see that they’re not happy. They’re here to see me because they want me to tell them how to camouflage their hips while still looking sexy. And I will.

But I use a different approach. I really want them to learn to love themselves. Fall in love with their womanliness, day after day. Respect and nurture their body, rather than fighting it.

Sounds easy? Actually it’s not.

But what do you think it happens if all the time we talk about your “problem areas”? You will always think about those.. when you dress (or undress), all you will be conscious about will be hiding your hips, or tummy or thighs or whatever bit you’re not too confident about.

What if instead of focusing on the things we cannot change, we decide to focus on the things we love about ourselves first? I think that’s a much better approach. Don’t you?

Today I want to share with you some of my personal favourite bloggers.

These women are curvy, voluptuous, full of life and a true inspiration!

Their confidence is powerful. The way they’ve come to love and embrace their body and their womanliness transpires in every photo they take, every line they write.

And let me tell you, this is what I call sexy!


Katya Zharkova (Russia)


First plus size top model in her country.
She says: “When you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re unhappy with what you see: it’s not you. It’s the dress that doesn’t do you justice.”

She feels perfect in her own skin and she believes beauty is a result of by positive thinking, eating well and appreciating the people around you. “Beauty is created when you love yourself.”




Georgina Horne (UK)



Her mission is to share bra fitting tips and find beautiful lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes.

She says: “When I hear or read tips like “curvy girls should wear dark colours to achieve a slimmer silhouette, I think :maybe there are women who are not interested in that at all. Looking slimmer is not an achievement. When you love what you wear and you create your own unique look - that’s an achievement!” 



Marie Denee (USA)



Her nickname is Kumbaya, from the spiritual song for the 1930s that symbolises unity, closeness and compassion.
Determined to show the fashion world that plus size women CAN don the latest and greatest of trends.



Tanesha Awasthi (USA)


This blog is a top source of style inspiration for the curvy community.
She confesses that she’s finally come to embrace her body after years of eating disorders, and she’s never been happier.



Edith Dohmen (Holland)


She believes inbetweenies, women wearing ‘in between sizes’ - size 40-48 EU/10-18 US/12-20 UK - are a forgotten group.
Her mission is put these women into the spotlight.

I couldn’t agree more with her when she says: “Looking good and being stylish has NOTHING to do with size!”

And I would like to leave you today with my own personal own motto, which is:

Love yourself. Love being a woman. Dare to be noticed.

Have a fabulous week,

*These bloggers have been interviewed and featured on Marie Claire Italia. All images have been sourced from MarieClaire.it