I'm Finally Making a To-Be-Read Jar! Lil' Help?

So excited! I’ve almost got the jar done and decorated.

But, what’s missing? Hmm…

Oh, yeah! I need some book suggestions!!!

When you have time today, and if there’s a REALLY good book that you’ve read in the past or just recently, would you mind listing your recommendations below in the comments section?

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! :)

I’m not sure if I have ever promoted my line of pony wear here before! So here goes, I design and make custom pony wear and this weekend I will be at the southeast pony meet in Georgia vending my wares! In addition to pony wear, I make alternate rehairs and give them outfits too! I have a Facebook for my line:
My line is called Oat Couture, check it out! ^^


St. James, Minnesota resident Greg Krueger love his four cats so much that he’s spent the last 20 years and $10,000 transforming his home into a phenomenal feline fun house - and he’s still working on it.

“I just love trails and paths, and cats, of course,” said 50-year-old Krueger. “And so I’ve just linked those passions together.”

It all began when Krueger noticed how much his cats enjoyed being up high. First he created a place for them to sit atop a china cabinet. Then came a staircase to help the cats get up on the cabinet more easily. Today Krueger’s house features elaborate tunnels, staircases, platforms, 38 hand-carved cat-sized opening in his walls, 100 yards of overhead catwalks and bridges, and numerous comfy cat-sized hidey-holes. The catwalks all feature ornate railings to prevent accidental falls. If they don’t want to, Krueger’s kitties never have to walk on the floor. There’s also an enclosed outdoor kennel if the cats ever feel like getting some fresh air.

Krueger was recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which has helped him understand his extraordinary dedication to his feline family.

“Obviously, my house would not be like this if I didn’t have Asperger’s,” he said. “If it takes a long time, I don’t care because if I like what I’m doing, I almost don’t want to finish what I’m doing.”

Visit Greg Krueger’s Flickr page for many additional photos.

Click here for an interview with Kreuger and here for a video tour of his awesome home.

[via Oddity Central and Catsparella]


19-year-old Queen’s University engineering student David Chesney spent four years building a wooden roller coaster in his parents’ backyard in Toronto, CA. He calls it the Minotaur and it was built using used scrap wood, steel plating and his uncle’s tools. The homemade coaster measures 12 ft tall and 92 ft long and features two ~12 ft drops. Chesney says the coaster’s steel car can reach speeds of 20 km/h.

“My dad didn’t like the idea at all from the beginning,” Chesney explained to the Toronto Star. “Mom was kinda, ‘Uhhhh, I guess so.’ I don’t think that either of them understood the scope of what I had in mind.”

“It just got bigger,” he added. “Then it got to the point where my parents said ‘it’s huge but you’ve gotten this far so just finish it and then take it down after.’ ”

Click here for video of the Minotaur in action and visit David Chesney’s Minotaur Facebook Page lots of process photos.

[via The Independent]


A couple shots of our Fingon and Maedhros at DragonCon. Both of our costumes are original designs by us, and even with very different styles we managed to mesh quite well.

We won best group at Evening At Bree, and it was the most fun I’ve had in cosplay yet. Both the costumes were labors of love 

Fingon: aviva0017

Maedhros: me, rattle-and-burn/Oneiromantic Designs on FB

Photos: errandofmercy


  Just a little recap of what’s coming for us in the next months:

  • 23 September

- THE FALL Preview and Q&A at BAFTA / (Probably without Colin as he is not in the first episode)

  • 05 October

- HOMELAND Premiere / (We don’t know how big Bradley’s part is but we can expect he will be in the first episode at least)

  • 14 October

- TESTAMENT OF YOUTH Premiere at London Film Festival / (Colin is confirmed as a guest)

  • October/November

- THE FALL Premiere / (Not confirmed aird date yet, but we can expect it sometime in October or November)

  • December

- GOOD OMENS in BBC Radio 4 / (Confirmed to air in December in five parts across one week, culminating in an hour-long finale on Saturday)

  • 16 January

- TESTAMENT OF YOUTH / Confirmed Release date in the UK

  • 2015

- LEGEND / We don’t have a release date yet

Anf of course all the promos/interviews/pics that should come with these events. (And maybe we can hope for more projects to come for both of them?)

Who’s ready!


a Queer Ink Publishing project



Calling all femmes with pens!

Maybe you grew up being teased by the other kids for being a boring old girly-girl. Maybe you’re tired of “brainless bimbo” and “pretty princess” stereotypes. Maybe you tried being more like the boys, and just didn’t get what’s so great about it. Maybe you don’t understand why people dressed in skirts and flowery dresses are not supposed to be loud and proud—you kick butt, whether you wear boots or stilettoes. Maybe you’re sick of the assumption that “feminine” equals “addicted to fashion and beauty treatments”. Maybe you’re a feminist wondering what your femininity means to you—because you sure don’t agree with the way society defines it. Or maybe you’re that guy, the one who’s been mocked for being feminine his whole life and doesn’t see why “You’re such a girl!” is a bad thing. Maybe you thought you had transcended mainstream society’s unwritten laws of gender and restrictive definitions of femininity when you embraced your queerness—and suddenly you found yourself in a parallel framework, dealing with the same old  ideas painted in new words.

Maybe you thought: Oh hells no. This ends here.

Accounts from all over the world are beginning to trickle in about sexism present in queer communities; preliminary research suggests as many as 60% of feminine-presenting female individuals of any sexual orientation experience femmephobia. The world seems to have let out a collective sigh: it’s time to talk about how we relate to one another within our communities as well as without.

But that’s the world. We’re interested in you.

We’re charting this conversation as it applies to South Asia—our stories, our lives, our problems, and our triumphs. Can we critique communities that are already under threat without being declared traitors? How do we forge an authentic identity when so many of us are rendered invisible by both society and our communities? How do we define ourselves in the face of such great pressure to conform to someone or the other’s idea of acceptably traditional or acceptably radical? Can a borrowed vocabulary communicate our most intimate thoughts and feelings? Is it possible to live a South Asian, femme, and queer life—in our own image, on our own terms?

We live in a world of labels. Some of them are handed to us before we even know what they mean. And others we wear proudly, the hard-won battle scars of our struggle to name ourselves.

But one thing is for sure:

You’re here, you’re queer, and you’ve got a story to share. Tell it to us.

Details Here