This picture is EVERYTHING!  Zoey’s been wanting to go to New York for a while now.  She’s a huge big city fan (like her mom) and an even bigger Broadway musical fan.  So it was only logical that we take this little trip.  We spent 3 days in the Big Apple and it was one of my favorite trips ever.  To see Zoey light up the minute we got off the plane as she realized she was in the place that she might some day call home, was awesome.  

This particular image was taken in Washington Square Park.  This man had made friends (names and all) with a bunch of pigeons.  We made the mistake of showing the slightest bit of interest, so he decided the birds should be our friends too.  I had ZERO interest in a bunch of germ infested flying rodents landing on me.  But Zoey enjoyed it more than any one person should?!  I love NY, but I love Zoey soooo much more.  I see big things in her future and hopefully it doesn’t involve birds.