365 Photo Project

Day 255: September|12|2013

I really am glad that I put on pants(well I put on shorts….but the point is I put on something!! lol) It was hard picking out photo of the day…and I was trying really hard not to do a collage! So I picked this one! I am in love with this picture!!! I had to put my feet in the water to get this shot. Which was lovely! I love swimming and I love putting my feet in the water!! It felt nice! What wasn’t cool was getting bitten by mosquito’s!!

I also got caught in a torrential downpour! It was cool and what not!! But I was more concerned for my camera BUT thankfully it didn’t get wet!!! And I needed to re straighten my hair, cause the rain made it all curly :(

I need to do something like this again! It was fun getting caught in the rain!! I need to be better prepared next time!! Like bringing my rain boots and an umbrella!! lol

These last two weeks...

have been physically and emotionally exhausting and nerve wracking. We had a gallery show of our projects today (which were Hockney joiner photographs and LTL drawings) in the fishbowl.

While the professors were not happy with our progress, I think it’s been pretty amazing. For a girl who never touched photoshop/ did any 3d modeling or arch related things before getting here, I’ve definitely come a long way… it’s weird to think that we’re about halfway through firstyear already! 

Anyways this is boring to read… so here’s fotos


Choosing le instrument


Choosing le site! (off Marsh & Nipomo)


Grayscale final study model


Final LTL drawing! (not quite sure what LTL means…something to do with layers and transparency I believe)

Taking a well-deserved night off! (:

365 Photo Project

Day 206: July|25|2013

WE WENT TO THE ZOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Last time I went to the zoo was in 2010 and there was a tragedy too…which was depressing as fuck! And if memory serves, the Cape May Zoo is the first zoo I’ve gone to thats not in NY state! And what was awesome about this zoo is that they had a mother fucking baby snow leopard! LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!!! Like I still can’t get over it!!

365 Photo Project

Day 272: September|29|2013

I went to a tattoo convention with my best friend!! And let me tell you, it was pretty awesome!! This was the first tattoo convention ever in Westchester County NY! And with the success of the first one, they are deff doing another one next year!

I was deff not prepared for this convention, mainly because I was hungry and what I ate wasn’t enough. I did meet some cool people though! Very interesting people! And saw some cool stuff being done!!

ALSO this picture is of a woman who got a tattoo done by tattoo artist named Jay. He specializes in traditional Japanese style tattoos, which is called Tebori, which is done by hand….WHICH is super fucking cool to watch!!!

For those who are interested to get Tebori work done and or just wanna see his stuff just click here.

365 Photo Project

Day 184: July|3|2013

I’M HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Well for only 3 days! Its been too long! Last time I was in NY was April for the Sakura Matsuri! This time I am here for 4th of July festivities!!! I am staying with my bestie! I am excited for the next 2 days!! :3

365 Photo Project

Day 27: January|27|2013

First let me just say that this weekend was so relaxing and fun! Spent it with my best friend! We laughed, had cake, gossiped, watched movies and so on and so forth. When you find out some things and you don’t know how to react to it!? Well you rely on your journal. Most stored private thoughts!

365 Photo Project

Day 13: January|13|2013

I don’t drive…well I don’t know how to drive. I’m 22 and everyone is on my dick about learning how to drive. Its one of the many pressures I face…and I fucking hate it. I don’t wanna learn yet, and I’m in no hurry either. Even though some people hate it, I love taking public transportation…especially when its via train. There’s just something about it that makes it so fucking relaxing. I don’t know what but yeah. This train ride from Van Cortlandt to Penn Station was nice and relaxing and it gave me time to think and shit. And the train car was pretty much empty…until I got to 96th street…hahaha.

This was probably the shortest trip to Yonkers ever! I feel like half of it was a waster but at the same time it wasn’t. I got to see some people who I don’t see often, cause I live in PA and shit.

365 Photo Project

Day 270: September|27|2013

I AM IN NY!!!!! It so happy to be back! Today was so cool! I got to be a zombie at this event thing at a college in Long Island NY! The photo here is my best friend. We got a lot of compliments and people asked to take pictures! It was super cool.

Sasha is a cosplayer and you can go like her facebook page here: click me

365 Photo Project

Day 286: October|13|2013

Stranded in Philly with Beth! But it was worth it! We got to see an awesome band perform! We got to take a picture with the lead singer: Matty. And it was just awesome! Well waiting for the train isn’t awesome! lol

365 Photo Project

Day 63: March|4|2013

Today starts “hell” week! I shall be closing everyday except Wednesday and Thursday! AND I wont be able to “rest rest” until Sunday! I’m gonna need a drink when all this is done!!

365 Photo Project

Day 35: February|4|2013

Well today would have been a nice Monday if this guy wouldn’t talk have talked to me!!! Like seriously there are headphones in my hears like WHAT THE FUCK!!!! And then you sit next to me on the bus!! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!!! And then you say “Oh your guard is up way high!!” LIKE NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING TALK!!!! Like AHHHHHHHHHH!!! There are times where I give people a chance and there are times when I don’t give people a chance….if it looks like I don’t really want to talk to you then leave me the fuck alone…..seriously! Other than that it was a half and half type of day….found out that the manager of the store that I’m working at is leaving…. yeah not cool =/

365 Photo Project

Day 24: January|24|2013

I walk to Trenton majority of the time(mainly for work) I’ve been trying to take the bus more often though…especially in times like this…cold ass fucking weather!!!! But I missed the bus by a FUCKING MINUTE!! A FUCKING MINUTE!!! ANYWHO….so I cross the bridge and this picture is what I witnessed today! This weather is making it hard for me to take pictures!!! I WORE GLOVES TODAY AND THAT STILL MADE MY HANDS GO NUMB WHILE TAKING PICTURES!!!! FUCK =/

365 Photo Project

Day 7: January|7|2013

I am proud of this photo! I got a bokeh kit from photojojo.com for Christmas. I’ve been having problems with it…BUT ALAS!! I finally got something!!! Well yesterday…so I tried again today while walking home from Trenton.

365 Photo Project

Day 3: January|3|2013

Day off today…so it was a lazy day! I am not entirely happy with this picture. I took sooo many other ones…..but none of them just yelled hey this is awesome! As I looked at the pictures over and over and OVER again…this one seemed to be the one that stuck. Why did I choose love? I don’t know. And I know its like the most cliché thing to do….but hey bitches love, love. I’m not going to go into this whole spiel on what love is or what I think it is. The way I define love is what you see in my pictures and that is that.