I could not decide for the life of me one palette for the photosynthetic duo but i had a lot of fun with these i really like how they came out

palettes used from left to right : 1, 4, 8, 11, 93, 72  


Demonswapped Nevy and Gil finished ahead of schedule! (I’m really happy with Gil)

While Nevy, newly accepted follower, is a bit suspicious of TITAN’s motives, her demon wants her to rise in the ranks so that he can one day get his memory back.

Tuls and Maggie

Ava and Wrathia

Odin and Pedri

Bonus Maggies

The Odin Project

Hi everyone! Sorry that I’ve been a little quiet lately. To make up for my neglect of Tumblr, I’m giving you all a wonderful present: The Odin Project.

Imagine this awesome open source place where you can learn web development, soup to nuts, for free. A checklist keeps you on track, and the curriculum is constantly updated and refreshed.

Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. It is true, and it IS FREE.

Learn Intro to Web Development, Web Development 101, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, and even tips for getting hired as a web dev.

Check it out here.


2012 in Cosplay - Part Two! (Part One here)

Dave Strider - Homestuck
Wore this quite a few times to different conventions and just in my house for tinychat parties but this is one of my favourite shots from May Expo! This Lil Cal was so cute asdfghj

Mami Tomoe - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Photographer)
Wait hold on a sec this isn’t Homestuck????? I made this to pair up with Leolarua as we needed matching costumes for Japan Expo as part of European Cosplay Gathering :D

Gwendolyn - Odin Sphere (Oswald & Photographer)
And these were our top secret costumes that we spent the majority of 2012 making! And thus the reason why I could only really make some simple Homestuck costumes for the rest of the year, because otherwise I was spending all my time painting a million feathers omfg

Gwendolyn (ballgown) - Odin Sphere (Oswald)
A picture of us on stage during our performance for ECG. Ahhhh nerve wracking :S

Luka Megurine - Vocaloid Project Diva 2nd (with Leolarua as Zelda)
Not a new costume I made this year, but this was a pretty big experience for me anyway. Leolarua, Nomes and I were all invited to Play Expo in Manchester as guests to run some cosplay panels and to talk about our experiences at ECG! I had a lot of fun that weekend and wish I could relive it haha

Dirk Strider - Homestuck
To complete my derse kids bingo sheet (which I still need to post lmao). I did this to participate in the Homestuck Panel at October Expo and to pair up with Ren in her Dave cosplay :)

Ramona Flowers - Scott Pilgrim (Roxie & Photographer)
Also not a new costume - but hot damn I was really excited to do this shoot with Rachel and I’m so glad I got to do it <3 And what really made my year was BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY REBLOGGING THIS??? WHAT??? asdfghjkl dies

Vivi Ornitier - Final Fantasy 9 (Eiko & Photographer)
And this is the last costume I made for myself this year -  Taru and I entered them into the World Cosplay Summit UK preliminaries at Hyper Japan - and WE WON??? WHAT??? So we’re going to Japan next year to compete in the finals!! What a crazy way to end the year!

John Egbert & Dave Strider - Homestuck
And finally, these costumes aren’t mine, but I made John as a Christmas present for the lovely Ren before she had to return to the US. I gave it to her early so we could take some photos before she left <3

Day Six,Seven,Eight,Nine

Day Six and Day Seven were spent going to visit amazing friends of mine that I grew up with. Some other things also happened.


*  { More About Day Six,Seven,Eight,Nine

  • I visited amazing friends that I’ve known almost my entire life.
  • My appendix became infected and I spent two days in the hospital having it removed/healing. 
  • I decided to use Microsoft Visual Studio as my primary IDE versus Nitrous due to it’s seamless integration with Windows Azure.
  • I made the difficult decision to skip over Ruby on The Odin Project due to it not being necessary for Front End Development. 


What I Accomplished -radius:

I found a new tool to use while continuing my webdev journey.

I made the difficult decision to dive straight into Javascript.


Infrequent posting, but Progress!

Sorry I haven’t really posted much lately.  I’ve been quite busy with work, but still finding time to work on my Ruby practice as well. I managed to complete Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial (  You can check out mine here:

I’m fairly pleased with the way things turned out with it.  It works great and definitely got me back into the flow of things with Ruby on Rails.  My one complaint was that it was so “paint-by-number” that I’m not really sure how much I really learned and how much I just copied without comprehending.

To remedy this situation, I’ve begun the arduous journey of refactoring my old website.  Hopefully, doing that will help me remember even more.  I’ve also begun going through the Odin Project (  The beginning stuff was all basic html, css and javascript, so I breezed through that.  I slowed down a bit at the Ruby section and went through the recommended’s Learn Ruby section, which gave me a good introduction to RSpec, which was a bit different than minitest, which is what was used in the Rails Tutorial.

I’ve also been spending some time helping others out, mostly with some simiple JavaScript problems they’ve run into.  (Jump on kik and head over to #learnjavascript if you’d like to join our little group)  From the experience, I think I actually enjoy teaching others a lot more than I thought I would.  I think it’s easier over the internet helping only a few people at a time, as opposed to being in front of an entire class room, even a small one.  One thing I’ve definitely noticed is that besides needing some good practice in JavaScript fundamentals, the one thing that I feel would help them out the most was knowledge of how to debug their code. I tried explaining this by text message and it was proving to be very difficult, as I really feel like this is something you’d need to show someone how to use.  So, for that reason, I’m going to try my hand at screencasting some lessons, with an initial focus on debugging JavaScript code.

Day One:

Imagine a guy on his gaming PC browsing reddit/r/webdev, googling like he’s searching for the cure for a life-ending disease that he knows he has, and during all of this time consuming a pretty large amount of caffeine. Yes, that’s right yesterday that man was I.  I was a man completely lost in the world of frontend webdev. 

More About Day One-

  • It was a great day.
  • By utilizing reddit I found the tools that I need to be successful.
  • I started working on the Odin Project. 

What I accomplished! 

I started my journey. I found the tools I need. I started creating a network of people with a similar goal to my own.  I went to sleep at some point! :) 

Other Notes()

Thank you to goodaudience​ for following me! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoyed reading yours earlier today. If you’re reading my blog and you’re interested in learning more about how startups operate then I highly suggest checking their blog out as I found it to be pretty inspiring.  

NDTV News - Technology: Meet Odin Projection Mouse, Wondercube Multi-Tool for Your Smartphone

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Meet Odin Projection Mouse, Wondercube Multi-Tool for Your Smartphone
Mar 19th 2015, 08:19

This week we look at two crowdfunding projects - Odin projection mouse and Wondercube, a swiss army knife for your phone.

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ODiN is the world's first projection mouse

ODiN is the world’s first projection mouse

After I recovered from the cool factor, I’ve always wondered why people would want to use a projection keyboard with their tablet or smartphone.  Sure, the projected keyboard is likely bigger than the on-screen keyboard, but it still suffers from the same problems that the virtual keyboard does – flat, no tactile feedback to let you know if you fingers are in the right place, and no tactile…

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ODiN is the world's first projected mouse

ODiN is the world’s first projected mouse

Holding onto a regular mouse can put a lot of strain on your wrists after a long workday at your computer. Our hands and wrists weren’t built to sit at such an odd angle for so long, which is why so many people are developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You need to take care of yourself lest you want to deal with costly surgeries. This usually means a change in equipment, but there’s no reason it…

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