I’am working on a audiobook project with several of my friends and wondered if anyone would like to take part in this project.
We are starting, obivously, with Skulduggery Pleasant. This a idea I wanted to do for a long time, the main reason I making them is for my sister, she wants to read the books but can’t because of her dyslexia.
Again I was wondering if any of you want to take part and voice any character from any of the books.
If you can please message me, your chosen character and an audtion may take place if there are more than a few wanting the same part.
Thanks for reading this.

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Sprawling Antarctic Port Mimics Jagged Ice Formations Along Frozen Coast

Sergiu-Radu Pop, an architecture student taught by Zaha Hadid (link) at Studio Hadid Vienna, unveiled development plans for the Earth’s final frontier with his proposed Transformable Antarctic Research Facility. The project envisions a sprawling center for vital research as well as environmental tourism, filled with spaces like exhibition halls, exercise rooms, accommodation, conference chambers, observation decks, and port transportation stations.

The influence of Pop’s mentor, Hadid, is clear in the building’s soaring, futuristic design. Located on a rugged coastline, the dynamic structure juts out over the water while also extending upwards with a curved glass tower. The architecture student’s primary design tool was biomimicry, as shown in the way the facility’s sweeping shape mimics the jagged, asymmetrical edges of ice formations along the Antarctic coast.


Project 1: Names in Arabic

Dear Paper 53 Tribe!
I was thinking of starting a project where u send me your name in English & I write it in Arabic letters using Paper 53 App .. if you’d like to try just send me a message/reblog this post with your name ;)

P.S. Plz bear with me .. it might take some time as I’m getting many names .. You guys are great .. Thank you! ~Yassmien