[TRANSLATION] 141031 Daum Music - IU asks questions and Yoon Hyun Sang answers! mini interview


IU / Tell me how you felt working together with me.

YHS / I feel honoured to do this with you. I’ve learnt a lot while working together with you. Thank you ^^

IU / What’s the story behind ‘When Would It Be’? Is it your own personal experience? ^^

YHS / The basic theme is my story, but the lyrics contain various emotions and I wrote them after some careful consideration. Not all of it is from my own experience, but it could be the story of my listeners’ experiences.

IU / The album was completely written and composed by you and it’s really well done. Share with us how you compose your songs.

This will sound a bit contradictory but I have two methods. As I’m composing and if I get stuck, I just give up. But sometimes although it doesn’t turn out the way I intended, I keep working at it until it’s complete. I try to write good songs, but when it doesn’t work out, I either resolutely give up on it or hang on till the end.


IU / What’s the shortest time it has taken you to compose and write lyrics for a song then?

YHS / 10 minutes? It’s a song that I’ve yet to release. I was texting my friend and used a phrase as the theme to compose the song. It’s a common phrase, but it felt different to me that day. Actually, to me writing a complete verse is considered complete, so in that case, I managed to finish writing a song in 10 mins.

IU / Your album title is [Pianoforte]. What do you find so appealing about the piano?

YHS / I think the music from the keyboard is it’s greatest appeal. Also, it’s delicate. If you know how to tune a guitar, you can tune it by yourself, but the piano is such a sensitive and delicate instrument that you need to get someone to do it for you. I think you can say it’s an instrument that allows you to express a variety of emotions as well.

IU / What’s your favourite song in [Pianoforte]?

YHS / ‘October’. The 27th night. Perhaps because it’s autumn now, or perhaps because it’s October, recently ‘October’ is my favourite song.


IU / If your album comes in 1st place on the music charts, what would you do? I’m curious. 

YHS / Take a screencap? (Laughs) I haven’t thought about it yet, so I really don’t know. If I really come in 1st place, then I’ll think about it.

IU / I really enjoyed doing the small theatre concert that I really wanted to do. If you were to hold your own concert, where would you like t have it?

YHS / Although a small theatre concert has its appeal, I would prefer a large concert venue. I’ve watched many concerts and I can’t forget that echo and an overwhelming feeling that large-scale concert venues give you. Also, I think i’ll be less nervous performing at a large venue than in a small theatre. And I hope one day we can do a concert together.^^

IU / Lastly, anything you want to say to IU?

YHS / Although you’re my senior, you’re also my friend, so if I were to speak to you casually as a friend.. this album is all thanks to you.^^ I’m really grateful for your help now that I can do promotions in future. Thank you. Also, please take care of me in future. Sunbaenim~ 

Translated by squishy with love


[TRANSLATION] 141031 IU’s message to Yoon Hyun Sang on his debut album

Hyunsang-ah, your album cover turned out well. If you compare it to that of my debut album, yours is really.. I’m just jealous.. Anyway congratuations!! When you do well in future, don’t pretend to not remember me. I had a good time collaborating with you. <- This seems to lack emotion right..? Alright then, no matter what let’s do well!! Pretty boy with good skin, Yoon Hyun Sang ♥
- Jieunie