I don’t know much about music, but I’m getting tired of people thinking IU is doing a three-octave in “Good Day.” The reason she is able to pull off the notes every time is because she is using chromatic notes. Each of the notes she sang were HALF a step higher than the previous note - that’s three of twelve notes in the chromatic scale. If she was doing a three-octave - which is 24 notes total - she’d be sounding like Mariah Carey.

IU Stays Loyal to LOEN Entertainment and Renews Contract

IU Stays Loyal to LOEN Entertainment and Renews Contract

It has been revealed that solo artist IU has decided to maintain her loyalty to her current agency, LOEN Entertainment.

On June 3, a representative of LOEN Entertainment shared, “We have recently completed a contract renewal with IU, who has stayed with us for the past 7 years.”

IU’s exclusive contract with LOEN Entertainment will be expiring this coming June 9. However, the singer has already…

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