Let’s meet ISOI’s new muse, IU!
IU switched to ISOI too!
Presenting our interview with IU, during the first ISOI photoshoot on 22nd Jan

Q. What are your thoughts on becoming an ISOI model?
A. It’s great.. Firstly, since it’s something I’ve tried personally and liked.. I feel confident endorsing for it, and I’m recommending the products to people around me too, going “hey try this~~” hehe
I can relate to ISOI’s philosophy of sharing skincare products with good ingredients with others too.

Q. Do you have any skin issues that bother you?
A. Especially during my promotions, it’s something that I’m concerned about. The makeup that I use for broadcasts is thick and as I’m in the spotlight, my skin becomes dry easily, so I’m the kind to conscientiously do skincare before I apply makeup. I believe my skin condition has to be good to look pretty on screen~

Q. IU’s beauty tip! Is there anything we must do for our skin!?
A. Umm… Nothing in particular. Things that we all do, like drinking lots of water, cleansing our skin well~~ Be meticulous about the kind of products you apply during cleansing. Chemicals are not good for the skin. In particular, people with dry skin should switch their cleansing products.

Q. A message to your fans?
A. Yes! Everyone, this is IU. I tried these products myself and I think it’s important to be picky about the kind of skincare products you apply. I hope people with dry skin will use ISOI and become prettier together with me in 2015! Skincare products with good ingredients is the way to go! Fighting!!

Translated by squishy with love

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Top 10 93 Liner Idol (Girl)

Top 10 93 Liner Idol (Girl) 

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