Going to one of the hundreds of meetings around the country called by Van Jones and

What should we do when we get there? First, listen, assess views and count. But if you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.

Overall, we are going into these things to develop a popular front vs neoliberalism and its rightist allies. That means organizing forms at the grassroots with platforms that that can unite a progressive majority—Progressive Democrats of America, Working Families Party, Greens in some cases—and then using these as a base community to build broader coalitions with labor and community and youth groups outward and upward.

We have to develop these base organizations and coalitions, using central labor councils where appropriate, to have both an electoral and a mass action capacity to put heat on the local reps of the more backward forces. At key goal is to build the strength of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

For jobs, we push HR 870 and mass local meetings to define its local specifics and to fight for the tax policies that will fund it, framing it with a ‘jobs not war’ and ‘windmills not weapons’ outlook.

All that we already agree on. Once we get into these meetings, take stock, we can make adjustments and additions or subtractions. Let me know how things work out.

Why ‘Governing from the Center’ While Attacking Your Hard-Core Progressive-left Base Gets You in Trouble.

The reason is simple enough. Because you shift the political discourse rightward into a rightwing trap (they can always trump you with something more nasty and stupid), while demobilizing your core by encouraging them to either join the right or go fishing on election day. Not all of them, of course, but enough to show up on charts like the one here.

2012 is not a done deal, by any means. We may get Michelle as the first female president, and I don’t mean the current FLOTUS.