Four week progress, slow and steady. Let’s see what no junk June will bring! Is my belly button changing shape? Is that a thing that happens?

I want to see my body change, but I am happy with what it does for me. My body is great at every stage, it helps me run 13.1 miles, dance salsa, lift heavy weights, take in and digest knowledge and do tons of other stuff. I’m happy to know that when I treat it right, it treats me well. My longest relationship will be with my body, I gotta start loving it now.

this is probably the best thing I’ve drawn since I finished art and it’s still not finished because I have attention span of a goldfish


I’ve gotten several asks lately asking for tips on how I do my lineless pieces, so instead of answering them all individually here are progress shots for my Spirited Away piece! I will usually block out a silhouette of the figure first, then I create a clipping mask to paint in the color and work from there. This is not a tutorial or a how-to, it’s just my personal method of doing things. Hopefully this is helpful!


So this is the Ed Sheeran graphic i whipped up in the last hour or so, sorry if the time stamps are a little out, i kept forgetting to screen shot. 

This is the ‘triangle’ technique i was testing out, very quick drawing but i hope you all like. 

This way all done with the 'Hard round’ brush, using varying sizes and just adding colour in blocks before working back over into it. The background is a '16 colour’ image trace done in Illistrator. At the end i edited the canvas size down from 150cm to 125cm. 

Hope you like it!

Special dedication to sheeriosnotcheerios


Hold still, I’m almost done.

Inspired by ejhartsidea and tweek0’s fanart of that idea that craig loves to doodle and draws on tweek’s back. im jumping on the bandwagon as per usual lmao

EDIT: the origional idea was by scootched, (thank you anon for telling me)