Here’s a preview of a work in progress shot from the upcoming page.

Sorry for being so quiet here guys! I’ve moved internationally and it has been quite a hassle. I now have a temp workplace set up at my parents, where I’m living until we’ve found a new apartment, that means I’m going to be productive again, at least until move-part-two :”).


Let’s go!

This is the new floor plan, which popped up in a majority of the progress shots I posted as I went! As you can see it’s all one structure now, and the rooms are a mostly bigger than they used to be (especially the adult bedrooms!) and there’s more open spaces too. I do miss the old house, but I also do love the new floor plan.

Step by Step on that pumpkin spice picture

Although really most of it was done on one layer past step 2, which was just doing a rough lineart with base colors. You can see just how much it changed XD which is typically how it goes when i draw things.

It’s never how it originally starts. XD oh and the knife was removed because it looked like she was stabbing her arm ROTFL XD it looks cuter with the hair.

The next time i make something i’ll make a more detailed step by step.