This is Nikole and I. We are in an old pair of PJ pants featuring Sponge Bob. These particular pajamas were my favourite when I weighed 350 pounds. They were tight. In fact, at one point, I had to retire them because they were too uncomfortable to sport during my slumber.

Today, I can fit one of me and one of her in each leg with a lot of room to spare.

A year and a half ago– I never would have believed this was possible. I never thought I’d have lost 150 pounds. I never thought I’d have gained confidence. I never thought I’d be happy. I never thought I’d be proud of anything I had done.

And, now, I’m proud of everything I’ve done and I know that at the end of my weight loss journey I’ll be able to say the same.



I was wondering how much my face changed since gooseindian took my first facial “before” picture, so I put it next to a picture I took recently, and wow. I must admit, I was shocked.

I no longer look like a sad boy with a really bad haircut. Thank the lawwwwd.

I was 246 pounds in the picture on the top and 164 in the photo on the bottom.

Work hard and be persistent.
You’ll become who you want to be.

Oh, and hey, kids who made high school a nightmare for me, fuck you. 😉

Left: November 2014.  106.9 kilos. Unhappy. Can’t walk up a flight of stairs. Feel disgusting at all times, pretty much.

Right: March 2015. 86.9 kilos. A lot, lot happier. Can walk up a flight of stairs. Or three. And will do so, willingly. Feeling a lot better about myself and my life.

I never realise that I have lost weight. To me, I’m still the overweight, fat girl. I constantly feel like all the work I do is getting me nowhere. That I’m not losing anything, despite the fact that the numbers are going down. 

And then I compare photos. Photos of me from November last year to photos of me now. I have stopped. I have given up before. I have spent weeks going back to my old lifestyle, unable to kick myself in the butt to get up and start again. This is why progress pictures are important.

  Be your own inspiration, motivate yourself. Kiss your own ass.

Left  : Circa November 2014

Right: January 2015.