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Top 5 kingsman headcanons? Does that work? :D

Of course that works! :D

1. Merlin loves dogs, but he never owned one for the simple reason that anytime an agent is away he’s the one taking care of their dogs (there’s always at least two or three agents that have a dog at any given time).

2. Whenever Roxy or Eggsy are on a mission together and they get into a fight, they would get in a competition on how many they managed to take out.

3. When Harry was in his coma after the explosion in the movie, Eggsy would sneak into his room at least once a day, just so he could update him on his progress. Merlin only noticed about a week later and decided to let it slide. Eggsy had been the first one to ever managed sneaking in and out of the infirmary without the head nurse noticing.

4. Harry gets horrible migraines because of his head injury and everyone one quickly catches on when he gets one and they all do small things to help him out like bringing him pain killer and tea, filling out the paperwork that doesn’t need his signature especially, etc. But the best his when Eggsy force him to lay down with his head on his lap and just massage the worst of the headach away with his fingers.

5. Whenever she can, Roxy will babysit Eggsy’s sister because she’s just adorable. She quickly becomes aunt Roxy and Eggsy often fake complains that his sister likes her better than him (they both know it’s a lie).

PR is afoot!! I’m feeling pretty smug right now. Emily on a tweeting & deleting spree√ Norman choosing “Still” as his fave ep√ Normans photo shoot promo’d with Emilys previous one on imagista√ Update: Emily releasing a  plethora of tour dates three days before the SF √ &√…I’m sure there will be more tomorrow(sings Annie…ur only a day away)!

I’ll be sure to update this as all the PR progresses.


Highest weight: 330 lbs
Day of Surgery: 300 lbs
Last Sunday: 256.9 lbs
This Sunday: 254.4 (-2.5 lbs)
Total: -75.6 lbs (-45.6 since surgery)

So, while this month I only ended up losing around 10 lbs, I’m very proud of myself for two reasons:
1. I can see my progress in my body. My legs are thinner and stronger, my stomach and hip fat are starting to disappear, and my biggest insecurity, my back fat (kind of hidden here by my arm), is finally starting to go away! 
2. My BMI (i know bmi isn’t accurate blah blah) is FINALLY under 40! Which means I’m finally out of Morbily Obese Class III and am into class II! That’s what the second picture is showing. That chart shows my weight loss and the different colored zones are the different BMI ratings! I’m finally in the orange! I know that’s not a super huge deal cause I’m still considered obese, but it’s a huge step to me considering my starting BMI was around 55!

I’m hoping to get down to my second goal weight of 250 before I go to see my bariatric doctor this upcoming Friday! I can do it!

GW1: 270 (2.22.15)
GW2: 250 
GW3: 230 (100 lbs down)
GW4: 210 
GW5: 200
GW6: 190 
Final: 170

Today was a pretty great day! I started out by going to Dunkin and them telling me my coffee was free 😳 yes FREE😍 They just opened up this location. It’s only 2 doors down from where they used to be but since it’s new, they were giving away free coffee! And then I went to the conference again where I had an attendee tell me that when I have kids, they will love all of my facial expressions that I make because I seem so fun and silly. See, I really do make all these silly faces in real life! I also ordered some awesome Quest protein powder since it’s 25% off and free shipping today when you click here! And then I went to the gymmmm

3/12 Workout:

Cable Tricep extensions: 5x5 40#
Bicep curls: 3x5 35#, 2x5 20#
Tricep dips: 4x15
Rope bicep curls: 5x5 40#
Pull-ups: 5x5

Treadmill: walked at 4.0 speed for 13 mins

Midweek Rest Day

Tomorrow morning I am pacing my trainer Tracy for her final long run, 14 miles, before her first half marathon taper begins. This is her longest run ever and my longest single weekday run! I have done plenty of weekend long runs and weekday double runs but never more than a half marathon before work. I took a rest day today and treated tonight like race eve. I have enjoyed coaching Tracy and am proud of her progress! Race day is only three weeks away.

Training so far this week: Mon PM brick 5 mi easy and 1 hr strength, Tues AM 2300m swim, PM 1 hr yoga, Wed rest. Lots of good training planned this weekend!

*has to consistently remind herself that 1k words a day is not “small” and is actually a lot of work and not hold herself to nano standards of writing a full ya novel in a month* 

Day 115 - I haven’t done this in a while, sorryyyy! My skin has gotten so much better you guys, and my dark spots are fading nicely. I’ve been having one or two pimples forming every so often, but I don’t even worry about them anymore.

I’m starting to wear less and less makeup to work now, and at this point I’m only using moisturizer, a small bit of BB cream, and some concealer. Soon I want to do away with concealer and just stick with the BB cream :) Step by step!


Summoning collection & Ranged session #3; I got 75 Ranged!!! I’m so happy to have achieved this so quickly, this means I can now do Within the Light, after which I will be only one skill (Summoning) and one quest (Plague’s end) away from Prif! I gained 252,416 xp which obviously was enough to get me to 75, I will continue tracking my Ranged progress up until I collect all the charms I need, if calculated properly, I will reach level 90 by the time that happens. Today I collected 198 crimsons, 5 blues, 13 greens, and 22 golds; I also leveled up my Constitution to 78, which, combined with my 2 ranged levels, brings me to a total level of 2167, if I continue to pull in ~200 crimsons a day from now on I should have enough for 75 Summoning in a little over 2 weeks (16 to be precise), which by that time it will be April 3rd, so realistically I could have access to prif by saturday 4th or Sunday 5th April! 

Pull free- Day 1.

So far, so good. Hopefully I can keep this up. I just want a full head of hair again. The only problem is, it seems so far away and I grow very impatient. When I become impatient I give up and relapse. Being forgetful doesn’t help either. It’s almost like my hands have a mind of its own sometimes.


As happy as I am about this (practically fangirling all day every damn day) am I the only one who is worried about how Stefan and Caroline will repair from this? Will Stefan blame Caroline for making him shut it off? Or when Caroline finally does feel the huge swell of emotion she’s been locking up will Stefan help her? How is their relationship going to progress after this is my question? I just don’t want this to be it. I don’t want the writers to give us this moment just to tear it away. Because I’m scared Stefan maybe mad at Caroline. But then again. He forgave Elena? So.
I just have to believe that they will work this out TOGETHER because that’s where they belong.

I have been locked away in inpatient for a whole month today and I wish I could say things have improved or my days are brighter and more hopeful. I so wish I could say that those in my care listened to me, treated me as an individual and listened to Esther and not just seen the illness. But sadly, things have not only not progressed, things have just come to a stand still. I am still allowed no passes, no alone time with my husband, every request has been denied, my meal plan has not been care planned for me to suit my needs. Everything that i have voiced that helps me in my recovery that I know from experience which could be beneficial to me has been rejected. I am not a person. They have taken away my identity, I have forgotten who i am in here. I feel so far away from my sense of self. 

I had high hopes for this admission. I was mentally prepared to fully engage in the programme and give it my all. I had given up so much for this opportunity and i didn’t want to waste it , however they have totally bullied me and singled me out on so many occasions. I feel devastated. 

Every morning , I wake up in tears, full of anxiety. I walk around on egg shells frightened that they will take more from me. I am constantly apologising to staff, believing they are against me. 

I am so depressed in here. This admission has been incredibly destructive for me. 

I had my CPA on Tuesday , and they gave me a discharge date. 

The 21st April… one month to go tomorrow. There is an end. I need to gain 5 more kg to secure this otherwise i will be made to stay longer. My only hesitation to this plan is that they have given me no practice, no home leaves, canteen or self catering to practice. i will go from nothing to absolute freedom… Sure they would have fattened me up and got the weight on but in terms of my mental recovery they have only done damage. 

I feel wrecked. 

I’ve been sad for as long as I can remember anything about my life. I’ve spent a long time trying to get better and better, and it’s only in the last two years that I’ve truly made any progress.  There will always be times when I feel like my brain is crumbling and I have to force myself out of bed otherwise I could lose myself in the sheets and not leave the house for a week. One time I didn’t leave unless forced for three months and spent the whole time asleep during the day and wide awake at night. 

The last two months I’ve wanted to crawl inside of myself and die. The darkness is starting to creep away now and whenever it does all i can do is appreciate coming out of the other side again. 

It’s really hard when I can’t find the energy to get out of it these days, and work and interact with people and my partner and live in a place that makes me sad. I’m glad I have a partner that helps me everyday, and that my family probably don’t know how miserable i am because otherwise they’d hate me, im glad that my job is my favourite thing in the world and even when i have a day off i go to work anyway because it’s better then home. im lucky that my job drowns out my mind and fills it with things so that i dont have the time to think about my petty ass problems and get tied down.

ramble because its late and i love alex and the joy he brings to me and because its raining and it makes me happy and ive worked 7 days in a row now with another 5 to go but i still went to work today because it makes me happy. im exhausted and i feel like im happy but mostly i know on the inside i feel like crying still.

mental health yo. 

White T-Shirt

read it on the AO3 at

by cafephan

There was something about the mysterious new boy that intrigued Dan, right from day one. The first time they made eye contact, and he looked away blushing, the new boy knew.

It was only going to get better.

Words: 1046, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Summer in Nevarra is enough to make even the most devout atheist start believing in the Maker, if only to beg Him for mercy from the unforgiving heat. It’s too hot to breathe, humidity piling thick like cotton filling her lungs. The sort of day one should spend in the company of a friend or lover to drowse away the passing hours. Instead, Audrey walks along cobblestone paths, smiling as she sidesteps a sun-drunk cat, nodding her head in greeting at passing pedestrians as she runs fingers through her damp hair and tugs at her sweat-soaked collar and cuffs. She imagines the kohl she lines around her eyes mixing with her sweat, sliding down her face like black tears, and yet she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Funny, that.

That awkward moment when you start a scene but don’t finish it and then you forget what the hell it was supposed to be about. 

White T-Shirt

read it on the AO3 at

by cafephan

There was something about the mysterious new boy that intrigued Dan, right from day one. The first time they made eye contact, and he looked away blushing, the new boy knew.

It was only going to get better.

Words: 1046, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
the struggle

life is so hard that it doesn’t make sense. i just need a day where something doesn’t go completely wrong. i’m so tired of fighting so hard to stay sober and clean only to be treated like some dumb junkie slut. my mother was murdered. i have a diner to run and a life to live and a great loss to deal with. i don’t need other peoples bullshit on top of my own. 

i wish i could run away screaming and shoot dope till i stopped breathing but that would accomplish nothing. so instead i will continue to stay clean, fight for my diner and make my mother proud.

i am sick of all the negative people in my life. i am over letting those that wish to drag me down make decisions for my life. no more bullshit. 

this shit is on like donkey kong, mother fuckers. 

Today I accomplished a milestone. I ran up this giant hill that dramatically inclines in which you think you’re gonna fall. I ran it. And I did five miles. And I am 28 pounds away from ultimate goal weight. I cannot believe that. A hundred days till I go to the 212 and I’m over the moon!!! I’ve never been so happy in my life! My heart dances with joy and I only have God to thank. Getting to the point of this too bright of a picture, I wore my Guardians shirt today and every single time I saw myself in the mirror I tried to be like Chris Pratt and say, “You said it yourself, bitch. We’re the guardians of the galaxy.” It now sounds weird that I’ve written it and read it out loud. Lol, I know, I’m odd. Anyway, good night guys. Drink water and sleep well. :)

Hi everyone,

Spring is here and the Curls Kickstarter is coming to a close in two days. Thank you so much for pledging and being a part of this project. We are only $315 away from the $5,000 goal. The Kickstarter will end on March 25 at 8:20 PM.

This week, I’ve been asked to appear on the Earth Station One podcast, did a Q&A for Comic Book Interviews, and has written about the project.

If you’ve missed my previous updates, you can go to the Curls Kickstarter page and click the “Updates” tab to learn more about the progress we’ve made each week as well as listen to several other podcasts I’ve been on. I also want to take this time to say thanks for putting up with my promotion everyday on social media. My goal was to be entertaining and not annoying. Hopefully that worked out for everyone who saw posts at all times of the day. If you don’t yet follow me online, you can connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Now is everyone’s last chance to join in the fun and even discover Curls for the first time! Send your friends a direct link — — or use the “Share this project” button under the video to connect with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Embed Video or Widget on your website or blog.

Thank you all again for being a part of my life with this project. I really appreciate your support and interest.



aretsuna replied to your post “I see people talking about how hard it is to ship Fitzsimmons, or that…”

I made a gif for this scene a few days ago :) also Liz said something about it getting muddier before it cleans. I really don’t get why people are giving u when there is a clear progress. It should go slow to build something stabile and lasting

Okay, so 1) I will go find this post and reblog it and 2) I meant literal hearts over her eyes. That is something I’d like to see, haha. Mostly to appease my weird sense of humor.