Lefties who blame Lefties

Lefties who constantly blame other lefties annoy me. I think they like to think ‘if only we changed ourselves! and put more caveats on how we express our point of view! then maybe they’ll listen!’. They like to make out that the problem is that we are not selling our message well, rather than the far more simple, direct two reasons why the Left have a hard time cutting through. Namely:

  1. huge power structures in place work against us (eg. Murdoch press, corporate lobbying, how market economy insulated from democratic process).
  2. what the Left are proposing is more challenging to swallow than what conservatives propose (which, bluntly put, is: 'greed is good!’, 'don’t feel bad about feeling racist!’, 'everything as is - which happens to benefit your life at the expense of many others - is fine!’, 'inconvenient truths should be ignored due to their inconvenience’!).

Believing that the problem is us is comforting. It means we have power over our destiny, we’re just not pitching it right.The truth that our big problem is that power structures are inherently conservative and inherently work against us, is a scary, even paralysing, reality to confront.

175,000 People Stepped up to Help Bernie, YOU Should Too

“Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont, stepped in last week and honestly nobody is giving Senator Sanders great odds of winning the Democratic nomination, but he is the only declared candidate for that nomination other than Secretary Clinton. In the first 24 hours after he announced Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders surprised everybody, by raising more than one and a half million dollars in the first 24 hours after he announced. He raised more than one and a half million dollars from small donors giving an average donation of about $40 bucks.”

Some people might be counting Bernie out already, but the massive amount of support he has received in pledged volunteers and campaign donations seems to say that those people shouldn’t hold their breath. People love Bernie and they should. Sanders is the candidate of the people and he knows it, when Rachael Maddow asked him why he was so popular he knew why.

“I think we have a message that is resonating all across this country. The level of income and wealth inequality in this country is grotesque. 99% of all new income goes to the top 1% the top one tenth of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% and meanwhile the middle class in this country continues to disappear. The people want a candidate that will say enough is enough and stand up to the billionaire class.”

Senator Bernie Sanders is definitely right about that. That is not all he is right about though. Rachael Maddow went on to ask him the main differences between him and Hillary Clinton. There are plenty, but Bernie Sanders decided on some of the biggest.

“There are huge issues facing this country. We have six major Wall Street financial institutions that have assets at $10 Trillion Dollars, half the mortages and two thirds of the credit cards in this country. In my view if a bank is too big to fail, it’s too big to exist. I am bringing forth legislation actually this week that would break up these large financial institutions. That would be a very good thing for our economy and I would love Secretary Clinton’s views on the issue. Later this week the Senate will be looking at the Trans Pacific Partnership, I have voted against all of these trade agreements, NAFTA, CAFTA, Permanent Trade Relations with China. These have resulted in the loss of millions of good jobs here as corporations have moved to China and other low wage countries. I’m not quite sure the American people know what the secretaries position is on the TPP. The USA PATRIOT Act is coming up for reauthorization  soon. I have voted against it in the past. Obviously we have to be strong protecting our people against terrorism, but I don’t think we have to undermine the Constitution and deny our people constitutional rights. In terms of Iraq I was one of the leaders going against the war in Iraq and Secretary Clinton supported that war. There are obviously some strong differences in opinion”

There certainly are some strong differences in opinion. Everywhere Hillary is wrong, Bernie is right. Everywhere Hillary is right, Bernie is also right. Bernie is the only candidate in the race who actually votes for the average American time and time again. No matter the issue Bernie finds what benefits the people and supports it with gusto. None of the Republicans and Hillary Clinton can say the same. Bernie needs our support and we need Bernie’s policy and consistency. Bernie Sanders 2016!


Though it failed to offer a credible political alternative, the student movement expressed a global and radical critique of society and its institutions which could not be so easily dismissed. Such a critique had, of course, previously been expressed by individual theorists, writers and artists. What was new in the 1960s was that this was voiced, more or less spontaneously, by a mass movement.

Its cultural underpinnings were virtually ignored by the traditional Left, partly because socialist parties had little understanding of cultural politics, partly because it involved concepts which were outside the socialist tradition. What was this cultural substructure? Social theorists have described it as ‘post-materialist’, an expression which suggests the search for the politics appropriate to an an age of abundance. Socialist and capitalist politics, in spite of their differences, shared a common terrain: if resources were scarce, the question was how to distribute them. For post-materialists this assumption did not hold. In an era of abundance, politics must, inevitably, acquire a different form.

Politicians of the Left (and the Right) could fairly retort that the assumption that a post-scarcity age had been reached could only be entertained by privileged students, temporarily removed from the world of gainful employment, detached from its competitive ethos and unencumbered by family responsibilities. The real electorate had mortgages or rent to pay, children to feed and clothe, jobs to obtain or preserve. The student radicals arrogantly or childishly ignored these fundamental truths. They were right, however, when they held that human dignity should not be satisfied merely with the riches available on the shelves of supermarkets and department stores; they were wrong when they believed themselves to be the first to hold these views.

—  Donald Sassoon, “One Hundred Years of Socialism: The West European Left in the Twentieth Century”, p.396

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Do you think any movie or TV series in existence has good dwarf/little person representation?

As in “treats them like actual people instead of magical mystical beings or comedic relief or something else wholly dehumanizing”?

Honestly, the only one that comes close is Game of Thrones, which isn’t really the best show if you’re looking for something progresive. That’s mostly because Peter Dinklage is an amazing actor.

Oh, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, also because of Peter Dinklage.

Come to think of it, Peter Dinklage is the only little person actor that I’ve seen active in Hollywood these days. Hmm.

Anyone have anything else to add?


Penelope is a good one (also has Peter Dinklage)


People talk about Steven Universe being progressive and shit but like. Can we all take a moment to realize that in Cowboy Bebop Faye literally walked in on two guys boning, didn’t even flinch, asked a question and then walked out? And Gren (I think its Gren) was literally a man and a woman? And I know I’m not even hitting all the stuff by in it, but this shows been around since like, 1998.

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Solo Les Pedia Que Me Siguieran Nada Mas :( Pero Gracias

Perdón si te ofendí o algo por el estilo, como te dije antes no era mi intención.
Perdón si fui grosera soy una persona muy directa y no suelo medir mis palabra.
Solo trate de darte un consejo porque puedes encontrarte con alguien que realmente sea grosero y probablemente te ofenda.
Pero como te dije publica constantemente y no tendrás la necesidad de pedirle a alguien que siga tu blog, los seguidores vendrán a medida que tu blog progrese.
Nuevamente perdón si te ofendí o fui grosera.

I thought that by focusing on my tendency to procrastinate I could both reclaim control over my situation and solve an ongoing character flaw in one move, but I think instead I’ve found another way to avoid recognising that some things are out of my control no matter how much I want to believe otherwise.

I am wary of placing responsibility anywhere but myself, and whilst this generally serves me well, when things actually are genuinely out of my control it is not healthy to blame myself for them.

Also I’m actually doing pretty well with the reading I want to do, and I think I might have an angle for my thesis. I need to read more, but I am progresing.

Tackling procrastination head on = good. Beating myself up over struggling to concentrate on honours reading after a 9-5 day of work = not good. Especially given that I’m making good progress anyway. That elusive middle ground is in there somewhere, or so I’m told.

Boboc (PNL): Experții CE sunt îngrijorați de modificările prea dese ale legislației penale

Boboc (PNL): Experții CE sunt îngrijorați de modificările prea dese ale legislației penale

Senatorul PNL Cătălin Boboc a declarat, marți, după întâlnirea cu experți ai CE aflati in misiune de evaluare pe MCV, că reprezentanții CE și-au arătat îngrijorarea față de “modificările prea dese” ale legislației penale, dar deputatul PSD Florin Iordache a spus că aceștia au constatat “progrese”.

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