Shark Conservation Module for Zoox

Last week the team and I ran through the new shark conservation module I wrote as one of the Zoox Training Modules. Not only is shark conservation a major sector in the marine conservation industry, but it also serves as a great case study to examine how international policy trickles down to national and grass roots levels. On top of that we run through the opportunities and challenges that ecotourism presents as an alternative to direct exploitation. 

Good, geeky times! 

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Esto de la crisis está yendo demasiado lejos.

"Soy programador y escribo asdasdfhuaññsjf en mi código."

[Programmers] like to think we spend most of our time power typing. “Yeah, I’m being productive, I’m writing programs!” But we don’t. We spend most of our time looking into the abyss, saying “My God, what have I done? How am I ever going to make this work?” Once we figure it out, we forget that we did all of that … A normal person, once they’ve looked into the abyss, would say I’m done, this is stupid, I’m going to go do something else. But not us, because there’s something really wrong with us.
—  Douglas Crockford