Never stop learning

As a developer I believe the moment we stop learning is the moment we should stop tapping on the keyboard. Learning new technologies keeps you ahead, but it does more than that - it keeps your passion alive. 

So on this theme, here’s a little list of everything that I want to do within the next 6 months.

  1. Do something with a NoSQL database, whether that’s Mongo or Couch DB
  2. Dabble more in Node 
  3. Use a JS framework like Backbone or Spine in a production site
  4. Do some SVG loveliness with Raphael JS
  5. Do some Canvas stuff - maybe
  6. Learn more RoR - i’ve scratched the surface so far.

I think it’s too easy for us to just stick to the tools we know and never push the boundaries. This is especially true in production sites - servers are setup for particular technologies and we never say “ah actually let’s do it in X new technology”. I think you’re really lucky as a developer if you get to use new technology and frameworks in anything other than your local testing. That said though, we should always be adding touches into projects, not for the client but for yourself. 

Another compsci project! This was for image processing, meaning we coded some things that people can do on photoshop such as: blur, sharpen, sepia, etc. I drew the katamari cousins and placed them in the sketch window this way. In the applet, you press ‘r’ and it turns into pointilism, and prince rolls his ball! The corner cousins in the applet are in negative, blur, sharpen, and sepia. go check it out! 

Done in processing, drawn in SAI

Program and picture(c) me, mana

My Type of Party

If you understand any of this, then you are truly amazing, and I’m blessed to have you reading this.

private class Party
    private boolean musicPlaying;
    private boolean musicShuffling;
    public boolean havingFun;
    public int competence;

    public Music()
        musicPlaying = false;
        musicShuffling = false;
    public void playMusic(boolean action);
        this.musicPlaying = action;
    public void shuffleMusic(boolean action)
        this.musicShuffling = action;
    public Partier()
        havingFun = false;
        competence = 100;

    public boolean areTheyHavingFun();
        return this.havingFun;
    public static void startParty()
        Partier Ian       = new Partier();
        Partier Jason   = new Partier();
        Partier Taylor  = new Partier();
        Partier Russel  = new Partier();
        Partier[] people = new Partier[5];
        Music music = new Music();
        for (int i=0; i<people.length; i++)
            boolean isHavingFun = people[i].areTheyHavingFun();
            if (isHavingFun == false)
        Ian.drinkOrSmoke(50, 0);
        Taylor.drinkOrSmoke(0, 40);
        Russel.drinkOrSmoke(5, 10);
        for (int i=0; i<people.length; i++)
            thisPerson = people[i];
            if (competence<50)
                thisPerson.havingFun = true;
            else thisPerson.havingFun = false;
    public void drinkOrSmoke(int beers, int blunts)
        competence = competence - beers - blunts;            

Programming Inside Jokes
  • Susan:What does PHP stand for?
  • Me:PHP Hyper-something P-something
  • "PHP" is in the definition of PHP?
  •'s recursively defined.
  • Susan:What...isn't that like using a word in the definition?
  • Me:Yes, exactly. But recursion something in programming where you refer to itself in its own definition.
  • Susan:What?
  • Me:*types recursion into Google* See how it says "Did you mean recursion?" even though I spelled it right...and if I click it it doesn't go away...
  • Susan:...
  • Me:It''s like a big inside joke with Computer Science people.
  • Susan:Right...inside joke...

(16 April 1970) —- This photograph of Earth was taken from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Apollo 13 spacecraft during its trans-Earth journey home. The most visible land mass includes southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. The peninsula of Baja California is clearly seen. Most of the land area is under heavy cloud cover. The Apollo 13 crew consisted of astronauts James A. Lovell Jr., commander; John L. Swigert Jr., command module pilot; and Fred W. Haise Jr., lunar module pilot.