I lost all 851 grindr messages I changed my profile picture so many times for nothing now I’ll never reach (999)

vinylxtheatre asked:

hi lovely! I was wondering who the girl in your profile picture is?? is it you?? thank you! 🍬

No it is the beautiful Lily Rose Depp 🍑 I don’t really post pictures of me on here


The final, final, final tally for the Yes! profile pictures I made came to a neat 81, making a very instagrammable 9 x 9 square. A few came after the referendum, some are people (like myself) who couldn’t vote, one insisted on getting in his beard, one is a group shot of a band ( ) and one is a sloth.

Even though I was always optimistic about Ireland doing the right thing, I couldn’t have been happier seeing the results trickle in on Saturday morning.