Why can’t MCU address more disabled/handicapped/mental disorder characters, that would be nice.

  • Hawkeye- deaf
  • Bucky- amputee, PTSD
  • Steve- PTSD
  • Tony- heart problems, PTSD
  • Sam- PTSD
  • Professor X- paraplegic
  • Magneto- holocaust survivor
  • Daredevil- blind

And why can’t we add them into the movies like we do in the comic books.

  • Magneto:*says Xavier is his best friend*
  • Magneto:*has a picture of him and Xavier with their arms around each other on his nightstand*
  • Magneto:*cries/is devastated in almost every universe when Xavier dies*
  • Magneto:*explicitly states "I love you, Charles" to Xavier.*
  • Comic book nerd fuckboys:and as we can see, Magneto passionately hates Professor X and wants him dead

My favourite thing about this scene in particular (and all the others with these three in) is that this is an English guy putting on an American accent, a Scottish guy putting on an English accent, and an Australian guy putting on an American accent, in a movie that also features a German-Irish guy putting on an English accent. 

This movie may as well be called Days of Fake Ass Accents.