This battle is amazing.  And the climax is awesome.  WHY DON’T THEY MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF THIS.  Ok ok.  WHEW.  Good stuff.

The new X-Men defeat the old and they discover that the old X-Men were actually robots, a new type of Sentinel developed by anti-mutant fanatic Steven Lang.  Once they learn they aren’t fighting their friends, the X-Men tear the Sentinels apart and murder Lang.  All that’s left now is to escape the space station and fly home.  Yay happy ending!!! (X-Men #100 - Aug 1976)  

  • Magneto:*says Xavier is his best friend*
  • Magneto:*has a picture of him and Xavier with their arms around each other on his nightstand*
  • Magneto:*cries/is devastated in almost every universe when Xavier dies*
  • Magneto:*explicitly states "I love you, Charles" to Xavier.*
  • Comic book nerd fuckboys:and as we can see, Magneto passionately hates Professor X and wants him dead