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1. What is your Name & Age?

Saynab, 18

2. Top 3 K-Pop groups and bias?

BIGBANG, bias is TOP

EXO, kai from k, tao from m

Block B, bias is Taeil

3. If you had/have a Bucket List, what would be on your Top 5?

go to favourite bands’ concert (done this so \o/)

bungee jump

eat my birthday cake by myself and not sharing with anyone

visit japan

make a bucket list lol

4. Favorite book?

all 13 books of series of unfortunate events

5. If you were to mix two or more K-Pop or non-K-Pop groups together, to form one whole (co-ed or not) who would they be and WHY!?

ooooooo, umm. coldplay and hot potato, their music seems similar but at the same time different?? idk how to explain but it would be interesting to see what they would produce

6. If you had the chance to create a group, what would you name them? 


7. Winter or Summer? WHY? 

summer, i get cold even when its hot so can you imagine my struggle in the winter.. otl 

8. A series/movie you would like to be in? and who? 

90210! naomi, that bitch gets everything in life 

9. Horror or Romance? 

Romance, i get scared easily TT 

10. Invention you have created in your mind or actually have? 

toothbrushes with toothpaste built in 

11. Favorite Disney Character and why? 

Thats so raven, she was funny and could predict the future, whats not to like?


My questions! :)

1. Top 5 bias groups/band/artist, doesn’t have to be kpop related

2. favourite song of all time

3. least favourite kpop group and why

4. what was your initial thought when you heard a kpop song for the first time

5. if you were to go on a date with your bias, where would you go? ;)

6. first album you ever bought?

7. who was your first bias? is he still your bias now? if no, why?

8. favourite movie?

9. your favourite blog?

10. favourite drama?

11. do you believe the world is going to end on the 21st of december?