Feminism Isn't A Dirty Word

The definition of Feminism? The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. 

Did you understand?

Equality of the sexes.

I don’t think i can stress enough that feminism isn’t a man hating regime. That involving yourself with Feminism does not mean you are identifying with misandry.

Feminists aren’t anti male-we are pro female.

I love men. I am a straight girl, I love my boyfriend. But I am also a feminist. Which means, i think Men and Women should be treated equally-simple as that.

Nowadays, Feminism is being seen as a dirty word- there is a stigma-you have to be brave to call yourself a feminist.

Why is it brave to want equal opportunities, for harassment to be recognised, to be treated fairly, to be treated EQUAL?

Feminism. Isnt. A. Dirty.Word.

I hate when people say this is a hateful movement. I just want some fucking equality for a change.