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An Essay: The Psychology of an Extreme Bag Addict

It’s a sacred process when you’re buying a designer bag. First you think about what brand you might be interested in, and narrow it down to one. Search for it on Wantering and save it to your Loved items. Then toss around the idea with your girlfriends. Do some research: what type of leather is it, where are the pockets, is the clasp hard to get to, shoulder strap or no shoulder strap, can the strap come off, what size bag, and what color is going to be the best?

Then you start saving pictures of the bag as your desktop wallpaper, gorgeous shots go up on Facebook and Twitter, and you flip through Pinterest looking for all the cool girls wearing your bag of choice, imagining what it will be like when you get yours (bliss). You might go to the store to pet it. Touch it, feel it, try it on. Then you go home and hit buy.

And finally, the Best Day Ever arrives. Shopping online is a bit different, you have to wait a bit still. You won’t walk away with it. That’s both good and bad. Good because you train your mind to relax and wait for a few days and then it’s like Christmas Day. Bad because instant gratification isn’t an option. You bought it online because they don’t have your style, color, or size in the store downtown. Or there was a sale at Bergdorf’s and you don’t live in New York. 

You calmly sign for it. You go find a pair of scissors. You slice open the tape. Carefully dig through the tissue paper. And then…

You kind of want to cry. It’s like LIFE STOPS AND YOU CAN’T BREATHE.

But oh, it’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. You’re wearing it tomorrow. And where does it go at night? On the shelf, with all the other loves of your life.

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Words & Bag Owner: Kathleen O. (Proenza Schouler PS1 medium in royal blue)
Photo Credit: Orane C.