The Most Useless Products Ever Created

There is a fad in Japanese culture called chindogu: essentially, chindogu are products that are useful solutions to everyday problems, but no one would use them because they’re ridiculous. Greek artist Katerina Kamprani designs products that appear normal enough, but upon examination, are utterly useless. I had a solid ten minutes of fun while trying to imagine using these products- and miserably failing.

Source: Katerina Kamprani

impekablerae said:

Any suggestions on products to use ? I'm looking for a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and moisturizer --- basically everything haha

For shampoos/conditioners try one of the following:-
1) mane n tail the original mane shampoo/ conditioner
2) herbal essence hydration totally twisted
3)kinky curly come clean
4) Shea moisture raw Shea butter shampoo/Shea moisture restorative conditioner
5) Wen by Chaz dean
6) african pride olive miracle 2-in one shampoo/conditioner
Rinse out conditioners for daily co-washing:-
1) suave Naturals ocean breeze/ suave coconut conditioners.
2) Aussie moist - the best deep conditioner u will ever need.
3) Vo5 conditioners

Leave in conditioners:-)
1) Oyin hand made honey hemp- great for transitioning hair.
2)kinky curly knot today- great for detangling
3) eden body works Shea butter
4) the great detangler- great for detangling thick hair ( from target)
5)cantu leave in conditioner
6)Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream-for maintains healthy hair.
7) Jamaican nano & lime cactus leave in conditioner

Deep conditioner
1)organics olive oil replenished
2)bioinfusion deep olive oil deep conditioning treatment
3) a Giovanni tea tree deep conditioning treatment
4)Karens body beautiful condition

For styling, twists & gels
1) Talijah waajid lock it up
2) organic root stimulator lock & twist gel
3) Ecostyler gel
4)lily of the desert Aloe vera gel- make a spritz with this gel & water .
5)kinky curly curling custard- also great for daily use

Daily moisturizing
1) raw Shea butter- more effective when mixed with olive oil. ( best moisturizer)
2) Shea moisture deep treatment masque
3) Shea moisture curling soufflé
4)miss Jessie’s baby butter cream.
5) Hawaiian Silky 14-one - great for recovering most damaged hair.
6) curly hair solution curl keeper- great for frizz

For essential oils
1)Jamaican black castor oil,coconut,peppermint,rosemary,avocado,olive,tea tree,argon,almond, ( mix any 2or more to make a hot oil treatment,for edges, scalp massages ,sealing in moisture & can be applied on hair tips to control split ends).
2) Africa’s best ultimate herbal oil
3)african pride olive oil miracle growth oil

Those are some of the best on the market & remember the best products aren’t always the best. Also stick to the same products each season for better results & next season try new ones.:-)