Organizing your desk space

Yay for more tips to get shit done. This is just how I arrange my desk to work productively.

1. Have an “inbox” - your inbox can be a stack of document trays or just a simple pile. Keep it on the left side of your desk (or opposite if you’re left handed). Into this pile goes anything that needs your attention. When assignments come in put them in the inbox, when you have readings, print them and put them in your inbox. Document trays are great because you can stack 3 of them and organize your stuff into high, med and low priority. Alternately you can have a system like university, work, and bills. Choose something that works for you,

2. Planner/bullet journal/To do list. When you’re not working keep this front and centre in your workspace so when you sit down to do something you will remember to look at it.

3. Supplies (ie stationery, pencil case etc). Put them toward the back of the desk behind your work area and in easy reach.

4. The Outbox. Put finished items on the right side of your work space and either then submit or file them, whatever you need to do with them, at the end of each day.

5. Laptop / Computer. I keep my computer to the far right of the desk on the other side of the outbox. When I need it I can just roll my chair across. 

6. Wall planner / Calendar. Keep one of these on the wall behind your desk so you can see any deadlines at a glance.

7. Corkboard / whiteboard - Recommend one of each. Write any reminders on the whiteboard and pin important things on the cork board. 

And that’s it!

I understand some people may have a desk too small to fit all these things in this arrangement, this is just my system. You can adapt it however you like, just do what works for you and what works for your space.

Have a nice day :)

Slack, the Startup Looking to Kill Email, Is Now Reportedly Worth $2 Billion

Slack, an internal communication app designed to allow businesses to chat and collaborate at work, is in in the process of raising a new funding round that values the company at $2 billion, Bloomberg reports.

If accurate, this means Slack’s valuation has nearly doubled in the span of six months.

While impressive, it’s not surprising; Slack has been experiencing explosive growth. Just a year old, Slack is used by about 500,000 people every day, a number that is rapidly growing. Earlier this month, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield told The New York Times that the company’s user base is doubling every three months and by the end of the year, he predicted the app will be used by 2 to 3 million people.

Read more on the site here

I am known as quite the Productive type, so here are some of my tips just for you guys! 

Tip 1: plan ahead 
If you have a planner that is not time managed… Get one that is time managed. Right now I use my bullet journal in an altered way, when I want to spend a day properly getting THINGS DONE. Make sure you know how long you will need for a certain task and be specific in what that task is. 5 pages. A chapter. A certain subject. Now plan it into your time table, and take the time spaciously. Will it take 15 minutes? Plan 20. You will feel more rested and accomplished! ( also don’t forget breaks ) 

Tip 2: sleep.
What? Sleep? Why sleep? Studyblr’s don’t sleep? Let me tell you. If a studyblr is advertising not taking care of your body because that’s hardcore? They are not doing it right. Sleep is essential. Make sure you have 8 hours of sleep, so you have enough energy for the day and start the day EARLY.   

Tip 3: Don’t take hours getting ready 
2 hours to get ready in the morning? You can use that time better. Go from bed straight to the shower so you will be fresh, get yourself some breakfast, chill for a bit and then 10 minutes before you planned to start studying, go grab your stuff and Do the job. 

Tip 4: minimize your distractions 
Don’t put things on your desk that you won’t be using. It’s distraction and you don’t want that. Music with lyrics is a big no go for me. Spotify does some GREAT playlist just for this and also (available in the appstore too) is a savior. Listen to that with headphones on and you immediately get into that productive state. 

Tip 5: keep track of time 
I have used Pomodoro and those types of apps but they didn’t do the job for me. What I like to do is put the stopwatch of my Iphone next to me and every time I finish a “task” I start a new round. When I go for a break, I stop the stop watch, and in that way at the end of the day, I will see how many hours of real productivity I had and what I can do better next time. 

Tip 6: Social media does not exist
No, not even tumblr while searching the studyblr tag and aspecially not during small breaks. There are apps that won’t let you have access to social media your laptop or phone, but I just use my second iphone with no apps on there so twitter, tumblr, Facebook, non of it is available at the tap and luckily I am not that desperate to go on web to those sites haha! 

And those are the Productivity tips I got for you as if now, Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to fill up my ask box!


#5 in the “24 Ways/Tips” series.

Here’s a visual guide to help you defeat that infamous obstacle known as procrastination. Utilize whatever works. A combination of these may be your best bet.

I made this using a more colorful palette to make the subject a bit more pleasing, or fun, or approachable. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback.

You can buy a print/poster of this and hang it on your wall.


A very OOC personal post or All The Things I’m Into Lately

Well, doesn’t this look familiar? I’ve had the good fortune of a snow day, no work and no school, so I thought it might be time to update tumblr. All of these things connect somehow in my brain, so bear with me:

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Three years ago, we launched Paper and so began our quest to build indispensable tools for the everyday creator. Since then Paper has been downloaded over 13 million times and been used to create over 150 million ideas! In late 2013, we introduced Pencil, which quickly became the top-selling digital stylus in the world and defined the standard for working with pen and touch on iPad. Last fall we released Mix, a new service in Paper that allows everyone to find inspiration and build off of each others’ ideas, which just welcomed its one millionth member.

For a growing team like ours, these have been significant achievements, but there remains a great deal for us to do. Every day we hear from high school and university educators who want to use Mix in the classroom, or people who work with teams and clients who want quicker, more human ways to present information without having to navigate finicky software. We want to reach and help these creators, too.

Today, we’re happy to welcome our new partners Dayna Grayson and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) to FiftyThree. Alongside our existing investors, NEA will help FiftyThree grow our team and product offerings, particularly in business and education. As a leading investor in widely used enterprise services like Box, Tableau, and Workday, NEA is a great partner to help us build a new crop of tools for creative thinking.

At FiftyThree, we’re committed to building the best mobile tools for creativity, and we’re excited to share that we’ve already begun. Meet Think Kit, the next generation of tools coming soon to Paper. 

Launching this spring, Think Kit will dramatically speed up the creation of diagrams, charts, and presentation sketches for those times when you need to quickly show an idea to a client, to your team, or to a lecture hall full of students.

With the fantastic support of the FiftyThree community, we’ve made great progress for which we’re grateful. Thank you. Now, an even bigger adventure awaits! We’re thrilled to play a part in making mobile tools accessible to more people, and we hope you will, too. Together, let’s carve a new space to think.

Join the team.