Note taking app rec: ZoomNotes (ZoomNotes Lite is FREE!)

For those of you who missed this rec, we highly recommend trying out ZoomNotes! It’s compatible with both the Cregle ink and iPen 2 styluses, and comes with the following features:

1) Multiple pen types
2) Palm rejection
3) Sub-pages - This unique feature allows you to use ‘pages within pages’. This allows you to use sticky-notes and enables the creation of hierarchical visual files. You can also insert whole pdf files as sub-pages, or import pages from other ZoomNotes documents into a sub-page.
4) Bookmarks
5) Annotate PDFs
6) Select, scale, rotate, shift and flip (mirror) objects. Cut, copy and paste are also available, including between documents, pages and other apps.
7) Symbol library
8) Insert and edit images
9) Allows typed text
10) Record and playback sounds
11) Share documents
12) Use for presentations - ZoomNotes is VGA compatible for use with projectors, monitors and AirPlay.
And more!

Check it out here! Free version.

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said: Oh wow, this is done on an ipad? The brushes look amazing!

Partially. The sketch/lines were done traditionally, and the colors on the ipad. So it kinda depends on which parts you’re commenting on! There are at least a few pretty cool brushes though, including one that looks like pencil, and I think you can make your own as well. :) 

The app is called ArtStudio. I’ve used it for both lines and colors (or shading) on a few pieces over on deviantART now: Afterimage, Intrinsic Light, and the Halloween Art Exchange.

(Dunno how curious you are, so more info below the cut.)

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Going along with today’s note-taking app rec, here’s a cool video that ZoomNotes put together to show the accuracy of the iPen 2 in ZoomNotes. Check it out!

Fiksu's New Service Lets Developers Track Apple Watch Apps - TechCrunch

Fiksu’s New Service Lets Developers Track Apple Watch Apps – TechCrunch


Fiksu’s New Service Lets Developers Track Apple Watch Apps
There are already over 3,500 Apple Watch apps available on the market, but it’s unclear which ones will stick around for the long haul, and which will be discarded as the novelty wears off. Today, mobile app marketing firm Fiksu is introducing a new product …
iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free – May 5, 2015iOSnoops
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Price Drop: AppCooker - Free prototyping studio for Watch, iPhone and iPad apps (Productivity) #iOS

AppCooker - Free prototyping studio for Watch, iPhone and iPad apps 4.0

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Price: $19.99 -> Free, Version: 4.0 (iTunes)


You can now design for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

The #1 iOS Prototyping App on iPad — “A hot new iPad app that makes sure other apps have the right ingredients in place before any development begins” — Mashable

Mockup + wireframe iPhone & iPad Apps. Share clickable prototypes through AppTaster, the free companion.

- Full-functioned mockup editor with all the iOS 7 UI widgets
- Overall screen view with connections, export PDF Map.
- Portrait & landscape editions
- Add notes to any of the screens.
- Link the screens with various type of inputs and transitions
- Bitmap drawing, vector shapes and text tool
- Use solid colours, gradients, strokes and shadows
- Import images through Dropbox and Box
- Export backups, playable mockups (AppTaster), Jpeg, PNG and PDF
- Dropbox + Box integration
- App icon editor
- App idea planner
- Store info section
- App pricing tool
- Notepad

At the crossroads between creation and technology, AppCooker makes a synthesis between those two worlds often kept apart, thus delivering a complete, mobile and accessible solution. The goal: to be able to test an idea for a mobile application in all of its aspects — concept, graphic design, interactive mockup, business plan —, quickly and without coding. AppCooker celebrated its first anniversary on May 31, 2012.

- An app born out of a void -
A few years ago, the founders of AppCooker decided to create an iPhone game. The graphic designer made graphic mockups, which the software developer translated to code. However, very soon they were confronted with what was coming next: marketing their app meant a heap of tasks to fulfill, which they weren’t prepared for. They started looking for a dedicated solution to their issues. Finding none, they decided to create it themselves…

- A bet on the future -
AppCooker was born from the idea that single task oriented software — i.e. word-processing, spreadsheet or design programs — is bound to step aside in favor of multitask programs, more efficient and better adapted to the objectives of specialized users, whose projects are binding in terms of time, money, marketing strategies.

- The user at the heart -
While gathering all the actions necessary to conceive mobile apps in one single place, the designers kept in mind every experience they’d had as users, in order to correct them. Everything they hadn’t been able to do whilst passing from one program to another would be possible, all the wasted time would be spared! Today, the users — who amount up to thousands — are still those who contribute to improving AppCooker through its updates, thanks to their suggestions and constructive feedback.

- Impressive results without coding -
AppCooker’s mockup editor gathers all major graphic design tools: vector shapes, text, bitmap drawing, icon library, images, and all of the UI elements for iPhone and iPad (bars, buttons, objects, etc.). Screens can be linked together with the usual mobile apps linking tools. All of these features allow professionals as well as eager amateurs to end up with an interactive mockup that is visually very close to the final application, in little time and without having to type a single line of code.

- Luxury lies in anticipation -
While the mockup editor is AppCooker’s star, the other fields aiming at refining the original idea, the icon, the business plan and the presence on the App store are not anecdotal. They are easier to use than mainstream programs (i.e. Word or Excel) because they are made especially for the creation of mobile applications: they integrate all of its peculiar constraints. The objective being that, with a global vision of the project, the user has the means never to be taken by surprise.

What’s New

AppCooker can now be tested for free!

Yeah! Watch is now supported, including the screen scrolling feature.
We’ve also added a new Objects/Layers popover which lets you select objects more easily, and lets you arrange objects in layers (HUD, scrollable, background) for Watch screens.
As usual we’ve squeezed some bugs and improved the overall performances.

AppCooker - Free prototyping studio for Watch, iPhone and iPad apps

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iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

Finding the best apps often can be an overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating process. iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers provides the “best of the best” apps that are essential for any law practice. In just one hour, you will learn about the apps most worthy of your time and attention. This book will describe how to buy, install, and update iPad apps

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