I stole another table at Starbucks for better outlet access and more space- muhaha. I’ve been pretty productive today! It’s almost eight, and I’ve done everything on my to do list except outline my german essay. Gonna take a short break and then make some good progress on that!

And then I could do more work on my essays, but I might take the rest of the evening to relax unless some solid inspiration strikes. Tomorrow I plan on drafting!

I am known as quite the Productive type, so here are some of my tips just for you guys! 

Tip 1: plan ahead 
If you have a planner that is not time managed… Get one that is time managed. Right now I use my bullet journal in an altered way, when I want to spend a day properly getting THINGS DONE. Make sure you know how long you will need for a certain task and be specific in what that task is. 5 pages. A chapter. A certain subject. Now plan it into your time table, and take the time spaciously. Will it take 15 minutes? Plan 20. You will feel more rested and accomplished! ( also don’t forget breaks ) 

Tip 2: sleep.
What? Sleep? Why sleep? Studyblr’s don’t sleep? Let me tell you. If a studyblr is advertising not taking care of your body because that’s hardcore? They are not doing it right. Sleep is essential. Make sure you have 8 hours of sleep, so you have enough energy for the day and start the day EARLY.   

Tip 3: Don’t take hours getting ready 
2 hours to get ready in the morning? You can use that time better. Go from bed straight to the shower so you will be fresh, get yourself some breakfast, chill for a bit and then 10 minutes before you planned to start studying, go grab your stuff and Do the job. 

Tip 4: minimize your distractions 
Don’t put things on your desk that you won’t be using. It’s distraction and you don’t want that. Music with lyrics is a big no go for me. Spotify does some GREAT playlist just for this and also coffitivity.com (available in the appstore too) is a savior. Listen to that with headphones on and you immediately get into that productive state. 

Tip 5: keep track of time 
I have used Pomodoro and those types of apps but they didn’t do the job for me. What I like to do is put the stopwatch of my Iphone next to me and every time I finish a “task” I start a new round. When I go for a break, I stop the stop watch, and in that way at the end of the day, I will see how many hours of real productivity I had and what I can do better next time. 

Tip 6: Social media does not exist
No, not even tumblr while searching the studyblr tag and aspecially not during small breaks. There are apps that won’t let you have access to social media your laptop or phone, but I just use my second iphone with no apps on there so twitter, tumblr, Facebook, non of it is available at the tap and luckily I am not that desperate to go on web to those sites haha! 

And those are the Productivity tips I got for you as if now, Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to fill up my ask box!

Being Productive (Additional)

We have days where we are productive and days where we are not.

Additional Productivity Tips:

  • Use a Pomodoro Timer, 30/30 app or something of that sort. As long as it is a timer, it should be alright. Study/Work in blocks.
  • *BEFORE you start your work, assure that you have everything that you need. This includes, having the books/notes out on your desk. Do not start your timer until you are ready. Or you are decrease the amount of time of work/study.
  • Ideal Time Separation(Pomodoro):
  • 25-40 minutes(Study/Work/Productive)
  • 5-8 minutes(Short Break)
  • 15-20 minutes (Long Break)
  • When you are taking a Short Break, make sure that they are short. Before going off on a break, know when you are supposed to get back to work.
  • *Try to avoid watching Netflix during the Short Break. Or, your break will no longer be short one. Save the long enjoyable activities for the Long Break.
  • There are a handful of Productivity apps available and this is just a list: (X)
  • Difficult Tasks: Start with them early in the morning. If you leave them until the end of the day, you will most likely not get them done.
  • Have a To-Do List somewhere visible. It could be on a Post-it, Looseleaf, or even on Momentum. If you ever feel lost at what you were supposed to be doing, then glance at your list.
  • If you get hungry, then eat something. Studying/Working whilst you are hungry with disturb your focus.
  • If your desk is cluttered, before you start to study, then you should organise it first. Or, you might have difficulty finding what you need.
  • When you are studying/working, your social media tab, or any tabs not related to what you are studying should not be open. It is very easy and tempting to just switch tabs and scroll through your Tumblr dashboard..
  • Drinks. I am more productive when I have a hot drink accompany me whilst I study. You can have snacks with you just in case you are hungry during your studying hours.

Best of Luck.

Project  Clean Up ( C.U) a.k.a See you 

So lately  I’ve been noticing that my lifestyle has been pretty crappy.
I missed so many days in school since I caught a cold 3 times in a row.
Another thing is that I’m always tired and out of energy even though I barely move. And if I do something its most of the time surfing on the internet.
Way too much time online while not really accomplishing anything. Thats gotta change quickly so I thought, why not making it a thing online?

Basically what this project is about:

  • Shut down from the online world and get real
  • Pimp your body up
  • Figure stuff out and get your shit together
  • sharpen your mind

Day A (Kick-off):

  • Throw out your smartphone.
    Not literally but today it is your challenge to keep that thing away. I know you smartass got a back up full of excuses why you have to use it but nah. I recommend the app off time ( you set your time and every app you choose will be blocked if your nasty hands dare to try open it). Most of us are straining their eyes too much by spending hours focusing on that teeny tiny lil screen. The eyes get dry and are less flexible and with the time your vision gets blurry. It won’t hurt to lessen your time online a bit.

  • Is it possible to whip out a cake out of no where?
    No. In order to bake a nice cake you first have to read the recipe. Pay attention to the amount of each ingredient. Make sure to use the right techniques so it won’t end up in a total mess. Double check by peeking at the instructions.
    You can’t skip a step.
    Now take out your planner/ journal or whatever you prefer and plan out the next weeks. Create small mindmaps for each big assignment you’ll have to deal with and split it up into smaller and smaller tasks. Your daily to-do lists are your recipe with the ingredients. The plan to have an overview over the weeks are your instructions. Be strict to yourself. I agree that there are mulitple different study techniques all over the place. And thats wonderful. However you are the one making the first step. So if you lack motivation and dedication its not going to work.

  • Set up a queue on your blog. It would be ideal if you could just cut out every ‘‘dangerous’‘ distraction.

Day B (add some more goals to spice it up):

  • Pick out one sports activity you want to do. Its totally fine if you’re just following a workout video in your own room. But get active. Move. Open the window and let some fresh air in. Take a walk early in the morning before starting your working session. It’s good for your heart and to get blood pumpin through your veins.

  • During this long period you can pick out a book you’ve been wanting to read and write down some random topics you’re interested in. At the evening or on the weekend you can watch a documentary about those topics while having a break. Its a nice option to rest a bit but still keeping your brain awake.

  • For these weeks pick out one or two things that you haven’t been practicing lately. Something you are really passionate about and something you want to improve in aside from studies or work.
    In my case its drawing and playing the piano.
    Maybe you haven’t been writing on your own stories lately? There’s a layer of dust on your chess board? Try it again. The emotions you experience while getting lost in something you love to do is as close to pure magic as it can get.

Now you can set your C.U. period. The rules are to keep your strict schedule. Use every minute wisely and give out your 100%.

As for me I am going to set it for 1 and a half month. The only reason why I would appear on tumblr is to post some pictures but other than that I really need a time out.

Healing time for body and mind

  • Set some goals in terms of eating as well. Taim your sweet tooth and your cravings for junk food a bit. The food is not going to run away. Since I did experience some phases with eating disorders (anorexia and binge eating) I can not stress enough how important it is to be aware about what you are giving and doing to your body. Reward your body with something fresh, something nutritious but also reward yourself with small snacks here and there. Moderation is the key.

  • Eat slowly. Take your time to chew properly. As soon as you do that most of you will catch yourself having the habit to swallow down everything faster than your brain can register.
    Drink an apropriate amount of water. Hydration will not only benefit your skin but also keep you energized through out the day.

  • Get enough sleep. That is the time your body can regenerate and prepare for the next day. Don’t turn the night into your day. It will damage your health more than most of you’d think. Even though I know a lot of you have sacrificed your sleep in order to study - don’t. Risking your health should never be an option.
    Set a time. 30 minutes before that clean up everything, pack things for the next day and start to cool down.

  • Take care of your skin/ hair etc. If you have accomplished many things at the end of the week you can stroll through some drug stores and buy some stuff if you like to. A nice shampoo. Try out a new cleanser. Get some face masks or essential oils. It is never wrong to have some me-time. For me it has rather proven to boost your motivation and the ability to focus.
    These pamper sessions are a great way to compensate stress and just as important as raw work.

You are capable of achieving so much more than you think so gear up and be the best possible version of yourself

On a good day, I
open the back door. I step
outside and let the sun
seep into my skin. It’s the first
time in a long time, but it
feels nice. I make lists, and
tick things off of them. I get things
done. I go for walks, and
collect groceries. On a good
day, I eat.
I pick up an instrument
and put on some candles. I bathe
in warm water and positive
thoughts. I do my best to keep
the negative ones at bay.
On a good day, I laugh when
I make a mess instead
of crying. I clear up the mess.
On a good day, I put on
my favourite sweater, some music,
and I write. On a good day,
I don’t let myself shrink, or rot,
or decay. I pick myself up,
stretch out my sore muscles,
stand in the light for a while.
On a good day, I am
On a good day, I am content.
I say, “Today is a good day.”
And I repeat it until
it isn’t so difficult to say.
—  today is a good day /// r.e.s
The #1 Secret of Successful Productive People

Today I wanted to share with you the number #1 secret of successful productive people and it’s one lesson that I truly want you to internalise and apply in your life.

Are you ready? Here it is:

The secret of successful productive people is this: their success is not dependent on the amount of work or effort they put in but it’s related to their consistency. Let me say that differently; success in life is never about the astronomical workload or the end goal you achieve, but it’s about creating a habit that’s easily followed throughout ones life.

Let me give you few examples:

  • If you want to memorise the Quran, don’t worry about the humongous task you and have the 600+ pages you need to memorize, instead, focus on memorising half a page or a few lines each day.
  • If you have stacks and stacks of personal development book you know you should read, but dread having to go through them, don’t be anxious about reading them all at once, instead, focus on reading a few pages of a book each day.
  • If you look yourself in the mirror and not happy with being overweight and an unhealthy lifestyle, don’t stress about losing all weight your weight at once or following an impossible diet, instead, focus on creating healthier habits that stays with you for life.

Life moves quickly and when you stay consistent on a successful habit, no matter how small, you’ll be surprised after one year or two that not only did you achieved your goal but you’ve surpassed it many times!

Let me give you a practical example: Imagine you dedicate one hour to do the following every single day:

  • 15 minutes to memorise few verses of Quran.
  • 30 minutes to walk briskly around your block.
  • 15 minutes to read a personal development book.

After few years, of being consistent with the above habits,  what do you expect the results to be?

All of the above by just spending one hour per day!

Success is all about creating successful habits; nothing more, nothing less. If I were to summarise all the above, I’ll summarise it in the hadeeth of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who said: “The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small.” [Collected by Bukhaari and Muslim]

Mohammed Faris
(aka Abu Productive) 

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H O W  T O  B E  P R O D U C T I V E :

Mood: You know where you work best and under what conditions. Work on your bed if you can do so without getting distracted. Work where you’re less likely to run into interferences. Listen to music if that’s what you prefer. It’s all personal preference.

Prioritize: Some classes are more difficult than others, and need more time. Know what class you’re struggling in and put more of your focus on that class. Only focus on the important and spend more of your time on that.

Distractions: Stay clear of the television, social media on your phone, and even tumblr. When you’re working, it’s best to focus on one thing at a time for a satisfying outcome. Distractions hinder you from working and you can live without them for a while.

Motivation: Remember why you’re doing this. Recognize the goal, whether it’s the learning that will benefit you, the easy road to college you’ll have, or the happy feeling of just getting things done. Remember that feeling. Strive for that feeling.

Time: Use your time wisely and don’t waste a minute of it daydreaming or something along those lines. If you feel you can’t focus, then

Take a Break: Take a 5-10 minute break every thirty minutes or so if you need it. There’s no use trying to get work done if you can’t focus. In those thirty minutes, however, do something productive, like doing a quick tabata, having a short dance break, or something else to get you pumped up. Don’t let yourself get sucked into technology during this time; it’ll just make you less willing to leave.

Avoid Negative Energy!

Negative energy comes from complaining, seeing the dark side of things, gossip, backbiting and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. When you meet with your friends, agree to warn each other if someone begins to backbite. Make istighfar (repent) for you and the person you spoke about, so you set yourself back on track. If someone is feeling down, discuss his/her issues with the will to make things better, and fill the person with positivity.