Diginoiz releases ‘Drum Injection – Drum & Bass’

Ladies and gentleman! Diginoiz proud to present the next product from their best selling series ‘Drum Injection’ series. This time they’ve produced specially for You – drum one shots and loops in one of the most popular genres – Drum & Bass! Heavy, dirty, hard, grooving, strong and of course great sounding! Processed with high […]

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Ratings Report: Steven, Wander & Falls

Derpy Meets Dr. Seuss
by Natsu714

Ratings Report: Steven’s “Fusion Cuisine”

A few more people had an appetite for Steven Universe’s “Fusion Cuisine.” Thursday’s episode drew an estimated 1.458 million viewers which is 12,000 viewers more than last week. Only Teen Titans Go! managed to cross the two million mark on Thursday night. It would be a drop-off before Clarence which was at 1.626M viewers. For the second week running, Steven outdrew Regular Show on Thursday night as the latter drew all of 1.383 million viewers for “Lift with Your Back”—unchanged from last week.

For those remotely interested, Regular Show’s “Terror Tales of the Park IV” drew 1.737 million viewers—a 24.3% drop from the previous ‘Terror Tales’ installment last year.

Back to Steven, the show’s average for this season now stands at 1.686 M viewers for 32 episodes.

Whether or not these lower numbers are a direct result of Dish Network dumping Cartoon Network and other Turner channels is unknown at the point in time.

All ratings information in this report comes from Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights which cites Nielsen Media Research as its source.

Ratings Report: Wander’s ‘Liar’ and ‘Stray’

At least it’s a step in the right direction after October 17th’s massive low. Last Friday’s edition of Wander Over Yonder featuring “The Liar” and “The Stray” drew 384,000 viewers. For episodes that have premiered on Disney XD, the show has averaged just under 330,000 viewers an epsiode (11 episodes).

By comparison, Gravity Falls has averaged just under a million viewers per first-run on Disney XD episode (5 episodes) while Star Wars: Rebels has averaged just under 800,000 for its first four episodes. Of course, the former was punted to XD earlier this year. Information on viewership for the November 10th episodes has not been released at the time of this writing.

All ratings information comes from Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights and cites Nielsen Media Research as its source.

Ratings Report: Gravity Falls: “Blendin’s Game”

It was a bit of a down night for Disney XD on Monday night. That said, Gravity Falls continues to establish itself as the channel’s #1 cartoon despite a significantly smaller audience compared to what they were getting on the main Disney Channel. “Blendin’s Game” drew 775,000 viewers on Monday night. It was indeed up against the start of Monday Night Football and the second half hour of WWE Raw.

Of the six Season Two episodes that have debuted on Disney XD, the average per episode is 961,833 per episode. The series has not air new episodes on consecutive weeks since August 4th and 11th of this year.

Next up for Gravity Falls is “The Love God” which air on Wednesday, November 26th, on Disney XD.





Wanted to share some cool news about an awesome little project that i am currently working on with Bentobox Animation! This is sort of a pet project of mine and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. 

For the next two weeks I will be sharing the production process from start to finish so that people can get an inside look on how all this crazy animation stuff is done! We will go from the design stage, which will include, characters, props, vehicles and any background elements that would be needed for this piece all the way to the final mix session of adding sound effects and music. Now this whole piece of animation will only be around 30-40 seconds long but this style of animation has been something that I have dreamed of coming to life for a long time now. So please sit back, relax and enjoy some cool stuff from myself and others!!:)


I have always been a fan of dinosaurs, and i dont think i will ever lose that love. The very first thing i remember drawing were Dinos, and Jurassic Park, was the movie that brought so much inspiration to me as a youngster in the 90’s (Mind exploded). Here are some designs for our Main Astronaut character which derives from a ton of drawings that i have been doing for the last 5 years. I have always loved this character and have always wanted to do something with him. I spent alot of time on him while i was doing character design on Bob’s Burgers, so I basically broke him down to a more animation friendly design so that the animator wont have to focus on to much meaningless detail and just focus on making cool fluid animation. I am a heavily influenced 80’s fanatic, and the whole feel that I am trying to achieve from this piece is a blend of 80’s retro video games and future that one can only dream of. Check out some of these exploration designs and concepts. 

Stay tuned for more!!!



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