Teenage Dean sitting on the closed toilet lid in a hotel bathroom to get some space that isn’t taken up by John and Sam and hunting and the memory of Mary, and learning that he can stay behind that locked door longer if he acts like he’s in there to masturbate.

Dean getting a bit older and realizing he can go out “to hang out with girls” and get time away that John won’t begrudge him for— will even look slightly proud of him for— and Sam won’t ask any more questions about what he was doing if Dean starts answering with a made-up name and place and act. 

Dean being lonely and craving someone touching him gently, and the sex itself isn’t anything to write home about but getting touched, having someone want to make him feel nice, and being able to please someone (to satisfy someone), that sure is. 

Review || Rimmel Stay Blushed!


For the longest time, I thought Rimmel’s Stay Blushed! was a myth. They were released in the US a few months ago but I could not find them anywhere! But recently I was browsing the cosmetics section at KMart and there they were. 

Y’all should know by now that I am a lover of the Rimmel Stay Matte line. The Stay Matte Mousse Foundation has been a summer staple of mine. And of course the Stay Matte Pressed Powder is my favorite powder. So I was pretty pumped to give these a go.

Stay Blushed! is a liquid cheek tint that is available in five shades. Each tube is 0.47 fl oz and retails for around $2.99. Rimmel claims:

Perfect for any occasion: the blush blends instantly and seamlessly to create a long lasting, natural-looking flush of colour that lasts up to 24 hours. Ultra lightweight, won’t feel heavy.

I purchased two of the five colors: Sunkissed Cherry and Touch of Berry.



Here’s how they look fresh out the tube. Touch of Berry is on the left and Sunkissed Cherry is on the right.



Touch of Berry is a blue toned pink. The consistency is more on the liquid side. The liquid texture means that you have to layer it on more to see some color, but it’s still a pretty color on the skin.

Sunkissed Cherry is more of a peachy coral color (when I think of cherry I think of red). The texture is more of a mousse, similar to Rimmel’s Stay Matte Foundation. There is definitely more color payoff with this color. 

At first, they can be a little scary to use. But once you blend away, they really are pretty. They blend in really easy too. Like I said, you’ll have to layer up a Touch of Berry a little bit more, but overall a little bit of product goes a long way. Also, they have a slight floral scent, but it’s not overwhelming. I personally enjoy the smell.

Stay Blushed! has good lasting power. It not 24 hours of color, but they will last the day, especially when you wear a primer and foundation underneath. Often, I go a step further and layer a powder blush on top to keep my color lasting day to night.

Overall, I really love Stay Blushed! I did enjoy the texture of Sunkissed Cherry more than Touch of Berry. I think they’re great for the price and they’re really good if you’re a beginner just getting into liquid/cream cheek products. I definitely would recommend these and I am looking forward to purchasing the other three colors!


Disclaimer: I brought this product with my own money. This post is not sponsored. This is my honest opinion.

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"Since I started my artistic career, I’ve been desperately looking for a ‘style’. Experience told me it’s pointless to look for a style, because it’s been with you the entire time. It’s the result of the perception you have of the world, and it’ll be polished as you keep working. You won’t see the whole forest until you reach a certain amount of work, but at some point, it will be revealed to you."

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