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okay I got my gym bag ready for tomorrow, my breakfast made for the morning, my outfit laid out and even my vitamins out because i’ll be damned if i’m falling back into a slump again

                                                     MISCHIEF MANAGED

                                                              A mix for
                                                          the Marauders


                                                               { Listen }

                          ★ i.  Maybe Tonight // The SummerSet.
                            ★ ii.  Rebel Sound // Goo Goo Dolls
                         ★ iii. On Our Way // The Royal Concept
                      ★ iv. Best Day of My Life // American Authors
                                ★ v. Harlem // New Politics
                              ★ vi. I’m Good // The Mowgli’s  
                   ★ vii. King of the World // The Young Rising Sons
                                 ★ viii. Hurricane // Vamps
                     ★ ix. Fluorescent Adolescent // Arctic Monkeys
                                  ★ x. Smile // Mikky Ekko
                         ★ xi. Through the Dark // The Mowgli’s
                              ★ xii. Here’s to us // Halestorm
                         ★ xiii. Phoenix Hearts // We the Kings
                                    ★ xiv. Home // Dotan
                        ★ xiv. Fairytales & Firesides // Passengers

  • person:omg your hair looks so good today! what did you do to it? did you use some new product?
  • me:*hasn't washed my hair in like a week*

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juanalikesmusic asked:

"Cerulean Salt" by Waxahatchee and "Laughing Stock" by Talk Talk

Cerulean Salt I like, and I’ve listened to it a fair amount, but it’s my least favorite of the 3 Waxahatchee records. The first is so raw and direct and I also love the sound of it—that is by far my favorite. The last one I also like a lot, I think she did a v. nice job updating her sound and adapting new textures into her style. But Cerulean Salt is just a bit less interesting to me production wise though I think the songs are good. 7/10

Laughing Stock is one of my favorite albums. When i think of it, I think of how I listen to music and the specifics of listening, because I tend to put this album on kind of loud in my living room over my speakers when I’m alone. And there aren’t too many times when I have 40 minutes to listen to a record in my living room by myself, so when it happens, I really cherish it, and this record is one of the best. I just love the sound, how the songs move, how it feels both confident and powerful and very vulnerable. 10/10

anonymous asked:

what did you end up doing on your birthday?

I went to the gym, went to spin class, went for dinner, watched big brother, worked out again at home because I ate shit for the last 2 days and now I’m eating the edible fruit arrangement that Ruth got me.

Pretty productive I’d say.

anonymous asked:

I've been a strict vegetarian for a year and a half, and I've been mostly vegan for 8 months now. I'm having trouble eliminating dairy products completely, especially when I have cheese cravings or go out to eat (I feel difficult when I ask for modification to avoid dairy completely, or finding no vegan options). Do you have any words of advice to help me cut it out in these situation, or more information on dairy production that would deter me from it completely? Thanks so much !

For me personally, I’ve found that the best way to combat those challenges and stay on track is to constantly remind myself of what the cows have to go through to make those dairy products. Knowing what I know, and making sure I never forget it, is all I need to thwart cravings, scoff at nay-sayers, and feel confident when I order my vegan food. (I’m not sure if that would be true for you as well, but I can only speak from my own personal experience.) Here are a few short videos I recommend you watch that will help make sure that your morals never get pushed to the back burner:

The Real Price of Dairy 

Get the Dirt on Dairy 

ABC News: The Ugly Side of Milk

Some videos about the negative health impact of consuming dairy:

Dairy Conundrum, Forks Over Knives

Milk: Does it really do a body good?

For more information, please feel free to check out the links page on my blog. I really hope my answer helps you. Good luck, I know you can do it.

anonymous asked:

I'm super super pale like you are and people always comment on it. I rarely wear shorts, dresses or skirts because of this. Did you ever experience this because you weren't tan? I've tried every tanning product but they make me look orange and I won't go in tanning beds! I want to be comfortable in dresses but it's so hard.

Oh dude… Yes. This is something I struggle with sometimes still. I used to be SO insecure about my skin. I got called Casper in elementary school and I had family actually who teased me a lot. And it sucked because it really did make me insecure and hurt my feelings.

I think for me, something that’s helped is just not caring. I know that sounds hard and kinda obvious… But, people do tell me a lot that they love my skin tone… And I always think, okay when I’m older I’ll look younger. (If you slather that spf on!) and I look at people like Emma Stone and Kiera knightley… And Nicole Kidman. All bombshells and all pretty pale. Skin is just skin, my friend. I know it’s hard not to be wrapped up in worrying about what other people think or say, but you should wear a dress if you want because you will look dayum good. Pale skin and all. And if anyone says anything, just be like “it’s called porcelain, beeeee!!!” Just take yourself out of your comfort zone! Also… Dita Von whatever… She’s a babe! And she’s pale as can be! Also… Wednesday Addams…

Skin is skin. WERK YO DRESS! You’re beautiful.

anthonyisright asked:

Girls Against Boys - House Of GVSB

GVSB were around in the mid 90s when I was heavily immersed in the basement-show hardcore scene (that the damn kids today who should all get off my lawn would either call post-hardcore or screamo aaaargh), so I remember being aware of what they were doing in a dim sort of way, mainly because it was Soulside without the singer and they were associated with that whole Dischord/Jawbox crowd. But I never really listened to this album, so I figured what the hell and pulled up a full stream on YouTube. I’m only halfway through it now but I think I’ve got it sussed so let’s talk about it. This has that sorta-funky groove thing going on that a lot of bands that came out right after the first wave of the whole spastic/chaotic hardcore thing started to die down–sure enough, this was released in 1996, prime VSS/Delta 72/Rye Coalition era. But they’ve got a more polished production that makes me think of Chicago/Touch & Go/Albini, so that element’s in there as well. Fun stuff, though I can’t get nearly as excited about it as I would about several bands that are all no more than a step removed from this but have nothing to do with each other, to wit: Helmet, Bluetip, the VSS, Morphine. Rating: 7