IU to Showcase a New Song Through Upcoming Drama “Producer”

IU to Showcase a New Song Through Upcoming Drama “Producer”

It has been reported that singer IU will be showcasing a brand new song through her comeback drama “Producer.”

On April 18, a representative of IU agency told OSEN, “IU is planning to reveal a new song through ‘Producer,’ but this song is for her character. Because she is playing the character of a singer, she has a scene on stage, which is when she will sing her new song.”

The agency rep…

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I must say, it’s pretty cool that Crywolf is releasing an acoustic EP, considering the atmospheric melodic dubstep music the producer from Los Angeles usually thrills us with. Acoustic EP: Volume One will be out April 29th, and Crywolf has dropped the first single, a tender, stripped down rendition of Runaway. The beautiful, heart melting song sheds new light on Crywolf’s versatility and song writing capabilities. Lush orchestration gives the track a grand magnificence, despite its intimate wistfulness.


俺のプロデューサーは最高だな!! 〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

My producer’s the greatest!! 〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

Could I get you to change the sound a little?


Recording today: Mark Ronson. 

Have you seen his TED talk? 


@ZimuinG: 吉野家の牛丼に卵乗せようとしたら全部外に流れ出て、店員さんからお情けでお恵みのもう一個を頂き、自分で床を拭いて、次は絶対に同じ過ちはしないと牛丼に穴を開けたそらる氏。

ZimuinG: As he was about to crack his egg into the beef bowl at Yoshinoya, all of the egg yolk flowed out of the bowl; but for the shop assistant’s understanding, he was given another blessing, so Mr. Soraru wiped the floor himself, swore to never make the same mistake again and opened a hole in the beef bowl.

@ZimuinG: 追記: 食後のお薬も落としました。

ZimuinG: P.S: After the meal, he also dropped his medicine.

@soraruru: ( ^ω^)おう

Soraru: ( ^ω^) Yeah

Engtrans: shuunekisdick
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Wasn’t it just yesterday that I shared a new RAC remix and talked about how Andre Anjos seems to have a penchant for releasing new tracks in close batches? Well, here you go, case in point, RAC is back with another remix today. This time, he’s remixed Coasts’ infectious alt song Modern Love. Side note, I have a sad face on because I was supposed to see Coasts tonight and they cancelled. But sadness aside, this RAC remix of Coasts’ Modern Love is absolutely delightful. He’s infused it with just the right amount of restrained dance pop energy, keeping Coasts’ massive, cinematic sound intact.


JINUSEAN x YG Family - 150414 SNS Updates!

GD: “JSBOMB (bomb emoticons)”

TABLO: “JinuSean - Tell Me One More Time | Tonight at 12AM (bomb emoticons)  #JINUSEAN”


CL: “Make sure you check out #JINUSEAN tonight!!!”

Producer PK: “Tonight 0AM #JINUSEAN”

Yang Hyun Suk (YG): “(no caption)”

Trainer Hwang: “gogogo~^^”

Producer DEE.P: “JINUSEAN!!! #ygfamily #jinusean #TellMeOneMoreTime”

Producer Choice 37: “#JINUSEAN (bomb emoticons)“

Lee Hi: “Tonight is a Jinusean night!! #StylishOppas #CoolOppas #SoCool #JinuseanOppas #ManInBlack” Lee Haru: “Back to Black #JINUSEAN #TellMeOneMoreTime #1997

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