Alright, yes, Odesza’s Say My Name is truly, officially the MOST remixed track of the past week. I can’t even count the number of remixes I’ve listened to. The Seattle duo’s song, featuring Zyra and off briliant debut album In Return, is simply that good and that versatile when it comes to tweaking it into all sorts of electronic genres and soundscapes. Just today, I already listened to four or five more remixes of Say My Name, and this is after the eight or nine or more the past day or so. It’s really hard to do wrong when the source material is so effervescently good and ethereal. There’s one remix I must share with you today, and that would be this magical rendition by Slow Magic. He certainly brings some new vibes to the table on his remix, which is wobbly and shimmery to begin with, as so many Say My Name remixes have been, but it gets into seriously unique zone a little over halfway through. Sultry, growling guitars take center stage on the remix and it’s sublime. Guess who plays those guitars? Slow Magic’s dad! There you go, more proof that music genius runs genetic. Sheesh…

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'Never Catch Me' (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) | Flying Lotus

It’s been some months since we’ve heard anything new from New York based San Francisco producer Flaxo, and trust me, I’ve been wondering often what he’s been up to. Finally, the talented producer who’s been thrilling my ears with his chill trap and future bass tunes for a year now is back! In fact, he’s remixed rising Austrlian electronic alt pop artist Troye Sivan’s Happy Little Pill. It wasn’t long ago I was checking out this kid’s music and noting his huge buzz potential. Flaxo infuses Troye’s tune with plenty of his signature textured, shimmering production and masterful beat crafting, improving on the original, in my opinion.

Hey, kids, guess what? It’s an Odesza song, remixed! But wait, wait, wait, before you go “again?”, it’s not Say My Name this time, it’s another In Return gem, Sun Models, featuring Madelyn Grant! Canadian producer Elkoe takes the luminous, bubbly tune and injects it with ever more vibrancy and buoyancy, while keeping it incredibly airy and tropical. It’s deep tropical house heaven!

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"Nunya" - Saigon ft. DJ Premier

It’s nunya business. #ChillinHardApproved

I’ve been waiting for a new track from Australian producer Thomas Jack, and it feels like I’ve waited forever. Imagine my glee this morning when I saw a new remix of Louisville folk artist Ben Sollee’s Letting Go. By now, you should all recognize Thomas Jack’s tropical house style, not unlike that of another fast risen producer we’ve championed together, Kygo. On this latest jam, Jack actually infuses Letting Go with the recorded sound of waves. That’s right, it doesn’t get more tropical mellow than waves and strings.