Do you ever feel like youre always just a few minutes late to every love train that comes through love station? Is “love train” a really weird term to use? The answer to both of these is yes.

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Hey guys!

Fandom Musicals is now officially FUNDED!!!

I want to thank everyone who helped donate. So here’s a video of me shaving my head, as promised.

And here we go again! A dope tune remixed by The 1975! Wasn’t it just a week ago that I was pondering the fact that the Manchester act seems to be really having a ton of fun putting out remixes of other great tunes? This time, they’ve remixed Paris based British producer Y.O.U.’s Heavy Crown, the first great track of his that caught my attention half a year ago. The 1975’s remix is glitchy, pitchy, and completely intoxicating.

Boom Jinx feat. Meredith Call - The Dark (The Remixes) [OUT NOW]


Two awaited remixes touch down today on Anjunabeats. #ABGT096 Guest Mixer Spencer Brown delivers an understated yet powerful dancefloor take on Boom Jinx & Meredith Call’s ‘The Dark’ while Judah & Kevin Wild team up to create a monster, must-hear remix of the track.

Grab both remixes here.

British duo Avec Sans gave us their amazing cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill a couple weeks ago, and now they give us a dramatic remix of their gorgeous single All Of Time, by none other than Canadian producer backstroke. Backstroke gives the tune copious amounts of shimmers and slick atmosphere. 

There’s one more I must finish off this electronic and remix block with, and it’s a beautiful tropical one, kids. You ready to pop that shade umbrella, kick off your flip flops, and go for a swim? Norwegian producer Bearson is back at it again with this sunkissed, heavenly remix of Cleveland chamber pop act The Lighthouse and the Whaler’s Venice. I hope it leaves you with a wide, gleeful smile, as it did with me.


Hey guys! I’m azuria_sky, a chiptune musician from the USA. 

I designed my first ever original T-shirt! It’s an 11 day campaign to sell 30 shirts, please help me reach my goal!

Chiptune is a musical aesthetic that uses retro sound and hardware to produce all sorts of nifty sounds. I mainly use my Nintendo Gameboys to do this. My music is typically a combination of chiptune, acoustic guitar and my vocals. 

Check me out here: 

I currently am in need of a good quality mic (mega static is audible in my songs with vocals), as well as some decent quality headphones…my last pair broke a few weeks ago. :< It’s very hard for me to make music without these.

So yeah! Old friends and new, if you like my music, nab a T-shirt! It’s my original design, first ever too. n w n (Thank you Solarbear, for design suggestions <3) 

thank you thank you thank youtaln thnk you tahnk you tahnk you,

sky <3

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Taeyang ft. Choice 37,Masta Wu & BIG TONE - Nike CF (25s)!