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Over the Brandcenter Friday Forum with Juan Carlos Pagan, someone asked his opinion on the next trends in typography and who’s driving those trends. In his response, he mentioned our studio crush, Jessica Hische.  

Jessica is a crowd favorite among illustrators and designers–for good reason. You may know her for lettering work in Moonrise Kingdom hint hint and worthy side projects (listed below).

Check out her talk at this designer conference about how to do your career a favor by doing work you want (and how), producing original work, and explaining what the fuck being a letterist is. - (not a calligrapher)

It’s an hour long but it beat’s trying to choose a movie on Netflix.

Mom, this is how Twitter works

Inker Linker

Don’t Fear the Internet

52 by 52

"Procrasti-working Strikes Again"

Today was a slow day at the office, so again I decided on keeping my skills nice and sharp by working on some fun projects, as well as improving my hand on digital illustration.

I checked out this contest that Threadless was holding for the good folks at Finch’s Beer. If you haven’t had their beer, non-Chicagoans, you are missing out! They are looking for the next design to grace the cans of their exclusive Threadless IPA. Finch’s already has amazing design sensibility so I was eager to submit a design.

Pictured above is what I sent them. Strangely I had kittens on the mind, this is what I do when I daydream at work, and lasers; so why not fuse them together!

I suggest you guys submit a design, there’s only a few days left. The winner gets $1000 and a bunch of Finch swag, which can’t be beat. Check it out!!

Threadless IPA Design Challenge. Just click here. If you don’t, your missing out, creatively, seriously guys.