Emacs: Stop worrying about indentation

A while back I had the following exchange with a friend:

  • ‘Hey Puerco, how do I indent the whole buffer? [in Emacs]’
  • 'Just C-x h ’
  • 'But then my cursor is left at the beginning of the buffer’
  • 'Just pop the mark twice’
  • 'The mark? What is that?’
  • 'Like the kill ring but for the mark’’
  • 'huh?’

But I digress, I am telling you this because my friend got me thinking, am I as lazy I thought? Why I am doing all this keypresses. So I got to writing:

  (defun indent-buffer ()
    "First Approach"
    (set-mark 0)
    (call-interactively 'indent-region))

But then, there would not be an easy way to return the cursor to where it was. After a quick googling I reached this solution which didn’t move the cursor so didn’t create the problem of returning it. Also it showed me that I was in the wrong frame of mind: trying to do a macro:

  (defun indent-buffer ()
    "indent whole buffer"
    (indent-region (point-min) (point-max) nil)
    (untabify (point-min) (point-max)))

While pasting on irc, I am frequently admonished that my indentation is wrong, remembering I had a command for that I thought hmm why don’t I automatically indent buffers before saving them.

    (add-hook 'before-save-hook (lambda () (indent-buffer)))
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That awful “P” word that so many students (and non-students) face as their arch nemesis. Why do homework when you could do a million other things that are way more fun, right? You might even be using this post as a way to avoid doing the homework that should be getting done (which, I at least thank you for checking out the blog). 

I would venture as far as to say that procrastination is the biggest cause of stress to the average college student. Sure, we try to blame our professors, schedules, work, or just about anything else, but if you don’t put things off until the last minute, there’s no “race to the finish line” to get things turned in on time.

How to win the battle…

Procrastination doesn’t always have to beat you down. It’s time to fight back and maybe relieve some of that stress caused by that unfriendly foe. 

First and foremost, in order to beat procrastination, you have to be able to recognize that you are procrastinating. In my own personal accounts with procrastination, I often don’t realize that I’m procrastinating until it’s far too late. Check out this website for a list of ways to catch yourself procrastinating before it’s too late!

Next, try to pinpoint the reason as to why you are procrastinating. For many students (including myself), this is the easy part. We plain and simple don’t want to do our homework. However, if you find yourself procrastinating for a different reason, try and figure out what it is. This will make creating your battle plan against the enemy a little easier and hopefully more successful.

Lastly, create a plan to get your stuff done and stick to it! Make a “To-Do” list, enlist a study buddy, come up with a reward system for yourself, the possibilities for your plan of action are endless! If you need some help, check out these tips for beating procrastination

Now go get your stuff done!

However, if you need a little study break, or something along those lines, check out the new (and the old perhaps) video for “Fill in the _____.” on the Office for Students in Transition’s YouTube here.

so the program i used has REALLY aweful quality, which i honestly kind of expected…

i really dont want to re-download procraster its such a pain in the ass

ill post it if i can get it to upload? (gave me an error so ima try youtube) 

Dance Cover Channel?

Recently I’ve been thinking about starting a dance cover channel. I’ve learn a few songs but I don’t really know what I want to do as my first cover video. Maybe message me and request something to help me figure what what I wanna do? I’ll do really any dance that’s not super complicated (like SHINee’s Lucifer. I am never trying to learn that song ever again). Please send some stuff in!!

La cosa es que el año que viene quiero entrar en ilustración o bellas artes y tengo que hacer prueba específica y no se cómo va eso, ni cuándo, ni si entraré, ni qie hago con mi vida y me agobio.
Pero tatúo cuervos y se me pasa un poco.

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