FAQ #3: I'd never have an abortion. Can I be pro-choice?

The very definition of pro-choice means that you support the three options available when pregnant: parenting, adopting or aborting. There is nothing in the term that would suggest that you, personally, must choose abortion. If you support the right of every person who can get pregnant to have access to a safe and legal abortion, then you’re pro-choice. Your personal choices in life have zero bearing on that.

However, this question is often loaded with a problematic side. Many people frame this question like, “Well, I’d never do it, but I support it.” It just makes it sound like abortion is still something shameful and wrong that you wouldn’t personally partake in, but feel like it should be an option for people with lesser morals than you. I personally used to think the same way, until I realised one day that I really can’t say that I know for sure what I would or wouldn’t do until faced with the situation of an unplanned pregnancy myself. I can’t predict what my mental, physical, financial, or emotional state would be at that time.

Even if you do for sure know that abortion isn’t ever going to be the right choice for you, just bite your tongue on that little bit when you say that you’re pro-choice. It really does sound like you’re judging those who choose it and that you consider yourself morally superior to them. Abortion isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and pro-choice people are the last people who need to be furthering the stigma against it.


Here’s my little video montage of BSFL’s March for Life trip! :)

Black women destigmatizing our right to choose is crucial.

"I was a teenager. It was the hardest thing I’d ever gone through," she told the magazine. "It haunted me all my life."

Yet she was clear that despite her own struggle with terminating her pregnancy, it was the best decision for her and she was clear where her politics lie: “It’d be contradictory if I said I wasn’t pro-choice. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have anything to offer a child.”

And while some may criticize her for not “keeping her business to herself,” I’m extremely glad that she didn’t stay silent. For starters, while a handful of Black celebs have talked about having abortions (Vanessa Williams and Sherri Shepherd come to mind), it’s rare that young Black celebs speak out. And largely, the public narrative around who has accessed this safe and legal (depending on where you live) medical procedure, has been centered on white women — further perpetuating this notion that abortion is a white woman’s issue and that they are the only ones who are deeply impacted by the current war on women.

This is pretty important and empowering.

TW for abortion

Republicans Are Killing Women: US Maternal Death Rate Climbs; Female Deaths Rise In GOP Counties

“Today’s mothers are twice as likely to die of pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes than their mothers were. There is no reason, given our vast resources, knowledge and technology, why we should be going backwards in this area.” – Laura Gilkey, coordinator of The Safe Motherhood Quilt Project, a nonprofit based in Sarasota, Fla.

Globally, only a few countries have seen a rise in the rate of maternal deaths in recent years. Those include Afghanistan, El Salvador, South Sudan and the United States of America. While at one time the US had all but eliminated deaths associated with childbirth, things have changed in recent years, with maternal death rates climbing from 14.5 per 100,000 to 17.8 per 100,000 between 2007 and 2011. As of 2014, the number of women who die during pregnancy and childbirth in the US has risen to 28 deaths per 100,000.

For purposes of comparison, the maternal death rate in nearly all wealthy, developed nations is a single digit number. As of 2014, the US maternal death rate is 7 times higher than that of Austria, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden, all nation’s which have a maternal mortality rate of just 4 deaths per 100,000.

It might surprise conservatives to learn that the maternal death rate in the US is 14 times greater than that of Israel. While right wingers might be under the impression that Israel’s very low maternal mortality rate is the result of strict abortion policies, nothing could be further from the truth. The country has very liberal abortion laws, and women are provided with government subsidized abortion services. The country’s liberal policies regarding women’s health has led to a maternal death rate of just two women per 100,000.”

Read the full piece here | See the study here

This post is for everyone who didn’t vote because “both parties are the same.” The parties are FUNDAMENTALLY OPPOSED on the issues that most affect women: reproductive freedom, stopping rape and helping survivors, contraception, maternity leave, equal pay. 

To my U.S. readers: are you in the U.S. and registered to vote? If not, register now, it takes A FEW MINUTES for womens’ lives. http://www.vote411.orgThis way you’ll be qualified to vote these misogynists out the next chance you get.

Edited to be inclusive, but still true. 

Now, picture it. A pregnant person does NOT want to deal with this if they’ve chosen to carry the pregnancy. A pregnant person does not want to see the rapist again. Ever. They go to their rapist in jail or out on the streets, since only 3% of all rapists see any jail time (And you are not very likely going to be falsely accused of rape), and say “Sign off on parental rights and responsibilities so I never have to see you again.” 

The rapist, if he’s waiting court or already incarcerated, then has a bargaining chip to get his freedom. “Sure. Drop charges against me so I can go free and I’ll sign whatever you want.” 

Laws protecting those who choose to carry are imperative. Keeping abortion safely accessed is also imperative for those who don’t want to carry at all. All reasons for abortion are valid to the people seeking them. But do not try to force victims to be victimized again. You are giving their attacker further hold on them and further violation for the 40 weeks of pregnancy. “Don’t punish the ‘baby’ for its fathers crimes’” is a popular refrain. 

Here’s a revolutionary idea. Let’s not punish the person who can feel/think/has plans and dreams for their life in favor of a nonsentient, nonfeeling, will never know any differently fetus. Let’s not punish them again. They come first. Their lives and feelings are valid. Let them make the choice that is right for them and their mental health. 

Don’t be a rape apologist douche. 

Great news from the Center for Reproductive Rights. They explain:

We’re thrilled that 13 clinics across Texas are allowed to reopen their doors today! This is a tremendous victory for Texas women.

Our fight isn’t over – after all, half of the state’s clinics remain closed. But we’ll continue fighting until the rights of Texas women are restored. Thank you all for standing with us as we #FightBackTX!

More information on the court ruling here.

Do people really think other people use abortion as a form of birth control?

Like do you not understand how fucking expensive abortions are compared to a shot/pills/rings/etc.

Using abortions for birth control is like buying a new car everytime you need a full tank of gas.