amyisjolly asked:

A fetus may not have dreams and the ideas or intellectual capacity that a fully grown person does, but a fetus is still a living human. That is easy to understand with basic research on the development of a fetus. It is living, breathing, has a heart beat, etc. Just putting that out there, that in this way a fetus and a fully grown person are equal. And what I really mean from this is, equality in my opinion should not need to be based on whether or not two people have the same intellect/growth

I’m aware that a fetus is human.  That has never been up for debate.  And I agree that treatment shouldn’t be based on intellect or mental capacity.  That is also not up for debate.  What it comes down to is bodily autonomy.  When an embryo or fetus is reliant on the body of another, the person hosting that being has a right to veto that use.  Just like a person needing a blood transfusion couldn’t require you to donate blood just because you were a type match.  If the pregnant person doesn’t consent to the pregnancy, they can receive a medical procedure to terminate that pregnancy.  Bodily autonomy means your body belongs to you alone AND YOU ALONE have the right to control who uses it and when.  Opening it up to government restriction and control basically turns it into a system in which mostly cis men are controlling the reproductive rights of mostly cis women, and that’s a horrific and terrifying thing.

Edited to be inclusive, but still true. 

Now, picture it. A pregnant person does NOT want to deal with this if they’ve chosen to carry the pregnancy. A pregnant person does not want to see the rapist again. Ever. They go to their rapist in jail or out on the streets, since only 3% of all rapists see any jail time (And you are not very likely going to be falsely accused of rape), and say “Sign off on parental rights and responsibilities so I never have to see you again.” 

The rapist, if he’s waiting court or already incarcerated, then has a bargaining chip to get his freedom. “Sure. Drop charges against me so I can go free and I’ll sign whatever you want.” 

Laws protecting those who choose to carry are imperative. Keeping abortion safely accessed is also imperative for those who don’t want to carry at all. All reasons for abortion are valid to the people seeking them. But do not try to force victims to be victimized again. You are giving their attacker further hold on them and further violation for the 40 weeks of pregnancy. “Don’t punish the ‘baby’ for its fathers crimes’” is a popular refrain. 

Here’s a revolutionary idea. Let’s not punish the person who can feel/think/has plans and dreams for their life in favor of a nonsentient, nonfeeling, will never know any differently fetus. Let’s not punish them again. They come first. Their lives and feelings are valid. Let them make the choice that is right for them and their mental health. 

Don’t be a rape apologist douche. 

Do people really think other people use abortion as a regular form of birth control?

Like do you not understand how fucking expensive abortions are compared to a shot/pills/rings/etc.

Using abortions for birth control is like buying a new car everytime you need a full tank of gas.


Good, no one ever in the history of the universe thought otherwise.

Like, no one thought it was a dog or a rock or something.

But so is my ass though, and a corpse…blood, snot, saliva, semen, urine, etc.

I think you all get the point.

The one who is a human AND a person, and the one who is always more important is: THE PREGNANT PERSON.