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Election 2016 Champ & Chump Chart

Here’s a quick look at where the 2016 presidential candidates stand on three of Planned Parenthood’s top issues.

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Republican War on Women posts on Profeminist

GoFundMe are anti-choice pieces of shit

They delete the accounts of people who raise money for abortions on the site, while they leave up campaigns to raise money for anti-choice organizations.

If you need to raise money for an abortion, use GiveForward, IndieGoGo Life, or FundAnything instead (actually, just use PayPal and list it as medical funds. This is your safest bet). Also, if you’re in the US, check out the National Network of Abortion Funds to see if they have funds in your area.

If you need to raise money for something else, consider this list of crowdfunding websites that are not GoFundMe. Don’t support anti-choice shitheads.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: YouCaring has also deleted someone’s fundraiser for an abortion. Do NOT use YouCaring to raise money for an abortion or other things.

amyisjolly asked:

A fetus may not have dreams and the ideas or intellectual capacity that a fully grown person does, but a fetus is still a living human. That is easy to understand with basic research on the development of a fetus. It is living, breathing, has a heart beat, etc. Just putting that out there, that in this way a fetus and a fully grown person are equal. And what I really mean from this is, equality in my opinion should not need to be based on whether or not two people have the same intellect/growth

I’m aware that a fetus is human.  That has never been up for debate.  And I agree that treatment shouldn’t be based on intellect or mental capacity.  That is also not up for debate.  What it comes down to is bodily autonomy.  When an embryo or fetus is reliant on the body of another, the person hosting that being has a right to veto that use.  Just like a person needing a blood transfusion couldn’t require you to donate blood just because you were a type match.  If the pregnant person doesn’t consent to the pregnancy, they can receive a medical procedure to terminate that pregnancy.  Bodily autonomy means your body belongs to you alone AND YOU ALONE have the right to control who uses it and when.  Opening it up to government restriction and control basically turns it into a system in which mostly cis men are controlling the reproductive rights of mostly cis women, and that’s a horrific and terrifying thing.

When pro-lifers tell me I’d “feel differently about abortion” if I had a child…

Hi, I have a child.

I was pro-life before I had a child.

My child is one of the reasons I became pro-choice almost over night.

I had an awful pregnancy. I was sick and miserable. I gained sixty pounds and was always in pain. Labor was something that I never want to experience again. After my child was born, I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, neither of which I had before my pregnancy. Oh, and STRETCH MARKS GALORE.

Then there were the nonphysical aspects. I was in a relationship with a cheating, abusive dickwad. We lived in a car for three weeks during my pregnancy. We moved six times while I was pregnant. We were broke, on food stamps. I was just out of high school and hadn’t started college, and knew I wasn’t going to be able to any time soon. The father broke up with me after my child was born and I was forced to move in with my abusive mother, who stole what little money I had.

Around this time was when I thought, “HOLY SHIT, no one should be forced to go through this.” I chose to. It was my CHOICE. But after my experience, I realized I could never force a woman to carry a fetus or birth a child she didn’t want or couldn’t have.

I have a child, and I am pro-choice.

Differences Between a Fetus and an Infant

Infants are:

  • Sentient.
  • Have a functional brain.
  • Able to sense things
  • Able to feel things
  • Able to learn things
  • Able to react to things
  • AUTONOMOUS. (able to live outside someone else’s body)
  • Not inside someone else’s body.
  • Not directly affecting someone else’s health or body.
  • Not actually related or involved at all in abortion.

Fetuses are:

  • None of the above.
  • Clusters of cells.
  • sperm + egg
  • ???
  • not much else.