People love judging when it comes to hair. This other guy I know is against weaves and says having a weave on your hair is a form of self-hate because you are embracing someone else’s hair instead of yours. That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. I have an afro and many women with weaves love the fact that I have an afro, the thing is they can also have it, but it is too difficult to maintain because it requires time to comb and it is painful. Another thing is that they don’t hate their natural hair, in fact many of them love it, they just prefer relaxing their hair because it is convenient. People say they are “conscious” (sticking to their black roots) by keeping their afros, okay then why aren’t you “conscious” in terms of clothing? Why aren’t you wearing african clothes, living in a hut and why aren’t you speaking in your mother tongue? Why is it only your hair? If having synthetic hair is self-hate then isn’t wearing the white man’s clothes also self-hate? Hair is just a matter of appearance, whether it is relaxed (processed) or natural is not a matter of “consciousness”. People are just unnecessary. I WOULD RATHER HAVE A FRIEND WITH PROCESSED HAIR AND A NATURAL MIND THAN A FRIEND WITH NATURAL HAIR AND A PROCESSED MIND!