Process for ‘Hold onto Innocence

Okay so I’ve been so excited to complete this drawing because A) not only have I always wanted to draw wings (beside from the fact that I’ve never drawn wings), but B) I’ve been planning to make a speedpaint video for the first time in AAAGES! I’ve recorded the entire drawing process in a YouTube Video that’s sped up to a short, 6 minute summary!

The Speedpaint Video:

I’m planning on documenting more processes of my drawings as speedpaint videos on my channel as well in future!

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It’s all a blur to him. Everything.

He remembers Emma and the brunette he doesn’t know exchanging a look. Then Emma was holding back Regina, something about you didn’t let me kill before, I won’t let you now, if he’d understood all the words. He can still hear them scream, can hear Regina’s anger, had felt it pulsing through his own veins, pulling at his heart along with his guilt – guilt he couldn’t help but feel because he should have seen it. He should have know it wasn’t his Marian.

How will he be able to look at himself in the mirror now?

He’d walked back until he couldn’t, until his back was pressed to the wall, suffocated, revolted by his own actions. He’d wanted to disappear – still does. He expects to wake up any minute now, to Marian pressed behind him, and to his semblance of a life, not a happy one but a better one, a life he’d been trying to rebuild. 

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Another process video I made, this one should be much better than my last (I’m learning to do things!)  

Music was composed by Clint Mansell for one of my favorite movies The Fountain(2006)  


Spider-Cat process art! Here is the step by step on how I created this fun piece. Please feel free to share and re-post. :)

Step one - Pencils

Step two - Inks

Step three - Watercolour

Step four - Flats - Flat colour is added to the piece.

Step five - Character shading. I add more flights and darken some of the shadows.

Step six - Background. I play around with effects till I get the background I like.

Step seven - Colourize the line art.

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Here is a link to the finished piece as well! Thank you!!

I also did a Sailor Moon rock band piece. I will post the process for this as well at a later date. :)

anonymous asked:

Drunk Stephen has a knack for babbling like Felicity! :) Just when I thought he couldn't get make adorable! And don't you love how he was trying to give all the credit of the scene to EBR? That was very sweet of him right?

It was very sweet of him. Bless him, even when he’s drunk he’s modest. But I do think he said it partly because his wife was there, to be respectful to her.