★ Bunny Girl ~ [Inking process video]


some of the artwork from Wolverine, Vol. 2 # 75 that was penciled by, inked by Mark Farmer, Dan Green, and Mark Pennington, lettered by Pat Brosseau, colored by Steve Buccelatto, and written by Larry Hama.


The blue stuff came and the casting has been done! Step by step photos of the magical process of Dorian Pavus \ovo/

Oh man! I was searching around for casting materials and came across blue stuff. It was super easy to use and is supposed to be able to capture little details. It took a long time to get here (because i ordered one pair of bottles which ended up not being enough material so i had to order another, but they’re shipping from out of the country so it took a while to get here) but now i’ts done! Casting time was reeeaaaallly short. Instructions say it cures within 20 minutes, but I let it sit for an hour because I’m a worried and imagined it running mushy blue goop all over the pace and ruining Dorian. 

It’s all rubbery and was easy enough to cut through, but really hard to cut through in a nice straight line because I had no idea where to start. He was completely encased in blue so I had no idea where he was in there. After a long struggle I was able to get Dorian out in pieces with what looks like a nice mold inside. Now the hunt for a casting resin or something begins! 

Wish me luck that the final process goes well so I can make a bunch of Dorians to sell~


the Variant Cover for Wonder Woman, Vol. 3 # 01 was penciled by and colored by Alex Sinclair. the variant artwork was superimposed over the regular cover artwork, which was penciled by Terry Dodson and inked by Rachel Dodson.