Just uploaded the process recording from my previous illustration. I decided to call it “It’s cold in Yokohama”. You can see the whole thing: from the rough sketch, through inking and finally colouring in Photoshop!



Almost two years ago I decided I wanted to draw every species of bird in the U.S. (Using John Audubon’s list of over 400). I started alphabetically and have only made it to Chuck-will’s Widow. Birds have since become an obsession, and I’ve been too busy with other projects to continue my bird sketch book. But I’ll finish it eventually, just wanted to share the beginning.




the splash page from Captain Marvel Vol. 6 # 1 Pg. 23, as penciled by Lee Weeks, inked by Stefano Gaudiano, and colored by Jason Keith, was also used as the Second Printing variant cover for the first issue of this Brian Reed-scripted Secret Invasion Tie-In miniseries.