"Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect."
Exactly two years ago today I attempted Suicide. Against my wishes and my plans it obviously failed. Now that I look back on it I can honestly say that I thank my lucky stars every night that it failed which is something I would have never thought that I would admit. I’m not saying my depression is better or that it’s cured because the truth is it’s not and life is still extremely difficult for me. But, my point here is that I made it. And if I can make it you can make it because we are beautiful and despite what we think we do fucking matter and I can’t even imagine how people would have felt if I killed myself. What would my parents say? My friends? My family? Why would I want any of them to suffer the way that I have? How is that fair? It’s not. Before you try to attempt suicide or hurt yourself, please remember that someone loves you and I love you and you’re beautiful and worth it and I promise that one day you will look back and realize how much better your life has gotten because it will get better. Please don’t give up on yourself. Life isn’t easy but God wouldn’t give these problems to people that he thought couldn’t handle them. You are strong. And if you’re reading this, you’re still here and you’re still with me. Please keep it that way. reblog and share my story please! I want everyone to know that they can do it and we will help them. Give your support.

I’ve had to give contact numbers out to the police four times because of friends who are suicidal,
myself and the boy I sit next to in health class have a combined total of over 20 suicide attempts,
I have more friends who have self-harmed than I have friends who haven’t,
and yet,
people still think it’s a small problem.
I know more people who have been depressed than who haven’t,
more people who are insecure than happy with themselves,
more people who are terrified meeting strangers than okay with it.
And yet we’re still the outcasts,
we’re still treated like we’re crazy.
We’re not crazy.
We’re trapped in a growing problem.
We need help.
The whole world needs help.
—  Stigma
So I'm Pretty Sure This Has Been Posted Before, But...

1. Art people never work for free. I don’t think anyone does, really. (except in rare occasions—) Just as you should always pay the lady that cleans the house every week, or the accountant that does your accounts for you- please do the same for hired artists. Or graphic designers. Or any other form of art person. 

Seeing as it takes time, just like any other form of job- the artist has a right to charge an hourly rate however they see fit. And that hourly rate may be increased if the dateline given is very tight, as they might have to work overtime to complete your design, sometimes(or often) not getting enough sleep to do so.

2. Don’t complain about their rates. Think about it from their perspective. They spent just as long as you to be good at their job (and some even longer-) …they deserve to be paid just as much as people with “proper” jobs- (and I’m putting it “proper” because some don’t see art as a proper job.)

3. Please do not assume that “free exposure” is going to pay the bills, because I assure you—- it does not! Traditional artists too— how does “free exposure” cover up the cost of the equipment they bought?

4. Don’t not sign them up to do work for people without their permission, and then tell them off for being “rude” after they talk to the person, politely declining the job due to the payment being none at all, or for the fact that they think the dateline is too tight, and probably would not be able to do a good job of it and then decline- …don’t. Just…don’t.

5. Please don’t compare art drawn as a gift and working for free. (If I want to draw something for a friend, seeing as it’s their birthday— instead of buying something ready-made from a store, please let me do so.) And please don’t say “Oh, so you have time to draw something for person A, but when person B asks you to do design work- you decline?”

6. Don’t assume because they draw, it means they can draw in all styles. (though some people really can—) Also, there are different forms of art. Just as you wouldn’t assume someone to be good at playing the guitar to be automatically good at playing the piano, you shouldn’t assume someone to learn graphic design to be automatically good in illustration as well.

7. (So maybe this is a personal preference) …but please don’t go around saying—- “Oh! This person’s really talented!” I’m pretty sure most artists aren’t born knowing to draw a perfect portrait. They start off from scratch, just like anyone else. That perfect portrait you see was probably after years’ worth of practice. (given though, there are always exceptions.)


I really don’t know what else to add- and just wanted to type this out because I needed to get this out from my brain. I just got signed up again by a family member to design a line of packaging for my neighbour…(again without them asking me beforehand) and had to go through the whole “please ask me before you agree to them, and please don’t say that I’ll do it for free thing, because I certainly won’t” thing. Thank goodness I managed to get out of this one. ;;OTL

…I feel bad for my cousin too, as she’s completed her course in computer science—- and my aunts have already (half-jokingly) booked her to take a look at all their computers and fix what needs to be fixed next Chinese New Year.

I’m also not going to assume that all art-people will agree to the points above, as there might always be some who actually like doing work for free…etc.

So that being said, I’m sorry for taking up your time.