What if your mother aborted you?

I hate this stupid argument  I love my mother, and I would never wish an unwanted pregnancy on her. If my mother was forced to go through with a pregnancy that she didn’t want, just so I was born, that would be awful. That would mean that I was a punishment. That would mean that my mother suffered through nine months of torture because someone else decided that she didn’t have the right to control her body.

I love my mother. Therefore, I would not want to be born in that way. And I hope that you wouldn’t either.

anonymous said:

Obama care is the only reason some people with long term illness have insurance. Is the only reason veterans can avoid the VA and long lines. Is the only way disabled young adults have good insurance through their parents policy. Obama Care is insurance reform. Too many people died without insurance before this. Probirth ninny strikes again though. Thanks for proving you don't care about the born people though. Makes crushing the prolifers agenda so much easier.

People with long-term illnesses are getting plans they can’t afford. Early in the ObamaCare fiasco there was a man with cancer who had to switch plans and his new ObamaCare plan took away all of his specialists who were saving his life (they were in other states and he could only have a doctor in his own state). So he decided to give up his fight against cancer and die. 

ObamaCare also lets bureaucrats decide which treatments people get rather than letting doctors make the call. We are discovering that there is a system in place for those bureaucrats to deny a treatment to a terminal patient because it’s too expensive and they’re essentially not worth it. 

It’s a horribly over-complex system that was passed before we really understood how bad it was, and it includes provisions that allow bureaucrats to change and expand the law at will. 

For many people, it’s driving premiums through the roof. Other people are getting great premiums, but their deductibles are so high they essentially can’t use their insurance. 

We already had a system for helping low-income people get insurance. We needed reform, but this went way too far in the wrong direction.

It has taken away essentially any choice Americans had in their healthcare plans, forcing people to pay for things they don’t need or want. 

Why is it that when it comes to the choice to kill another human being, pro-choice people are all about choice, but when it comes to the choice of whether or not to buy health insurance, they promote government control?

There are two kinds of pro-life people. The first kind are actually pro-life and oppose abortion to the extent that they will use any legal method to reduce unwanted pregnancies and not just try to ban abortions. I can respect, if not necessarily fully agree with, this group. They mean well and genuinely care about the end product of the pregnancy. They support food stamps and other forms of public assistance to ensure children are cared for. The idea is that if the mother can be assured she will able to support her child, she will be less likely to abort it even if she was not looking to get pregnant. Not altogether unreasonable.

But then there’s the other kind of pro-”life” person. This group doesn’t really care about abortion at all but only seek to use unwanted pregnancies to punish women for having sex. These people are the sickest of creatures. The first group sees pregnancy as a miracle. The second sees it as retribution for being a whore. The first is motivated by love. The second is motivated by a hatred of women that is difficult to fathom.

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