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I like to imagine he smells like palm oil, especially on his hands or his elbows. Sometimes he'll have the faintest aroma of shrimp or seafood wherever he goes, sinking into his vest so if it's left somewhere the seat or bench will also smell sweet.

((fucking barfs bc seafood is so gross man but tht probavly tru

my school is so fucking conservative and disgistinf theyd probavly just tell me to “toughen up” if i borufht up my mentally ill self to them lol

Aos s2 ep1- review/thoughts

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but about this I just had to. The episode was awesome. If the mid season finale was this awesome, I can’t imagine how the season finale will be.

Soooo…. Tripplet’s probavly dead. :( But Mac,Coulson and the others will survive for sure.

We all know that Skye’s going to have super powers. There’s been some hype around her being Miss marvel. Who knows?

I have no idea why Raina didn’t survive.

I’ll probably post lots of more about this and agent Carter. The episode is definitely a 9.7/10

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call out ask: you probavly slept without your socks on at least once

I literally never sleep with my socks on who does that

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§ tagged/kin tag

•he is the best character in #free! Pls
•i rly wish!!! that they used him more n that we saw more about him
•a child

•buy one naegi get another free
•i am in l o ve with naegi and i have the strongest connection to him t b h
•probably autistic

•did some Shit in canon but Forgivable
•I LOV E SOUDAS N HINATAS RE LATIIONSHIp its like “hey hinata u wanna be friends ” “sure”
•why r ur teeth sharp

•i luv john hes my 2nd fav #homestuck character
•actually a noob tho lel

•Big Asshole
•probavly eats ass
•we cool tho

IDK THE REST but theyre all v v cool!!!!!!!!!!!

#dangan ronpa #sdr2 #caps lock

I’m not doing that well and that could be because I’m fucking trapped in the countryside for 6 months, unemployed, not schooled, all day at home, with two ederly people I can’t stand anymore, the sensation that nobody except my bff cares for the sack of shit I am, without a vehicle and no fucking possibility to escape.
I’m so sick of all of this and I’m so sorry that you had to read that I can’t put on a readmore bc you probably don’t care either
I just want to go away everything was so much better before I passed from highschool and no art school will want me ever
I just wasted two fuxking years and probavly all the others too since I’m such a failure even my littlz brotger is better than me is drawings are qhitty but he got to go to the school he wanted and had a prize for an animation he did in class, my fruends are doing what they want in college and will have diplomas and good jobs later, they do mych cooler art and cosplays than mineand I’m here all day begind my computer and wasting my fucking life and I am do disgusted of this and I don’t want to live like this anymore and be like my fucking “”father”” and I want people around me but they’re all so annpyed by me haha i can understand them after all uh what am i doing good anyway
I need something to get me out of this shitstorm in my head

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Name: Alice
Nicknames: someone calls me Ice Queen?
Birthday: June 13
Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: gay as hell (bi)

Height: 5’ 7”

Favourite colour: uh red probavly
Time and date at current moment: 6:02 PM, December 10th
Average hours of sleep: 6.5-7
Lucky Number: 13
Last thing I googled: Averag/Classe Grade Calculator
First word that comes to mind: Probably
One place that makes me happy: the Monterey Bay Aqaurium Deep Sea exhibit
How many blankets I sleep under: 2-3

Favourite Fictional Character: Asuna Yuuki or Eliot Nightray
Favourite Beverage: (chocolate) milk
Favourite Food: chocolate, probably
Last movie I saw in cinemas: Mockingjay part 1 (gonna see the Hobbit p3 next week or release day or w/e)
Dream Holiday: Uh a Christmas that actually feels like christmas again or if this eans vacation idk probably like a trip to Japan with a friend (jackie) and spending money or maybe going to Switzerland again
Dream Wedding: i dont care as long as i get a pretty and fancy dress tbh
Dream Job: ??????? detective or aquarium worker or something

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