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the journey to ikea. will loses nico. threatens management in an attempt to have them shut down the store. after hours of intensive searching, an agitated employee finds him passed out with a mcdonalds wrapper on one of the model bedroom beds.

nico probably ran away on purpose after will stole all of his meatballs at lunch. he denies it but he loves those things

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Karkat & Nepeta for the ship thingy

who’s the cuddler: karkat

who makes the bed: karkat. nepeta probably makes a mess on purpose.

who wakes up first: nepeta, so she stalk her prey with ease

who has the weird taste in music: nepeta. she ONLY listens to polka

who is more protective: nepeta. more like purrtective.

who sings in the shower: karkat

who cries during movies: karkat

who spends the most while out shopping: karkat. he buys every romance novel/movie available 

who kisses more roughly: nepeta

who is more dominate: nepeta

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 6

I love rvb domesticity aus, like all of the bgc settling in and adjusting into civilian life

And then there’s Sarge, that one crazy neighbor who mows his lawn at 6 am, regularly tends to the large american flag hung in his yard, keeps an extensive shotgun collection, yells out the windows at neighborhood kids, and sets off illegal fireworks of dubious origin at obscene hours


oh my god indulgent au post alert 

so earlier today i started laughing because i imagined thorin as a pirate with a wooden leg, dubbed thorin oakenleg (har har har), and maybe it got munched off by a great white shark called azog (which i also thought was funny because i don’t know any better) and idk this is all so corny  i’m sorry @_@ but i still drew some of them in in pirate-y clothes anyways.

but really!! why are there no pirate aus! i mean both pirates and dwarves love gold, right. and bilbo can be a LANDLUBBER with an embarrassingly bad case of seasickness. because things can’t be easy for the guy. 


This will probably make more sense if you read this post

[in case it isn’t obvious, it’s read R-L]

Easily one of the most ambitious fan-things I have ever tackled (and completed!). This comic is 100% traditional media, save for minor touch-ups to erase all the areas where I coloured outside the lines. It was meant to be a one-off, short, fun piece that got crazy out-of-hand, and as such there was like zero research involved so there’s a lot of things likely out of place (like that skyline, woops)

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this, and who sent in heartbreaking ideas to try and help me out (and make me cry).