My boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of Harry Potter because he associates it with his childhood and as a result thinks of it being a children’s thing instead of a generational thing.  He randomly got me The Big Bang Theory season 7 tonight and while I was putting it on my shelf, I sighed and said “Gosh, Harry went through so much abuse with the Dursley’s and made it out okay.  Good for him.”  

He shook his head and said “Good thing he isn’t real” and I said “He would be 34 if he were.”  He said “There’s no way for you to even know that!” and I said “Yeah, he was born in 1980.  The books take place in the 90’s haha” and he said “You don’t even know his birthday, how could you know that?” and I said “… It’s 31 July, it says so in the books a few times because of the prophecy and Neville’s birthday being 30 July so it’s kind of important…”

He just shook his head and said “I love it that you remember all of that about Harry Potter, Trish.”  

but in ph, we’ve never seen corpses being dragged around much, but xerxes break’s body has been there for three chapters. isn’t it weird? ….what if he’s not actually dead?

fuck college for allowing to me make such great friends and strong, supporting relationships and then after a few years scattering them to the four corners of the world never to be seen again