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"Crusher" Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Big Van Vader
NJPW [September 12th, 1988]

One thing is for sure: Japan loved monstrous, powerful wrestlers in the 1980’s. Between the Hansens, the Bruisers, the Butchers, and the Andres of the wrestling world, the ground had already been set for these two mountainous grapplers. Just looking at the flame-engulfed Bigelow and the helmet-clad Vader, you felt like you were getting to see a monster movie in the flesh. When Vader overpowered Bigelow, the fans were pretty much expecting as such, but when Bigelow began matching his strength, shock permeated through the arena as the big man howled in fear. Enjoy this one, it’s a quick but memorable classic!

El Santo [1984]

El Santo was the wrestler no matter where he was. Once Rodolfo Guzman Huerta slid on the mask in 1942, he wore it everywhere he went for 42 uninterrupted years. Any time he was in public, on film, traveling, flying, eating, showering, he was wearing his signature mask. He would go the extra effort of flying a different airline so that he wouldn’t be seen in his mask by the rest of his crew. He had a separate mask made for eating, which had the jawline open (much like Rey Mysterio’s signature mask design). Shortly before his death, El Santo revealed his face to the world, but passed away only a week and a few days later from an abrupt heart attack. He was buried, you guessed it, in his mask!

He is a veteran japanese pro wrestler. I dunno know his name , only seen him in my friend’s album named “Crusher T”.
When I saw pictures of him, I immediately adore this wrestler. He could be in his late 50’s or 40’s , i have no idea. His body is so stocky and beefy, hairy, its so “xoxoxxo everything, kawaii” He is wearing black boots and guys, a “full cut black trunks”, oh man, that is sooo my type, soo classic. Im so in love with this daddy bear type wrestler. hoho.

I cant contain my feelings, im bursting.


Cherry [2007]

The WWE Diva roster has included every type of woman, from the Amazons to the Playboy models, from the brawlers to the dainty, from the timid to the fearless. In 2007, Cherry debuted in the WWE to add a throwback edition to the roster. She wore poodle skirts, skated to the ring and at ringside on roller skates, and always wore her curls up in a ribbon. Cherry was the girlfriend of Deuce, who, with his tag team partner Domino, won the WWE World Tag Team Championships and effectively ended the near-year-long reign of London and Kendrick in Milan, Italy.

The Full-Blooded Italians [2000]

The ECW World Tag Team Championships changed hands 50 times from 1992 to 2001. In only 9 years, several legendary performers held the titles, including Chris Candido, Tommy Dreamer, Kevin Sullivan, Taz, Cactus Jack, Sabu, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Raven, The Dudley Boyz, Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, and many, many more. On August 26th, 2000, the Full-Blooded Italians team of Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke captured the championships from Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck to begin the 50th reign of the titles. They lost the belts the following December to Danny Doring and Roadkill, who were the last team to hold the gold before ECW folded in 2001.

This picture is so motivational. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) weren’t supposed to make it to the WWE. They were told they couldn’t make it as a professional wrestler because they weren’t big enough. But they proved their doubters wrong. They made it to the WWE and both became a top guy.

So there’s one very important thing everybody needs to understand to be successful: don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t reach your goals and live your dreams. You need to be self-confident. Dream BIG and the results will be even BIGGER! Prove your doubters wrong! There will be failure. There will be pain. There will be suffering. But where others fall, you won’t give up. Everybody has this one determination. You just need to find it and go for it and your life will be worth it.

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