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Arrow “The Promise” Promo 

In which Slade and Olliver catch up after not seeing each other for a long while. 

let’s talk about drunk holly

[10:22:10 PM] deen winchester: holleh
[10:22:14 PM] deen winchester: do u still love me
[10:22:17 PM] deen winchester: even when ur drunk
[10:28:38 PM] sayum winchester: LOU
[10:28:42 PM] sayum winchester: I ALWAYS LUH YAH
[10:28:44 PM] sayum winchester: I PRMISE

[10:41:19 PM] sayum winchester: i’m samual
[10:41:23 PM] sayum winchester: saaaaaaammmy
[10:41:25 PM] sayum winchester: pajjaaaaammmmy

[10:47:51 PM] sayum winchester: my patteds his face
[10:47:56 PM] sayum winchester: and was likebhye bicch
[10:48:14 PM] deen winchester: i understood like 33% of what u just said
[10:48:34 PM] sayum winchester: yAAAAAY

[11:05:05 PM] deen winchester: DO I LOOK LIKE A DICK TO U
[11:05:08 PM] sayum winchester: ur my dick

teddykitten said:

tina, i'm really sorry, I know i havent been the best friend, i've had such trouble lately talking to ppl, but I really want you to know that I care about you so so much. tina you've always been a really big inspiration to me, and you might feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but my world would be absolutely changed for the worse if you werent here. you are one of the most important friends I've made, I think you're so amazing and I know you have so much talent and potential

nooo no no amy its oky bby face its not ur fault at all I prmise, oinky promise, I luv u so so so very much and I respect u and admire u and ur perfect and im srry uu ahhh but omfg tysm uu that’s really kind of u I appreciate u so much!! its bringing tears to my eyes uu u rlly feel that way? bc of me?? im nothing *cries heavy tears* I feel like just disappearing!! I will try to remember ur words and write them down and try to keep going but even my potential wouldn’t matter if I was dead, nothing would, all the pain would cease and no dreams would matter anymore and i’d be okay bc it’d finally be over I cant stop thinking this…..its all that is ever on my  mind…*runs away* ilu so much dearest hear <3 <3 im publishing this I hope u don’t mine?? I can turn it private as soon as u see it if u wsh?? ilu

i know i prmised manips yesterday but i was actually in the hospital for most of yesterday so sorry i couldnt get to those ill get to them eventually i promise all i ask is you guys be patient with me, please. thank you.

kimberlytribiani said:

✚ (nate)


i raell y like you :( wh ydotn you like me back 

jsut commit to nme 

i wont hrut you i PRMISE 

also ur dikc is so big i didnt expect it 

sendm e a nude 

wait dont i m mwith friends 

when i come abck can we duccle 

i’m ryous whnever you watn me