I can’t believe I won Winter Dawnforge’s Why do you love Azeroth contest! Thank you so much! This was a HUGE surprise. And I mean HUGE! I read the message Winter sent a few times over because my brain couldn’t comprehend what I just read! XD. Cause I was tired and I just got home from a long day. (It was a good day though, just family outing bar b que) I was about to go to bed when I saw the 1 message so I took a peek and was like…wait a minute…

Then it hit me…

So I just want to let Winter know that I got her email and everything has gone smoothly. So there’s my troll Zinaji, enjoying a new mount that I’m sure he’s gonna enjoy immensely! What better way to pose but in a field of flowers. =D

Thank you so much! ♥♥♥♥ -hugs-

Professor Peter Doherty

I had the privilege to listen to Professor Peter Doherty speak this morning, on discussing his career and our roles as veterinarians and really whatever he wanted to talk about. The man is golden. Here are some highlights of his lecture.

“Science advances by funerals. It is up to us old scientists to get out of the way.”

“When the cows die, the people die also.”

“We had our 50th reunion and it was really strange. All the old people came.”

“If it’s not true that all men are fools, all med can be made to look like fools.” - he was referring to handing men bouquets of flowers in a presentation with no women beside them to hand them off to, and said men then dangling the bouquet upside down in front of them looking sheepish.