Lola and Andi’s Giveaway
Celebrating our first 1000 followers, we are doing a collab giveaway!

The gifts include:
-The XX, The Great Gatsby soundtrack, and Lana Del Rey LPs.
-Books: Humans of New York, A California Childhood by James Franco, and Girl Interrupted.
-Original exclusive Beetlejuice drawing by Andi + she will make the lucky winner (2) custom drawings of their choice.
-Jewelry items: Real brass knuckles, silver ring with purple gem, leather two-faced Urban Outfitters watch, new gold rings from Icing, silver elephant charm bracelet, small classic Cameo earrings, intricately designed chandelier earrings, some bracelets, and a pair of groovy sunglasses.
-Red floral dress with back cutout (LG), Urban Outfitters printed lounge pants (M), size 7 Forever 21 dress shoes, and a vintage red bag.
-Amethyst crystal obelisk.
-Various new makeup palettes (pictured above, courtesy of Andi).
-Feminist patches from Philadelphia.
*Most of these items are used but are all in GREAT condition.

-Must be following both of us: This is my blog, and hers is whitewinesandwhitelines
-Must reblog this post.
-Likes count as bookmarks.
-If there aren’t enough reblogs, we must cancel the giveaway.
-The lucky winner will be chosen by a contest randomizer, ANY blog type is eligible to win these little gifts from us!
-The more you reblog, the more your URL will appear in the randomizer.

The winner will be sent a private message asking for all shipping + contact info. Shipping is free to the winner, we will cover everything.

Deadline: August 1st, 2014

Thanks to all of our lovely followers who inspired the giveaway! Good luck!!

I’m a synesthete and see music as colour! 

My art aims to bring the joy of your favourite song to life on paper. I literally paint what I hear and love that I get to be a part of something as important to people as their favourite music. 

After getting such a warm welcome on tumblr I’ve decide to say thank you with a giveaway!

So, are you a music and art lover? Looking for a unique addition to your collection or a special gift? This is for YOU! For those interested, I also do children’s illustrations and fandom pieces.

Anything on my Etsy store is up for grabs, including custom pieces!


First Place: $100 to spend at notyourSigourney on Etsy
Second Place: $50 to spend at notyourSigourney on Etsy
Third Place: $30 to spend at notyourSigourney on Etsy

+ free shipping worldwide for each prize!
(Prizes are $AUD)

What you need to know!

  1. Follow me at notyourSigourney on tumblr to be eligible for entry!
  2. Reblog to enter the draw :D Every reblog will count as an entry so reblog for over the course of the competition for extra entries.
    UPDATE: I’ll be counting 1 per day per person as of July 28
  3. No ‘giveaway blogs’ please!
  4. Remember to have your ask or submit open so that I can contact the winners.
  5. Giveaway ends at midnight August 23rd PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).
  6. Winner will be chosen with a random generator.
  7. Winners will be contacted and announced on August 24th.

Good luck! Looking forward to spreading the love! 


SuperCommie’s August Give Away!

To celebrate this huge influx of followers I’m doing my first giveaway!

The Prizes:

  • The Lying Game Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard [hardback edition]
  • Bombshell Mascara
  • Burt’s Bees lipgloss & BeautyCycle lipgloss
  • Hang 10 Tanning Oil
  • Marc Anthony Beach Spray
  • Pink makeup pouch
  • Blue gem bracelet
  • Essie Nail Polish
  • Om and Anchor bracelets
  • Mint Chocolate electronic hookah

That’s over $100 in prizes!


  • MUST be following me
  • Every reblog is an entry (no likes) and you may reblog as many times as you like. (I will use a random number generator).
  • No false accounts for reblogging
  • You have until midnight on Aug 31st (Uh Arizona, US time)
  • Gotta be willing to share your address with me

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(●⌒∇⌒●) / *:・゚✧*:・゚✧CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the rules!!!!!

1) You HAVE to follow me if you want to enter!

2) To enter you have to like this post, Or for more chances to win you have to reblog this post. (No more then one reblog)

3)This contest finishes on the the 5th of september.

1st place winner will receives a drawing of there Oc (If you win you can choose to have a background or have no background at all, but you have to pick which one you want.)

2nd place You can take a selfie, random photo, or just one you find on the internet and send it to me and I’ll draw your Oc in that photo.


and thank you for the 315 followers! o(╥∇╥)o 

Gintoki Appreciation Day

Hey all! So this year, going to do something a little different for Gintoki’s birthday! There’s going to be prizes! And everyone that has an entry will get something! Provided you’re willing to give out your address. If you’re not comfortable with that, that’s totally fine!  

To enter:

  • Send me your submission through the submission link!
  • Include your name ((or just URL if you’d prefer))
  • Address ((if you want your little something for participating — I will need your name for this))
  • What you love most about Gintoki

Types of Submissions:

Any and all! This is about celebrating Gintoki, so literally any submission will be acceptable! Such as:

  • Manipulated/altered gifs
  • Fanart
  • Fanfiction
  • Collage
  • Audio post
  • Comic Strip

Use your imagination and have fun with it! Just make sure it’s all about Gintoki! It can be him alone, it can be your OTP ((obviously Gintoki/other)), it can be him surrounded by his family/friends, it can be Gintoki as a kid or an adult or Shiroyasha, etc. Also, old fanfiction that has been up for 6+ months will not be accepted. Fanfiction entered needs to be written for this activity.

All submissions will be saved and posted on 10/10, proper credit included, of course. As far as these submissions go, the sooner the better. But that’s why I’m posting this now, so everyone who wants to participate will have ample time to plan something out. 

PRIZES! Two winners will be selected! First place person will get to choose one of the following items first, then the second place person will get to choose from what’s left.

Large Joui Wall Scroll:


Mug 1:



Mug 2:



Mayo Prince Shirt ((Large)):



Elizabeth Leg Stockings:


Short Sleeve Gintoki Yukata Hoodie ((Large)):


If you have any questions, the inbox is always open! And even if you’re not going to participate, it’d be great if people could reblog this to spread it around so everyone can have a chance to see it! Thank you!


IP's 24-Hour Launch Party Schedule


Snuggle into those pajamas, pour yourself a night cap and join us to celebrate the global launch of IP’s first books all day (and all night) July 22nd with our 24-Hour Launch Party!

Starting at midnight Eastern time, we will host chats with IP authors on our Google+ channel every two hours. We’ll also reveal the Fall 2014 releases and cover art, as well as a sneak peek into 2015. And every session will include giveaways and raffles for IP and fandom swag, items for readers and writers and lots of IP books.

GRAND PRIZE: One year of IP multi-format eBooks!

No purchase necessary. Panel participation subject to change.

Panels and Air Times ET/PT 

Midnight/9pm (Live):    

Welcome to IP – IP Staff

2am/11pm (Live):          

Bleeding Heart/Platonic/Forever Man — Melissa Graves (missbeizy), Kate Paddington (doonarose) and AJ DeWall (iconicklaine).                                       


Pivot & Slip / Designs on You — Lilah Suzanne (alilactree) and Carrie Pack (randomactsofdouchebaggery)                                                          

6am/3am (Live): 

Fan fiction, fan culture and fans-gone-pro — Mila McWarren (wordplaying), Jan da Costa (januarium) and Laura Stone (stoney321) .                                                                                                                      

8am/5am (Live): 

Summer Love Anthology Contest – IP Staff                                                              

10am/7am (Live): 

Two IP Firsts: Consent Imprint & Episodic Fiction – IP Staff, Moriah Gemel (lurkdusoleil)                                          

Noon/9am (Live): 

2014 Fall Book Reveals – Lynn Charles (dontbefanci), Erin Finnegan (girliesportsjunkie) and Laura Stone (stoney321)                                                                                      

2pm/11am (Live):

2015 Title Reveals – K.E. Belledonne (knittywriter), Kate Fierro (anxioussquirrel), Mimsy Hale (borogroves) and Lilah Suzanne (alilactree)                                             

4pm/1pm (Live):

From Fic to Novel: Featuring 2015 authors, including Charlotte Ashe (chazzam), Mila McWarren (wordplaying), Lissa Reed (glitterdammerung) and Zane Riley (zavocado).                                                                 

6pm/3pm (Live):

Writing Original Novels: Featuring 2015 authors, including Jan da Costa (januarium), Kate Fierro (anxioussquirrel), Courtney Lux (andercas), Jude Sierra (judearaya) and Mina Sloan (spinmybowtie), plus 2014 author Lynn Charles (dontbefanci).                                                                                    

8pm/5pm (Live):

Under the Covers: IP Art and New Cover Reveals – IP Art Director Becky Shepherd (buckeyegrrldesigns) and IP Staff                                                                             

10pm/7pm (Live):

What’s Next? Where We’re Headed and Raffle Winners Announced – IP Staff


Want to win some prizes? Got a question you’d like answered on the broadcast? Submit a question that gets answered on air and you’ll qualify for prizes and IP swag.

Submit them LIVE on Google Hangouts On Air, or send them in advance to promotions@interludepress.com. We’ll also be monitoring the #IP24 Twitter tag for questions.

Hey guys I promised a contest so here it is!!!!!

I’m going to let this run for a whole month, reason being because I had such an amazing response last time that if it ends up being just as popular I’ll add more prizes as the month goes on. Having the contest run for a longer time frame allows me to account for the extra prizes and put supplies and such aside.

The contest end date will be July 7th at 9pm est.

The Prize will be a $30 coupon to use toward a purchase (does not include shipping) A good portion of my work falls under $30 dollars but if you happen to win and want to commission something worth more you would just pay the difference in price plus the shipping cost.

In regards to the third way to enter the contest I just wanted to make a note to let you know that one person cannot message saying they found Custom Exotics through multiple people. They also have to follow the blog.

For Example : Person A cannot say they found Custom Exotics through B and C. However A and B can both say they found Custom Exotics through C.  (Hope that makes sense)

The more people who find and follow Custom Exotics through you gets you more entries if they message me.

Any Questions please feel free to message me!

You can also check out Custom Exotics at :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DeesClayCreations

Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CustomExotics

Deviant Art : http://customexotics.deviantart.com/

And I just recently made a Weasly account : https://www.weasyl.com/~customexotics

Thank you all again for the amazing support and GOOD LUCK!!! :D !

Where Have You Been Lately?


Photograph by Sean Hacker Teper

Every year Nat Geo Travel goes on a trip. One massive trip that stretches across the globe, summiting mountains, diving deep into the sea, dancing to new traditions, and reminding us how rich the world is. We take this trip through the stunning, challenging, and surprising photography submitted to our annual Traveler Photo Contest.

So really, we’re on your trip, along during your travels, and you are teaching us. In 2014, we’ve already seen many compelling photographs, but we’re curious and we’d like to see more. Because the world is big and we’re never done exploring.

This is your last chance to enter the Traveler Photo Contest

The contest ends June 30 at noon EST. You can win a trip to Alaska, you can be published in National Geographic Traveler, and most importantly, you can move us all with the power of photography and inspire the world to travel.


Photograph by Mahesh Balasubramanian


Photograph by Eduardo Lopez Negrete


Photograph by Kathrine Webb


Photograph by Marc Henauer

Join the competition now and show us your best photos »

See top entries so far »


It’s that time again! Time for the second annual Anarchy Dreamers Summer Contest!

This year’s theme is Upcoming Dreamworlds. Pick a dreamworld, draw the characters in it, simple as that! Our prizes this year are super awesome, including the $100 Blick gift card, lots of Dreamers Merch, requests, pins, prints, and more! The deadline is September 7th, 2014 11:59 pm, EST so you have A LOT OF TIME!!!

——->CLICK HERE For Full Contest information including Rules, References, FAQ, and an in-depth list of Prizes and Donating artists!

——->What is this even?! Read Anarchy Dreamers here!

——->The contest tag is AD Contest 2014

If there’s anything you need to ask that you don’t find covered in the contest journal, feel free to ask me here or on deviantART! Please help get the word out! Reblogs are awesome. If you reblog this you are officially awesome. <3


Yeesh, I should have done this forever ago XD.

Sorry about no picture, I couldn’t find any good ones to use. ANYWAY.

There will be six winners in this giveaway, so get ready to reblog!.

First prize:(1 WINNER)
-A full sized picture of a single character of their chosen. Coloured and shaded. (My apologies for only being good at mobians T^T.)
-5 icons for said character in any specific emotions, and coloured .

Second Prize:(2 WINNERS)
-A full-sized picture of a single character of their choosing, coloured only.
-5 Icons for said character in any specific emotions, not coloured .

Third Prize : (3 WINNERS)
-A bust picture of a single character of choice, coloured only.

*You must be following me.
*No giveaway blogs
*Reblog count as 2 entries
*Likes count as 1
*Please don’t spam your followers. =3