Hey everyone!
In honor of reaching 1k followers I decided to do my first Tumblr awards to thank you all on your support :) ♥

• must be following me
• reblog this (likes don’t count but you can use the like for bookmarking the post)
• there will be a runner-up and a winner for each category
• multifandom blogs accepted | you don’t need to be a 100% OUAT blog but you need to at least like the show since the prizers are related to it :)
• if you want to compete for the best edits and best gifs category send me the link to some of your work :)
• this post must reach at least 100 notes
• I’ll be choosing both winners and runner-ups
• entries close on December 24 (I’ll extend the entries period if it doesn’t get enough notes)

Emma Swan award - Best URL
Captain Hook award - Best theme
Rumpelstiltskin award - Best icon
Snow White award - Nicest blogger
Charming award - Best posts
Robin Hood award - Best overall
Belle award - Best edits
Ruby award - Best gifs
Regina Mills award - My favorite
Henry award - Lucky (random) winner (picked by a random generator)

Prizes for both winners and runner-ups:
• follow back (if i’m not following you already)
• an announcing winner/runner-up promo and a promo whenever you want
• all winners and runner-ups will have a link to their blog at my „Tumblr Awards“ tab for a month
• a edit of you choice (wallpaper, icons, gif sets,…) with a character of your choice of course :D
• whatever prize idea you get that I can offer you :)
• my eternal love and friendship :3 ♥

Ready, set, REBLOG! :D

I miss these two horses.

The one tied up with red was Flash, my very first horse. Full or speed and life. He hated guys and everyone else but me. So my bad sold him =/

Than the one with the green lead rope was Prizer who passed away this month =/ I am so heart broken and I try riding other horses and I just don’t feel the passion anymore right now. I miss him so much.

This is what I am talking about.

This is my horse Prizer. A year ago he didn’t look like this he looked amazing and beautiful and fat, we always teased him on how fat he was. Now we are buying expensive grain, vet visits every other month and he wont gain weight. My heart is breaking, this is my baby and I hate to admit but he is dying.

One year back in the day when I was in elementary school there was an OLD black horse in the pasture, you could count his ribs and you just knew he didn’t have much time left and Prizer always stood by him holding up his weight and protecting him from the mean members of the herd. Now Prizer is only and loosing weight and no one is there to hold up his weight. :( mehh