Happy birthday to Philadelphia native Thomas Eakins, born on this date in 1844.

After studying in Paris, the artist returned to his hometown to become the most celebrated painter of Philadelphia’s landscape and culture. While painting and prizefighting might seem miles apart, Eakins was an avid boxing fan, and the city’s premier fighting venue, the Philadelphia Arena, was located just across the street from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, just as “Rocky” now stands outside the Museum. A meticulous craftsman, Eakins reportedly had models pose for every single figure in this complex interior scene.

“Between Rounds,” 1898–99, by Thomas Eakins


"When is a prizefight like a beautiful lady? When it’s a knockout" - The Riddler

The Riddler is a flamboyant and extravagant comic book super villain, appearing as an enemy of Batman. Obsessed with riddles and puzzles, the question mark serves as is signature visual motif.

This pin up playsuit design consists of a halter bandeau top with adjustable ties and a matching circle skirt. The bandeau is fully lined in a deep purple broadcloth and features purple piping at the top seam and purple buttons down the centre. The halter collar has adjustable snap closures behind the neck, inspired by a men’s collared shirt it is designed to accentuate the curve of the bust. The bandeau is adorned with multiple question mark appliqués that were individually placed and sewn carefully into place.

The circle skirt features two front pockets with matching question marks appliqués and white trim at the bottom. The skirt is fully lined with the deep purple broadcloth, with a hidden cheeky detail. When the bottom of the skirt is flipped up, you can see “Riddle me This…” written in appliqués on the inside. All appliqués were designed by hand and painstakingly sewn into place. The skirt is closed with a zipper and a button on the waist band to further bring in the waist.

Character Design is my own creation.

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I gave my everything
For all the wrong things
In this cold reality I made
This selfish war machine

Oh, this has become hell
How can I share this life
With someone else?
I promise you
There is no weight that can bury us
Beneath the ghosts of all my guilt

Here in the dark side of me

Dark side of me

Coheed and Cambria

Friday Fast Fiction: The Final Punch

Friday Fast Fiction: The Final Punch

If you’re done, don’t take more punches to go the distance. Give him one last hit. Don’t think about getting blocked, or defending yourself. Put everything you have into it, and if your man is still standing, accept defeat. Solo uno mas!

Diego’s eyes stung from perspiration. All colors had turned black and white. Shapes were fuzzy. His dead father’s words were ringing in his ears.

“Three minutes,

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Pretty damn badasses: ‘Unlicensed Fighting and Bareknuckle Boxing’

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History was made tonight. browner is no longer #undefeated … #boxing #sweetScience #prizeFighting #maidana #broner #history #unanimousDecision #swag #omg #andNew #alotOfHashTags


Opposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

'Man, Kat fascinated me, every aspect of her. She was beautiful, but it went so beyond that. She was so incredibly strong, and she bore the scars of her strength like a prizefighter. She was smart and stubborn, but most of all, she was kind, and she’d given me the ultimate gift when she loved me in return.
That was the most important thing I’d always take from this.
Love was a gift