The Bank Sale

The Bank Sale featuring Ty$. Worked a booth with Privileged.

New Heights design.

Jeri Lee poster set up.

The line to get in. The yellow sign says no weapons allowed. 

Forgot which vendor this was, but I thought the necklace was cool.

Shaan from The Deuce.

Brian making a sale.

Vape Supreme.

Rosewood. lol at the guys face.


Overall, it was a cool experience. Seeing all the upcoming street wear brands and people hustling with the same ambition. It’s crazy seeing people just as hungry as you are. Just reminds you how much harder you have to push.

Privileged "Season 1" Fall Release

Our good friends at Privileged released their “Season 1″ line today for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. Privileged is a Los Angeles based brand with a lot of talent. They showed their line off at the July edition of Venue Trade Show and since then have managed to land their brand in a few stores in the LA area. It’s a privilege for us to feature their Fall release on our site. You can pick up some of their Fall collection on their online store. Sleep if you dare!

Privileged “Season 1″ Fall Release was originally published on Collective Lifestyle