When celebrating Mother’s or Father’s Day when I was a kid, my siblings and I would ask why there wasn’t a kids day. They told us that it’s because kids day is everyday. And we were like ‘oh. I guess that makes sense.’

Just thinking about that today.

When people with privilege hear that they have privilege, what they hear is not, “Our society is structured so that your life is more valued than others.” They hear, “Everything, no matter what, will be handed to you. You have done nothing to achieve what you have.”

That’s not strictly true, and hardly anyone who points out another’s privilege is making that accusation. There are privileged people who work very hard. The privilege they experience is the absence of barriers that exist for other people.

While many bands perform at SXSW showcases of all sizes and budgets, the gall of a $90-billion fast food chain asking indie acts to play for chicken nuggets hasn’t gone over so well. And fair enough: While it’s worth it to play for free sometimes (for charity, or among friends), no landlord in the world will accept “exposure” — or even Happy Meals — when it’s time to make rent. As album sales decline and musicians increasingly rely on touring as their main revenue stream, it feels increasingly exploitative (and sets a terrible precedent) for corporations and multimillionaire celebrities to ask professional musicians to ply their trade for free. 

Amanda Palmer and Lena Dunham could have told McDonald’s how well asking bands to play for “exposure” would go over

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I say a post on tumblr a while back that recontexualized "Passing" for me, We think of "passing" because you can hide within the cishet normative set up by society, like for instance a bisexual person who could "pass" for heterosexual. But that's not passing, that's erasure of his bisexual identity. trans people who pass, bless their souls, aren't having their identities respected, they're don't have privileges, their identity is erased. their expression to self limited.

It’s a bit more complex than that. A trans guy (such as myself) who ‘passes’ is having his identity respected because he is a man. Some trans people consider that the end of it, and would rather not have ‘trans’ as part of their identity, and some trans people consider being transgender to be a significant (if not central) part of their identity so in that way part of their identity is being erased. So it kind of has tiers.

Not to mention that the notion of ‘passing’ is binarist, cissexist & intersexist due to the fact that it assumes that there are only 2 genders to ‘pass’ under therefore erasing cultures that don’t have a 2-gender system, non-binary people & intersex people.

Participating in #WhiteOut is basically saying, “I know I’m given more freedom than black people, and I know my entire life has been one long never-ending ‘white pride’ moment, but I feel the need to ruin this day of black pride so I can take even more pride in how privileged I am. I hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s day.”

I swear more than half the arguments I see against feminism are people crying “but that’s generalizing!”  how often do these same people listen to arguments against generalizations against women.  how often is it okay to generalize that all women who have slept with more than one partner are sluts.  how often is it okay to generalize that all women who wear scant clothing are asking for it.  ask yourself that.

the bottom line about Crying Generalizing is there’s a big difference between Fault and Responsibility.  Take any given person and they’re probably NOT personally AT FAULT for committing acts of misogyny.  But take any given person who enjoys privilege—whether that be gender-related, racial, socioeconomic, heteronormative, you name it—and yes, they have the responsibility to NOT BE A PART of acts that hurt people within minority groups.  Why?  because people with privilege have the POWER to do something that creates a positive change.  with great power comes great responsibility.  never forget. 

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But I AM going to prioritize myself, because I am the most important person to me. I refuse to be held accountable for being born a certain way, none of this was my fault, this victim complex is getting out of hand. Fuck, I wish you would stop reblogging delusional brainwashed posts. Cringe worthy. No one is entitled to my time, the system isn't my responsibility, and being told that I am worthless and should die every day is only forcing me to not care. If you want our help, stop demonizing us

I’m assuming you’re ranting with regards to this post I reblogged a couple of hours earlier.

I mean, to be clear, no one’s holding you accountable you for being born privileged, since you have as much control over it as people have over being born different races. And if anyone is, they’re jerks, simple as. Not to mention that the post didn’t mention calling you or privileged people as worthless or deserving to die, which makes me concerned over how you’re being treated outside of posts about oppressive systems.

However I don’t think it’s delusional to attempt to subvert systems that favour the privileged, because with

  1. privilege from birth is undeserved, since no one can choose what privilege to have when they’re born, and
  2. like how you can’t have hot without cold, you can’t have privilege without those who don’t have any.

People without privilege don’t deserve suffering as much as those with privilege deserve favouritism. Essentially, a lot of cultures and systems that favour the privileged promote and practise inequality.

I mean, the way I see it, it’s like dealing with litter, or trash in a community.

Everyone generates trash, a lot of trash, and we’re taught to pick up after ourselves. Of course, since it’s our own trash, we should prioritise cleaning our own trash before anyone else’s, because we shouldn’t leave litter around. Some generate less trash than others, maybe because of grooming habits, but it’s the way things are.

A lot of the time, though, people leave around trash. Sometimes it’s litter, sometimes it’s honking piles of filth, and often people aren’t even aware that they dropped their trash. Other times, it’s not even people that drop trash, but birds, squirrels, or creatures outside of human control that leave things about when they’re scurrying around dealing with their own trash.

And many don’t like trash, so people are taught to pick trash up and throw it away if they see it, so that the community’s cleaner.

Now, you could remonstrate against the notion that you have to pick up other people’s trash. You could refuse to be held accountable for trash that doesn’t concern, that you had no hand over, and that other people’s trash is entitled neither to your time nor your responsibility. You could even write passionately-worded letters to teachers of cleaning up after others, saying that programs teaching people to pick up others’ trash only force you to not care even more, and that despite the fact that you may have less trash than others, your trash is just as difficult to deal with, and that you will prioritise yourself above all others.

Or, you could pick up what trash you can, and leave the place a little cleaner for the next person that comes by.


Oh my god watch this, it’s the tumblr experience.

My sides are gone

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How can you defend Islam? Do you any idea what their religion has done to this world? In Islamic states (YES THEY ARE REAL MUSLIMS), women are treated like shit and non-believers are MURDERED! You're a feminist so you should be against them. Obviously, not all Muslims are like that but enough so that millions of people have died at their hands. I'm not hating on you; I'm just disagreeing with you. Sorry if this comes across as aggressive but I'm really angry about the shootings right now.

How can I defend Islam? 

Question is, how can you villainize an entire religion based on the actions of a radical few? 

(Also, Christianity has done some dark shit in its time, and I don’t see Christians getting this reaction and getting made to apologise every time some extremist Christian somewhere does something evil in the name of their faith. Let’s not pretend this is a problem all religions get. This is currently exclusive to Islam.) 

Of course I defend Islam. Who do you think is going to get the backlash now? Muslims. That’s who. And people like yourself are going to make everything worse for them. Do you think most Muslims wanted this to happen? I mean, even now they’re being forced to speak out against something they had nothing to do with, just to defend themselves from being harmed and hated because they share a religion (in name) with the murderers. Muslims in France are having a rough enough time as it is, without this added to their troubles. 

The problem is not Islam. I can’t believe you’ve even come to my ask box with that first sentence. If you’d asked why I defend radical Islamic extremists, I’d tell you I don’t. Islam is not the problem. It’s not Islam. You’re getting into dangerous territory already. 

It’s not your fault. You’re angry, you’re upset, maybe scared. But the media and society is trying to whip you and people like you up into a frenzy where Muslims and Islam become the enemy. Because when people are frightened they want an enemy. When people are scared they swallow lies more easily because they want the world to be black and white. 

You’re playing right into the hands of islamophobes right now. Don’t let it happen. The enemy is not Islam. Hate the radical murderous extremists who do terrible things. They are the villains here. 

And they’re not the only villains either, seeing the disgusting way so many people are jumping on the bandwagon to act like Muslims are now public enemy number one. You know that’s always been there in people, and now they’re using this horrendous shooting as an excuse to be able to speak their islamophobic, vile thoughts without repercussions. 

That’s dangerous. 

Yes, there are corrupt Muslims. I don’t even know why I am still having to say this stuff. Every day I blog about oppression and privilege. Check out my tags if you want to. Do you think I support the evils that have been done in the name of Islam? Seriously? Because I don’t. 

As a feminist I support Muslims because I can see they are being scapegoated right now. How do you think it’s going to be for Muslim women in the west now? It’s going to get worse and worse because people are becoming steadily less and less opposed to people being islamophobic. I’m here for my Muslim sisters. I don’t know who you’re here for, apart from the Islamaphobic media. 

I’d rethink if I were you. It’s easy to imagine the world is made of good and evil, but you know that’s not the way it is. You know the media has an agenda. Don’t fall for it. 

What does white privilege mean today? In part, it means to live in the world while being given the benefit of the doubt. Have you ever been able to return a sweater without a receipt? Has an employee ever let you into a store after closing time? Did a car dealership take a little extra off the sticker price when you asked? When’s the last time you received service with a smile?

Once in my high school journalism class my teacher tasked us with being in a wheelchair for a day, so we can write about the experience

It make us extremely uncomfortable and we wound up not following through with the full assignment

Our teacher was extremely disappointed in us, explaining how this is the gritty work of journalists that wind up winning pulitzer prizes - citing some guy who did a brief stint with homelessness to go on to write an award winning story

She also told us we were too busy worrying about what people thought of us to allow ourselves to do potentially meaningful work

I on the other hand, always thought she took herself and her bizarre brand of journalism a tad too seriously

There’s just something extremely fucked up with this “your story is important, but will only be valuable if it’s told through me, so I need you to let me take ownership over it and have all the credit, and by let me I mean I’m just going to do it anyway because what agency do you have?” narrative in journalism and literature


By awarding more value to transgender people who “pass” as their gender, we send the message that something’s wrong with being trans.

That message is wrong…

(from Everyday Feminism)


When someone tells you to “check your privilege” it can sound like they’re personally attacking you. Being defensive is a natural reaction. This video is about checking your privilege and why it’s so important to do when you’re invested in fighting against systems of oppression.

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