If Zach continues to play up the act that he’s putting on in the media to Frankie privately, he’s going to get called out on it.

Considering that there were times where his own mother wondered about his sexuality, he, at minimum, owes Frankie a serious explanation if there truly weren’t any feelings there.

But I honestly believe that there were feelings. I don’t know how you can watch the feeds and believe his game play excuse. I know people who don’t ship zankie who don’t even buy that.

But it all comes down to just how much this scared him, how much he cares about Frankie, and which one over powers the other.

privatesnarker replied to your post:

I’m so proud to be named co-creator of the faily sex headcanon, you have no idea. Remind me to tell you about the time they tried having sex in the royal swimming pool (yes) and it devolved into a barrage of dick jokes and they got caught xD

Omg yessss tell me that pls! XD

10 facts about me : tagged by a boatload of people

1. I was born in NYC and still reside in NYC.

2. I can speak fluently in Cantonese, and speak some Mandarin but I cannot read Chinese at all, this is because I quit taking Chinese classes when I was like 10.

3. I’m majoring in Pharmacy although I really would have loved a career in photography as well.

4. I like to listen to jazz a lot but I enjoy a various amount of genres (which I post on tumblr from time to time). My favorite jazz musician would be Bill Evans.

5. I grew up playing Maplestory and probably wasted 1-2 grand on it. (Biggest regret in life) My account was then hacked and banned. I started to play private servers after that and had a lot of fun. I don’t play anymore though.

6. I’m not very good at sports but I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball. My favorite sport would probably be handball since I’ve been playing since middle school.

7. I’m pretty introverted and thus I like to stay inside a lot but I still like going out to hang out with friends, albeit it’s a small group.

8. I actually stopped watching anime for a few years and Sakamichi no Apollon was the anime that brought me back. (It also introduced me to jazz, kinda funny.)

9. I actually started this blog reblogging mostly #menswear and now gravitated to japanese streetwear (Thank god). 

10. I hope to visit Japan and my grandparents in China again before I graduate.

peasantjawnz, @tokyotk, mikakuma, or whoever feels like doing it.

carmarthenfan said:

3 things that are great about Romeo/Mercutio

Only three things? Okay.

  1. Intense dweebiness. Lbr, those two would dork it up on the reg. privatesnarker and I have decided that they are incapable of having quiet sex — in that they both talk constantly throughout, teasing one another and making stupid puns. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.
  2. Super feels, holy shit. Whether it’s unrequited love on Mercutio’s part, or if it was requited but overpowered by Romeo’s eventual love for Juliet, or if it endured only to be cut short by Mercutio’s death… However you slice it, R/M has some hardcore feels attached to it.
  3. All the loyalty. Romeo loves pretty ladies, we all know that. Mercutio loves pretty anything as long as he can have sex with it. But I definitely think that, even if Romeo longs after this or that girl, he would be dedicated to Mercutio in his own way. And the same goes for the reverse (though I’m certain Mercutio would have some jealousy issues, too).

anonymous said:

What comment Edi? What all happened between BET and Bey? Fill me in please!

I have alot of asks on this but I’ll use this ask to give you the full update:

So Karrueche said this about Blue on 106 and Park:


So she got dragged for it and when I say that I mean she got sent to the pits of Twitter hell.

Almost 24 hours later BET finally issues an apology through their president saying:

"Last night on 106 & Park there was a stupid, unthoughtful joke made about a young child. We apologize publically to the child’s parents (and have done so privately) and we have taken punitive actions with those responsible. It was very bad judgment and we will serve you much better in the future. Oh, and please don’t hate on Karrueche; it was NOT her fault. We also apologize to her for putting her in that position."


She apologized through IG a few hours later saying:

Past two days have been extremely draining.. As I geared up for a big day for myself - hosting a live show.. I never expected things to turn out this way.. I apologize to any and everyone who felt offended in any way by the comments made by BET executed through me.. I would never disrespect anyone’s child in any way and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Beyoncé. My comments have been in complete shambles.. yes I am human too and yes I do make mistakes.. But all this negativity and death wishes are quite a lot.. Definitely a lesson learned from here forth.. Again, on behalf of MYSELF, my sincerest apologies ❤️ #BeyHive


106 and park has now been suspended for a week, but its said that their hiatus is going to be longer than a week. They’re saying that their break was “planned” but I honestly doubt that and there was talk of Producers and Writers being fired but apparently that’s not true.

Lets see how the rest of the week plays out. 🐝

reminder to the people who follow me who know me outside of Tumblr or love close to me that if I post something that worries you that you can definitely talk to me about it but I cannot guarantee I want to talk. just please do it in private.

who wants to share neopets stories i will go first, it didn’t happen ON neopets by is related vicariously

gets kinda #nsfw

when i was 13 i used to be in this guild, it was really small, like 7 or so active members, and we all chatted on the forum together, and i was 2+ years younger than everyone else so they picked on me a lot but it was all in good fun, tho it did piss me off sometimes. we also all exchanged AIM and myspace (oh god) accounts so we could talk to each other privately too. 

well there were two guys, and i had a HUUUUUUUUUGE crush on one of them, he was 3 years older than me, we talked all the time and had nicknames and in-jokes and all of that. he also picked on me the most out of everyone.

one day he told me he had gotten a girlfriend, of course i was devastated, but i played it off like “oh cool lookat these new memes”. so a few months went by and THEN he tells me that they were gonna try anal but didn’t know what to use as lube, and that’s when the gears HATE AND REVENGE started turning in my little 13 year old mind. what did i tell him to use?


and he fucking bought it???? he thought i was serious??? and i’m like cackling to myself like, i’m so fucking clever, look at this fucking nerd

so i forgot about it after a couple days until i sign on aim and i’m immediately BOMBARDED by angry messages from him, telling me that he fucking used the shampoo and it BURNED HIS DICK and i’m like, fucking astounded, i can’t even laugh at this point, i’m so amazed. he tells me we aren’t friends anymore cause i told him to us shampoo as lube. god

alecdamm said:

Did nirvana ever play the crystal ballroom in Portland Oregon?

They did not. That specific ballroom was closed off to musicians/bands during most of the 90’s while Nirvana were around. Even though it was highly used before then. During this time apparently, from what I’ve read, it was used as a private space for recording artists or art projects. Nirvana did play the Melody Ballroom (among a few other places) which are only about ten minutes away from Crystals over the River.

10 facts tagged by JESMAR

1. First and foremost I’ve got a big-phat-ass
2. Everyone thinks I was born in Canada but in reality I’ve only been living there for six years. I speak English fluently because my parents put me into private school and kept me at home so I can watch western shit.
3. I fucking hate beans if you like beans don’t associate with me
4. I love Alex dicksuk Nguyen
5. I play and teach the guitar
6. I pretended to like basketball so that the kids in my old high school in te Philippines would get along with me lol
7. I’m a fun person hang out with me :0)
8. I grew up around girls and a lot of girls liked me I’m an ugly pleigh boi
9. I’m trying to get into architecture
10. I can’t ride the bike for shit

anonymous said:

[meta] Describe a typical day in the life of Harley.

Are you sure you wanna know? Ok, ok, ok.

What time she wakes up honestly depends on what day it is. If she’s got work, she’s out of the house by 7 AM cuz she gets to see the Joker and she is very excited. Though she’s skipping out on work a lot more often now, she tries to make it as much as she can and the reason has changed: it’s less about wanting to help the people inside of Arkham now and def more about seeing you-know-who (not Voldemort).

Inside of Arkham, during her sessions with the Joker, gross stuff happens and I think you can guess what it is so I don’t have to write it. She tells him about the stuff that’s happening on the outside, people she talks to on the internet (so she’s probably mentioned you and talked about stuff you said in private, unless she really wanted to keep it from him, soz) and he probably pretends like he cares she watched clips of cartoons on Youtube for like six hours. If she makes him angry, he hurts her, even though he’s all locked up. She’s got lots of bruises and cuts from him that she tries to hide that aren’t from fights she gets into outside of work. 

Other days, she gets into brawls with good guys or people who owe the Joker cash. She does lots of his work while he’s locked up and she doesn’t always like it. After a fight, she’ll clean herself off and probably cry or laugh or both for a few minutes, and then go check on the hideout to make sure the thugs aren’t being stupid. 

After that, she’ll head back to Selina’s place, which is where she’s staying right now, and put on some cartoon-themed pajamas and watch TV or play games for hours until it’s time to stretch/exercise cuz it’s important or something?? Then she’ll pretend to do work on the computer and actually go online and bother the world instead, and then try to bake a cake.

At night, she shares a bed (that used to be a bouncy castle) with Selina. She’ll read herself to sleep with some storybook and hugging a few of her many teddies. She probably drools and snores and steals the blankets. Rude.


blebs grows fruits and vegetables to supply local shop AND grows and sells flowers but as private business
she lives at some distance from hillbilly town, in area with less trees and stuff that makes farming difficult. she has a blue pickup truck to get to the town and she loves it very much, it probably has a name
in contrast with sam who has a dog horde blubs is a cat magnet and there are probably not less than 10 stray cats always hanging out in her garden, they are good at supporting her conversations with herself and scaring mice away
WHAT ELSE uhh shes prolly slightly drunk all the time