Zuckerberg must have skipped that class where Jung and Goffman were discussed. Individuals are constantly managing and restricting flows of information based on the context they are in, switching between identities and persona. I present myself differently when I’m lecturing in the classroom compared to when I’m have a beer with friends. I might present a slightly different identity when I’m at a church meeting compared to when I’m at a football game. This is how we navigate the multiple and increasingly complex spheres of our lives. It is not that you pretend to be someone that you are not; rather, you turn the volume up on some aspects of your identity, and tone down others, all based on the particular context you find yourself.

[…]But, it seems Zuckerberg does not want people to be able to manage who gets to see what about them. He subscribes to the repeated corporate philosophy that if you don’t want something viewable by everyone, then just don’t share it. All or nothing. One identity is all you have, all you deserve.

[…]Mark: I can deal with the fact that we have completely different philosophies of information, privacy, and now, identity. But once you start questioning people’s integrity for simply wanting to manage their identities online, that’s crossing a line.

This October, Facebook will begin an unprecedented cull of profiles overwhelmingly belonging to trans people, people of colour, and survivors. Thousands of others will lose access to the service for simply using a name suspected to differ from their state issued ID.

Staggeringly arrogant though it is, organisations presuming to tell people what their name is isn’t a new phenomenon. We face it every day at banks, hospitals and schools, even when state ID is on our side. What is new - in scale though not principle - is such a singularly ill-qualified clique attempting to insert their parochial assumptions about identity into the lives of literally billions.

Facebook - like many of its contemporaries - has shown itself utterly incapable of handling online abuse. In further restricting the autonomy of marginalised communities to decide something as basic as our own names, Facebook makes us even more vulnerable to the same abuse that it so woefully fails to tackle.

All names are real. Nothing could be more real than our identity, culture, or safety.

What can you do?

Fighting fire with fire (cold and lifeless as this policy might be), requiring state ID for trivial services is of dubious legality in a number of jurisdictions (in Europe particularly). If you live in one of them, act on it.

Even where requiring ID is legal, disadvantaging the groups which the policy targets in service provision may not be. That puts businesses, charities and anyone else who communicates predominantly through Facebook on thin ice. Make them aware of it.

If you’re fortunate enough to use a name which appears to match your state ID, consider changing it - or your alternate name - in solidarity with those who can’t. Facebook can’t delete everyone - just be sure not to inadvertently mock or stereotype us with your new choice of name.

And if Facebook goes through with the cull? Leave. You’re the product, after all. It’ll be crap with your friends gone anyway.

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Keeping data private is vital in the days of smartphones and the free-floating information they carry. Justin wrote a guide on many of the deeply hidden and sometimes concerning privacy settings in iOS 7. Now we’re back to cover some of the new (and old) privacy settings in iOS 8 that you need to address right now. Don’t Miss: The 33 Best Hidden Features of iOS 8 Problem #1: The Keyboard Is Storing Your Passwords QuickType is Apple’s new predictive text feature for iOS 8, providing several suggestions to finish off words and sentences, nestled right above the keyboard as you type. While

IOS 8 is a creepers paradise. IF you updated please at least look over this

There are a few different issues that a criminal act like this brings up, but before I get into them it’s necessary to make one thing clear: If you deliberately seek out any of these images, you are directly participating in the violation not just of numerous women’s privacy but also of their bodies. These images - which I have not seen and which I will not look for - are intimate, private moments belonging only to the people who appear in them and who they have invited to see them. To have those moments stolen and broadcast to the world is an egregious act of psychic violence which constitutes a form of assault.

The people sharing these images are perpetuating an ongoing assault. The people gleefully looking at them are witnessing and enjoying an ongoing assault. When you have been asked by victims of a crime like this not to exacerbate the pain of that crime and you continue to do so anyway, you are consciously deciding that your enjoyment, your rights and perhaps even just your curiosity are more important than the safety and dignity of the people you’re exploiting. That out of the way, let’s get a few other things straight.

Don’t want nudes leaked? Just don’t put nudes on your computer/phone.

Don’t want your banking account hacked? Don’t use online banking.

Don’t want STD’s or pregnancy? Don’t have sex. Ever.

Don’t want to die? Don’t live.

  • Snowden:*leaks the scope and depth of the governments spying operation and flagrant violations of civil liberties*
  • Public:Who cares? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear!
  • Donald Sterling:*has his private conversation leaked without his consent*
  • Public:OMG that white racist needs to lose his team! Racists have no right to privacy, and anyone that disagrees is a bigot!
  • JLaw, et al.:*nudes get leaked*
  • Public:This is an outrage! Where is their right to privacy!?! As always, men are to blame for perpetuating this kind of misogyny.

i wasn’t going to post about it on here but, here i go. i might delete this later.

when jennifer lawrence’s private pictures were leaked, i supported her with every fiber of my being. i mean honestly, on tumblr, who didn’t? that’s all i saw on my dashboard for a good week. all these posts with 100,000+ notes saying how we need to protect her at all costs. all these posts about how this is why we need feminism. it’s all true. 

but why the fuck do you guys disappear when someone else’s pictures get leaked? 

let me remind you that this is not the first time vanessa hudgens’ private pictures were leaked. let me remind you that this is the third time her pictures have been leaked and the third time she’s been brutally slated for it each and every time. let me remind you that someone in vanessa’s life has very recently passed away, and the asshole chose this specific time to post the pictures. let me remind you that feminism is about protecting all women, not just the ones you’re a fan of.

Cyborg Unplug

Plug in anti surveillance device that detects and stops potential data infringement in your workplace:

Cyborg Unplug is a wireless anti-surveillance system for the home and workplace. ‘Plug to Unplug’, it detects and kicks devices known to pose a risk to personal privacy from your local wireless network, breaking uploads and streams. Detected devices currently include: Google Glass, Dropcam, small drones/copters, wireless ‘spy’ microphones and various other network-dependent surveillance devices.

Cyborg Unplug comes hot on the heels of glasshole.sh, a script written by Julian Oliver to detect and disconnect Google’s Glass device from a locally owned and administered network. Following broad coverage in the press, the script struck a chord with countless people all over the world that felt either frustrated or threatened by the growing use and abuse of covert, camera-enabled computer technology.

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