For those worried about their location being shown on the OLTM app - you can make a private mark! When you get to the screen where it shows you the location of your mark after you make it, you’ll see the three buttons shown above. The button on the right lets you skip it and the mark will be private - while it will be stored so that the right mark is shown at the right location, it won’t display on the “nearby marks” section.

On Talking Heads Talking About 'Intercepted' Emails and Text Messages

So, in a lot of stories I’m hearing recently, the talking heads keep referencing that the reason a specific incident happened was that the person who released it ‘intercepted it’, as if these emails and text messages are floating around the ether, just waiting to be found if you have a reason to find them. We no longer care how privacy is invaded, and we only care to hear the end-product of that invasion. This is going to come back to haunt us.

Oh wait, you don’t have a choice…

In a breathtakingly creepy invasion of privacy, Facebook is forcing all smartphone users to download a new messaging app. The Android version of the app — and to a lesser extent the iPhone version as well — allows Facebook to access your phone camera and record audio, call and send messages without your permission, identify details about you and all your contacts, and send that info on to third parties.

If you want to carry on sending and receiving messages through Facebook on your mobile phone you now have no choice but to install Facebook Messenger — and give the company access to a wealth of personal data stored on your phone.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also admitted that his long-term plan could be to ‘monetize’ the app, so we need to act now before the app becomes impossible to stop.

Tell Facebook to stop invading its users’ privacy and allow people to keep using the old messenger feature.

The company claims that it is simply improving the user experience, and that it doesn’t have control over the permissions required for the app, specifically on Android phones. But there’s a simple solution to the problem: don’t make users download the new messenger.

Most people installing the app have absolutely no idea what they just agreed to. We need to spread the word about Facebook’s shocking privacy invasion — and if we can make this petition huge, Facebook will have to listen and get rid of this invasive new app.

Sign the petition and share it on Facebook.

I just uninstalled it from my phone.

First, this is VERY important to read and understand. I’m doing my best to look out for all the Facebook Users who aren’t as tech savvy as their kids or friends. I’m trying to help explain what’s happening because if I don’t…nobody else will!

If you’re anything like your neighbor…you probably use Facebook on your phone WAY more than you use it on a computer. You’ve been sending messages from the Facebook app and it probably always asks you if you want to install the Facebook Messenger App.

It’s always been OPTIONAL but coming soon to your Facebook experience….it won’t be an option…it will be mandatory if you care to send messages from your phone.

No big deal one might think…but the part that the average Facebook User doesn’t realize is the permissions you must give to Facebook in order to use the Facebook Messenger App. Here is a short list of the most disturbing permissions it requires and a quick explanation of what it means to you and your privacy.

  • Change the state of network connectivity – This means that Facebook can change or alter your connection to the Internet or cell service. You’re basically giving Facebook the ability to turn features on your phone on and off for it’s own reasons without telling you.
  • Call phone numbers and send SMS messages – This means that if Facebook wants to…it can send text messages to your contacts on your behalf. Do you see the trouble in this? Who is Facebook to be able to access and send messages on your phone? You’re basically giving a stranger your phone and telling them to do what they want when they want!
  • Record audio, and take pictures and videos, at any time – Read that line again….RECORD audio…TAKE pictures….AT ANY TIME!! That means that the folks at Facebook can see through your lens on your phone whenever they want..they can listen to what you’re saying via your microphone if they choose to!!
  • Read your phone’s call log, including info about incoming and outgoing calls – Who have you been calling? How long did you talk to them? Now Facebook will know all of this because you’ve downloaded the new Facebook messenger app.
  • Read your contact data, including who you call and email and how often – Another clear violation of your privacy. Now Facebook will be able to read e-mails you’ve sent  and take information from them to use for their own gain. Whether it’s for “personalized advertisements” or if it’s for “research purposes” ….whatever the reason..they’re accessing your private encounters.
  • Read personal profile information stored on your device – This means that if you have addresses, personal info, pictures or anything else that’s near and dear to your personal life…they can read it.
  • Get a list of accounts known by the phone, or other apps you use – Facebook will now have a tally of all the apps you use, how often you use them and what information you keep or exchange on those apps.

 Hopefully, you take this as serious as I do…after reading more about it and studying the permissions I have now deleted the app from my phone and don’t intend to use it ever again. I still have my Facebook app but I just won’t use the messaging feature unless I’m at a computer. Even then, I might not use messaging anymore.

With these kinds of privacy invasions I think Facebook is pushing the limits to what people will let them get away with. I remember when the Internet first began it’s march toward socializing dominance when AOL would send us CD’s for free trials every week. On AOL, we made screen names that somewhat hid our identities and protected us against the unseen dangers online. Now, it seems that we’ve forgotten about that desire to protect our identity and we just lay down and let them invade our privacy.

There may be no turning back at this point because many people won’t read this or investigate the permissions of Facebook’s new mandatory app but at least I can say I tried to help us put up a fight. Pass this along to your friends and at least try to let them know what they’re getting into.

Share this article on Facebook! Carefully! Without listening to anything incriminating!

5 Apps That Were Clearly Designed By Total Creeps

#3. Facebook Is Already Using Your Phone to Listen to You

Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to have bragged shortly after he started Facebook that people were “dumb fucks” who just handed him information about themselves. OK, you got us there, Mark, you rascal. We are idiots for doing that. But now Facebook is so used to us giving them access to our lives that they’re starting to take more and more of it any way they can. …If you recently updated your cellphone’s Facebook app, you probably gave them permission to listen in while you type a status message.

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Privacy advocates scored another win after 75 percent of Missouri voters chose in Tuesday’s primary election to amend their state constitution to protect electronic privacy rights.

Duane Lester of the Missouri Torch blasted the Post-Dispatch’s stance as a “stunning display of willful ignorance.”

“Why is this amendment even on the ballot?” he wrote. “Because the federal government is spying on us.”

Missouri State Sen. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, sponsor of the bill that put the amendment on the ballot, tweeted Tuesday evening, “Amendment 9 is getting overwhelming support that reflects the emotion felt about (p)rivacy erosion.”

Most reasonable people would grant that privacy is a function of liberty. And if we get rid of privacy, we’re making ourselves less free. If we want to live in open and liberal societies, we need to have safe spaces where we can experiment with new thoughts, new ideas, and [where] we can discover what it is we really think and what we really believe in without being judged. If we can’t have the privacy of our bedrooms, if we can’t have the privacy of our notes on our computer, if we can’t have the privacy of our electronic diaries, we can’t have privacy at all.

Value your privacy? A groundbreaking anti-spying bill has been signed into law in New Hampshire!

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed into law a bill that not only bans state and local law enforcement from searching an electronic device without a warrant, but also prohibits a small but important category of what the NSA has been doing with the warrantless data it collects.