I’m pretty jaded about surveillance stuff at this point—I just figure the government is probably already doing the worst thing it can get away with—but this is super creepy:

The U.S. Navy recently completed a test flight of a surveillance drone whose route began in California, crossed the Southwest and the Gulf of Mexico, and ultimately landed in Maryland. The drone, which has a wingspan of 130 feet, is the first cross-country flight in preparation for near worldwide coverage through a network of airborne orbits operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week” by 2017.

The drones will use ”radar, infrared sensors, and advanced cameras to provide full-motion video and photographs to the military” during their constant patrol. They are manufactured by Northrop Grumman, which spent more money lobbying the government than any other single corporation in 2013.  --Bonnie Kristian

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Is it OK to snoop on your partner’s phone or social media? We’re discussing that topic in our new video.

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Keeping data private is vital in the days of smartphones and the free-floating information they carry. Justin wrote a guide on many of the deeply hidden and sometimes concerning privacy settings in iOS 7. Now we’re back to cover some of the new (and old) privacy settings in iOS 8 that you need to address right now. Don’t Miss: The 33 Best Hidden Features of iOS 8 Problem #1: The Keyboard Is Storing Your Passwords QuickType is Apple’s new predictive text feature for iOS 8, providing several suggestions to finish off words and sentences, nestled right above the keyboard as you type. While

IOS 8 is a creepers paradise. IF you updated please at least look over this

Don’t want nudes leaked? Just don’t put nudes on your computer/phone.

Don’t want your banking account hacked? Don’t use online banking.

Don’t want STD’s or pregnancy? Don’t have sex. Ever.

Don’t want to die? Don’t live.

i wasn’t going to post about it on here but, here i go. i might delete this later.

when jennifer lawrence’s private pictures were leaked, i supported her with every fiber of my being. i mean honestly, on tumblr, who didn’t? that’s all i saw on my dashboard for a good week. all these posts with 100,000+ notes saying how we need to protect her at all costs. all these posts about how this is why we need feminism. it’s all true. 

but why the fuck do you guys disappear when someone else’s pictures get leaked? 

let me remind you that this is not the first time vanessa hudgens’ private pictures were leaked. let me remind you that this is the third time her pictures have been leaked and the third time she’s been brutally slated for it each and every time. let me remind you that someone in vanessa’s life has very recently passed away, and the asshole chose this specific time to post the pictures. let me remind you that feminism is about protecting all women, not just the ones you’re a fan of.

Cyborg Unplug

Plug in anti surveillance device that detects and stops potential data infringement in your workplace:

Cyborg Unplug is a wireless anti-surveillance system for the home and workplace. ‘Plug to Unplug’, it detects and kicks devices known to pose a risk to personal privacy from your local wireless network, breaking uploads and streams. Detected devices currently include: Google Glass, Dropcam, small drones/copters, wireless ‘spy’ microphones and various other network-dependent surveillance devices.

Cyborg Unplug comes hot on the heels of glasshole.sh, a script written by Julian Oliver to detect and disconnect Google’s Glass device from a locally owned and administered network. Following broad coverage in the press, the script struck a chord with countless people all over the world that felt either frustrated or threatened by the growing use and abuse of covert, camera-enabled computer technology.

Available to pre-order on 30th September

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Zuckerberg must have skipped that class where Jung and Goffman were discussed. Individuals are constantly managing and restricting flows of information based on the context they are in, switching between identities and persona. I present myself differently when I’m lecturing in the classroom compared to when I’m have a beer with friends. I might present a slightly different identity when I’m at a church meeting compared to when I’m at a football game. This is how we navigate the multiple and increasingly complex spheres of our lives. It is not that you pretend to be someone that you are not; rather, you turn the volume up on some aspects of your identity, and tone down others, all based on the particular context you find yourself.

[…]But, it seems Zuckerberg does not want people to be able to manage who gets to see what about them. He subscribes to the repeated corporate philosophy that if you don’t want something viewable by everyone, then just don’t share it. All or nothing. One identity is all you have, all you deserve.

[…]Mark: I can deal with the fact that we have completely different philosophies of information, privacy, and now, identity. But once you start questioning people’s integrity for simply wanting to manage their identities online, that’s crossing a line.